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  1. I was meaning as a potential starter not one for the future I.E Kelley fisher Norwich do that with development players often but indeed welcome Kelley Fisher
  2. Theirs always a use for impact subs aswell cheap addition to the group on form but understand where your coming from
  3. Agreed looks easy to run off the ball outmuscle for the championship level at present
  4. From the few clips I’ve seen has pace and can get stuck in but lots to learn and hope he doesn’t get stifled to much to his development detriment young enough but defo for a year or two time but hope to be proven wrong
  5. Sorry to disappoint you just an option that I don’t ever expect our club to explore
  6. amazing goal return be it non league but gets in good areas a good strong and athletic age 26 72 goals in two seasons and could be ours for 1 mill
  7. just his stats looked impressive in last two years, be it in lower Scottish leagues scored all types of goals has pace and is still young enough to finish off in development terms and have a decent resale value if he do sent make it to our first team.
  8. Lawrence Shankland worth a look at only 23 knows where the back of the net is could go in to development squad and available on a free
  9. Isn''t it time to finally look at the bigger picture Alex Neil has now had a year in the prem to access. Its the ideal time to sort a style out that will work in the prem home the team around it this season, get the balance right and get promoted them we have something to build on rather than bringing in 6-8 new faces next season lets get it sorted this year and bring in 3-4 signings next year theyll all know how each other plays and then the new faces should just slot in and we wont need half a season to bed a team in.
  10. I like the idea of build for the future shame Newcastle could be coming down with us or we could go for Adam Armstrong. however if we keep Jerome how about a zack clough little and large combination also could sit a little deeper and fit in a 4-4 -1-1 combination failing that how about something a little left feild like a bid for Nakhi wells ? all still the right side of 26 with carers ahead of them and all with resale value and hopefully young and hungry
  11. Thats fair enough just a short term thought. i was depressed by the lack of any one going for the second ball of jerome in the first half against man city.
  12. with chances limited at stoke id seriously consider taking him back not saying he is that different from what we have now but a proven goal scorer in the premiership if available id say go get him Alex id far rather have him on the bench or back up than laferty.
  13. Only thing i wonder about the whole Lennon situation is were we geographically in the wrong part of the country for him?
  14. Every managerial appointment is a punt look at Moyes at man united had a proven track record at Everton and still flopped. All i hope is this appointment was done with both the gut and the head and ill back the man yes he made a mistake playing Whitaker in midfield but one mistake does not make a bad manager i would far rather he do it his away and fail than and try and do it the with defensive managers we have looked weak at the back for far to long now and their seems to be a fair bit of dead wood and rot to address post haste lets give him a chance by the stats we still created chances and had Johnson chance been lower would we all be arguing with each other now we arnt the manager and for most of us no matter how much we would desire to be we never will be. However as a crowd we can be the twelth man and if we want playoffs or fairyland but automatic promotion then we have to get behind them give him a chance and see if in 6 games time we arnt their then make your decisions as to boo and hiss but we all can give him a chance and no im not saying happy clapping.
  15. what i don''t understand at presents is how is a team supposed to be balanced with only one winger even in the bad days of we use to have drury or anselin darel sutch and even back to forbes providing width from the back and bombing forward players to over lap and use to knock the ball ahead to i haven''t watched only a handfull of games in recent years has the interaction with defece and midfeild overlaping stoped?
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