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  1. As always great report Ricardo I will take my old faithful scarf to Spurs on Wednesday
  2. Absolutely fantastic stuff Ricardo My early memories were in late 60s Tommy Bryceland years. My Dad worked early morning Saturday shift and drove me and my brother from Great Yarmouth to most home games. If we were early he pushed us to front of Barclay, if we were late he sat us on railway sleepers at the back of Barclay. If the match was poor we used flick silver paper from Rolos into the rims of blokes hats. Great memories
  3. Thanks all Griffin sounds favourite Great to be standing at a match
  4. Would have AN over Farke after today what a unbelievable tem selection and why is Godfrey not back to reinforce the defensive midfield This was two points lost
  5. Forgot my sons remained me we did see two coppers armed with rifles fully on show at a time of great tension at 9.30am this morning at the railway station
  6. Ruined otherwise great day Did anyone see any police in Sheffield yesterday anywhere ?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions I will be stopping overnight so will try to go to all of them To celebrate the result I hope
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