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  1. Good post, nice stats Juggy. I think we have been playing brightly so far, from the comments of manager and players this week, I think they are learning fast. Good feeling about tomorrow!
  2. I would not be surprised if we blow Bolton away on Saturday, I''ve got a positive feeling!
  3. So how many games is the t**t ref gonna be banned for?
  4. Remember when...... We last stood in an elevated position and surveyed the football league from up high? We ran with the gods of the game? When the sky was the limit with the money from the Sky? Our heroes fought proudly in the yellow and green? Cameras exposed our underbelly and naivety? Games were infrequent and not on saturdays? Back in the Premier League, more hype and analysis than actual minutes on the pitch, BUT, I can''t wait til tommorrow.... come onnnnn, 3 points let''s be aving you.......
  5. Seems to be an awful lot of clutching goin on, you dirty boy....
  6. John Terry looked a bit sheepish and said ''he wasn''t scared, but he couldnt watch it because his tv was broken''
  7. Lambert must have given that question considerable thought over the summer. He has had time and money to bring in another keeper if he wanted, he chose not to. I know that Lambert has watched Declan play rather a lot more than I have.
  8. Nothing we can do about past games & ref''s decisions. WBA have only scored 2 league goals this season, both by Long, who may not be playing on Sunday! That''s positive for you!
  9. Looking in perspective that this could be positive for us. The players will no doubt have had extra training on not conceding pens and getting red cards, the defensive players will no doubt be even more aware of protecting the keeper, which could make us sharper at the back. Trust Paul Lambert
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