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  1. I’m going to be really surprised if any of the out of contract players are retained to be honest.
  2. I’d unfortunately bet that at least one if not two of those 5 won’t be here. Any more and it’s going to be hard to see how we offer much next season.
  3. I would, he’ll be in the team this year you’d expect or Knapper isn’t following his own stated goals, unless he thinks he’s not good enough then fair enough.
  4. Don’t be ridiculous. Any terms? People know their own worth or should do.
  5. I absolutely love him as a person, he seems a top man. I’m glad he turned it around as he can hold his head somewhat high whereas it looked like his career was about to die at one point. I also think he has to go and swiftly, that’s the right decision. Knapper has to start building what he wants and that has to be with a head coach and coaching team that’s all aligned with that wider vision.
  6. It wasn’t progress it was a heavy patch up job on something that was crumbling with the hope it was enough to get us one last promotion before it all falls down. Wagner deserves credit for galvanising this group to get to the playoffs, but he’s done it in the most short term way and now we need to start a new long term project. Wagner had his chance to get promotion his way, he did his best but we weren’t good enough and there’s nothing there to build on. This squads threadbare. Mainly players that are either too old, not good enough or too good and likely won’t be here to build around next season. It’s time to start fresh and let Knapper build something new that’s maybe sustainable and successful.
  7. **** him and **** Leeds. The guys gone. He’s had his clap at Carrow Road I couldn’t care less how he does with Leeds. I hope he fails in the final just because I never wanted Leeds to get promoted regardless of today’s humiliation.
  8. Dimi is not required anymore. Proven he’s not quite good enough for the PL and not even a consistent Championship player. Its rebuild time and he’s too expensive for what he offers.
  9. I think it’s absolutely clear there’s tensions from what Wagner has said about January and his not playing youth/SVH v what Knapper layed out as his strategy. Ive been certain Wagner’s going if we weren’t promoted for a while. Now I’m totally ok with that.
  10. Knapper’s probably secretly relieved 😂
  11. Kenny blasting it out for a throw after our best bit of play just epitomised this performance.
  12. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if any of Rowe, Sara or Sargent are here when the window closes.
  13. One of the worst half’s of football in the season and we save it for a playoff semi. Utter shambles.
  14. Yep this would make sense too, his career looked almost done post Blackburn, now there’s probably dozen+ of Champ clubs that would give him a try if they need a manager. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs he’s at least part restored his reputation.
  15. Think that’s far from assured personally. It definitely doesn’t seem like Knapper and Wagner are 100% on the same page.
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