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  1. Is what to do with the lorry load of Tennents Lager which arrived on Thursday. We''ve cancelled the monthly order, but still there are eight pallets left on the 3g pitch at Colney. Bit worried that the Delia''s mum will find them soon. Any help would be gratefully received.
  2. I''m gonna have that image in my mind all day now, thanks!
  3. The killer question, be fascinating to see what pops up at 2pm. I found it a struggle to fully understand the logic behind Neil''s teams and his tinkering. The next question is, substitions? I my opinion, Neil''s substitions were usually too late, a reaction to going behind rather than managing the game situations and being proactive. Anything could happen.
  4. Which role / position would you use Toni for?
  5. If people have the appropriate qualifications and skill set yet are constantly being knocked back because of race, then perhaps the system is wrong? It''s something which is applicable to us because we have appointed relatively inexperienced managers in recent history. They must have had qualifications but not extensive experience, so the board may well do it again, especially if a DOF has oversight.
  6. If I recall correctly, the feedback and experience from the process is seen as beneficial for the candidates moving forward.
  7. Rogue - Am I missing something? Why should somebody be considered for a job just because of his skin colour or his/her gender? Rooney''s law in the states says minority groups have to be interviewed.
  8. [quote user="Les"]Are you saying you want a hot woman appointed? ??[/quote] Don''t you want a hot woman for the job?
  9. I''ve seen Hughton mentioned which isn''t going to happen, but other than that the list is rather predictable.
  10. Virtually all the suggestions for the new manager / director of football have been white middle age English men. What would the list look like if we had Rooney''s law, where ethnic minorities are to be part of the interview process. Also, with the popularity of women''s football, how would you feel if a woman hot one of the jobs?
  11. He''s getting rid of the players who don''t play, surely his best team now is the team he plays now and wants to keep. Isn''t that the team which he has managed this season, which has failed spectacularly? I do wish he would think before he opens his mouth.
  12. VW has a point, there is a growing clamor for True Grit to get back in the Quashqai and dig a little deeper. The people have spoken.
  13. And Chopsy hinted at the big problem, Who pressed the button to report Morty?
  14. His fingers will be twitching, probably will take up knitting to keep them busy.
  15. Perhaps he stumbled across the truth about Moxey and True Grit, someone needed to silence him
  16. A couple of threads were deleted when posters were asking about Morty being banned.
  17. I''m guessing you''re referring to his demeanor because the words he uses are very poor many times.
  18. Hang on in there, Horse, think positive happy thoughts. Never ceases to amaze me when the team list pops up an hour before kickoff, but this game even more so.
  19. Devils advocate time: Many people don''t like their managers and supervisors. Maybe on a personal level not getting on, maybe they''re just not very good at their jobs. It''s the employees who normally leave under those circumstances, not the manager.
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