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  1. Burnley away was an absolute cracker in the 03/04 title-winning season where we won 5-3. I''m sure if I was at the ''top of the league at portman road'' game that would have been up there as well!! Recently, Leeds, Charlton and then Bristol have been the stand out games for me!
  2. [quote user="chicken"]The old ones are always the best! I first heard this about10-15 years ago. Instead of Norwich and the bucket of slosh down the road it was Arsenal and Man Utd. And it was Wenger proving the intelligence of European footballers over English ones. Dennis Berkamp instead of Wes and Beckham was Leadbitter and instead of getting help from the opposition he asked Jaap Stam as he is a european as well. Its interesting to see how the jokes survive and get altered to suit.[/quote]Well I can''t claim I made it up anymore :( haha! But it was my own narration ;)
  3. [quote user="marvin the martian"]Plenty of Swansea tickets available, that will sort out the " real " supporters from the part timers[/quote]So me not going to Swansea suddenly makes me not a "real" supporter does it?
  4. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]I''m very, very, very happy for Holty but Player of the Year? He''s not even Norwich''s Player of the Year. As everyone''s said, both trophies already have Taarabt and Wickham''s name on them. Wickham''s only played regularly since Keano left too![/quote]If we didn''t have Wes or Crofts, for instance, we would have found the going much more difficult this season but I think we''d still be chasing the top 6, because there have been times when Wes hasn''t played and we''ve won and Crofts didn''t play at Coventry where we won. Yet without Holt I think we''d be sitting in the bottom half of the league right now, as when he isn''t on the pitch, we don''t even look half the team we are when he''s playing. The guy''s been a revelation this season, once again, and not just in terms of his goals, but in terms of his all-round game. Therefore, imho, he fully deserves to have been nominated for this award. Ps. I''m a massive fan of both Wes and Crofts before anyone thinks otherwise!!!
  5. In my opinion, our best central defender at the club and I include Barnett in that (even though I rate him very highly too) so well done Mr Whitbread!
  6. Roy Keane went to Colney to pay Lambert a visit before this season''s derby, it''s been revealed!!Apparently Roy wanted to know just what it was that made lambert''s side tick as he couldn''t understand why they had been doing so well after just being promoted. When he asked the question, Lambert replied, "I look for clever players, Roy, not just in terms of being clever on the field but off it as well, you get me?"Keane frowned and said he didn''t really understand, so Lambert told him he''d show him what he meant. "Wes, just come over here a minute and pay Mr Keane a little visit," he said. When Hoolahan got over to the two of them, Lambert said, "Wes, I want to show Roy what I mean about having clever players, so answer this... Who is your father''s brother''s son''s cousin?""It''s me, gaffer," Wes replied, and satisfied, Lambert sent him back to train, before turning to Roy. "See what I mean by clever players?""Ayy, I tink so..." Come derby day, in the away dressing room prior to the big kick-off, Roy wanted to see how clever his players were and so asked them all who their father''s brother''s son''s cousin was, yet all of the Ipswich players looked blankly at each other. Dejected, Roy asked them to think about it and to have an answer by half time, because he believed that it would mean greater success for his side.10 minutes in to the game, Leadbitter took out Holt. Not wanting to get in to a fight in which he had no chance of winning, Leadbitter was quick to say sorry and offer Holt his hand, which he took, before asking, "Grant, can I just ask you, who is your father''s brother''s son''s cousin?"Holt was quick to reply, "It''s me," before jogging off to get on with the game. At half-time, with Ipswich trailing and down to 10 men, Keano was fuming and therefore wanted someone to now answer his question. So once again, he asked his team who their father''s brother''s son''s cousin was.Now Leadbitter knew his manager would not be happy if he got the answer wrong but he knew he was right and wouldn''t tell him that he''d asked Holt for the answer, so he stood up confidently, cleared his throat, looked Keane in the eye and said, "Gaffer, my father''s brother''s son''s cousin is Grant Holt!"If only looks could kill... Keane''s eyes widened, his skin reddening, a sadistic look on his face. How was it that Norwich''s players were so much smarter than his own. He now realised that no matter what he did, his team would never achieve anything. He eye-balled Leadbitter before snarling, "What, are you f*****n stupid or something," in his broad Irish accent. "You''re all bloody thick, the lot of ya!! It''s such a simple question, yet you can''t work out the answer! Why the f*** am I here, putting up with you lot?!"Leadbitter looked down at the floor, before asking his boss, "So who is my father''s brother''s son''s cousin, Gaffer?"Keane couldn''t believe he still hadn''t worked it out and had to give them the answer. These were grown men we were talking about...."Isn''t it obvious," he said. "It''s Wes f****n Hoolahan."
  7. In Cody''s first season with us in the Championship people were very impressed with him and whenever he came on as a sub and got the ball he looked dangerous. Granted, there is a difference between starting and coming on as a sub, as was the case with Oli in League 1, but after a successful season in League 2 surely he''d come back an even better player than 2 years ago, where he still looked lively at this level.People may say Jackson scored goals at that level and in League 1, but (and this is according to FM, which is normally right) he only scored 19 in league 2 and 14 in league 1, whilst being Gillingham''s penalty taker. Cody''s already nearly scored as many as Jackon (18) and he missed the first month or 2 of the season, and then it would have taken him a while to regain his fitness/match sharpness.Whilst there''s no guarantee Cody will do it at this level, I''d love to see him given a chance whether it be in the play-offs, as an impact sub, or next season. If he''s good enough he''ll get in the team, if not, he won''t and we''ll be able to sell him on for a decent fee. It''s a win-win situation.
  8. No. I know it could be argued that his game isn''t about scoring, but rather about winning headers, holding the ball up and just being a general nuisance, but I think it''s a waste having a forward on the pitch who doesn''t even look like scoring. At least Mr Cureton got himself in to good positions... even if he didn''t always have his finishing boots on!
  9. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]The fact that Robbie Blake would rather play for Bolton reserves than a Norwich side with a realistic chance of a top 2 place said two things to me - 1, He isn''t that hungry as a player anymore! 2, Lambert can see what most of us do - We need more and better upfront![/quote]Agree completely. Unlike Phillips who has played most of his career in the Premier League, scoring for fun at times, Blake has played most of his in the Championship. So whilst both players are past their best, in my opinion Phillips would offer us much more out of the two, because his ''best'' was much better than blake''s and I feel as though he''s still the better player now.
  10. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport-old/football/2008/10/05/coventry-4-1-southampton-chris-coleman-hits-out-at-ward-penalty-gaffe-115875-20776328/And here was me thinking we had a whole host of good penalty takers at the club! Anyway, I''m a new poster and hope to contribute towards some interesting discussions!p.s This one is just a light-hearted first post to break the ice!!
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