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  1. Hi guys, hope everyone had a great new year. On the train down to london can''t wait for todays game so thought I''d share a few opinions. I would love to see Holt and Jackson up front today with pilks and Bennett wide I know that means no wes but he deserves a rest and that offers us pace on both flanks and pace and variety up front. I''d go with the same defence and Johnson and fox in the middle I think that be a good team to go with. We need to play like we did in the second half on Saturday and play at a quick tempo and create chances and be clinical in front of goal. My team would be: ruddy r martin whitbread ayala naughton Bennett fox Johnson pilkington Holt Jackson what do people think? Otbc
  2. I remember back in the 01/02 season when we used to get 15-16 thousand every week for the 5 or so years id been going u know the usual mid table nothingness then all of a sudden we started really well and played leicester on a friday night I think on sky and it was a complete sell out and the atmosphere was really good and from that game onwards we have always had big crowds and that game sticks out as a turning point in citys fortunes since Ive been a fan mind u it finished nil nil lol
  3. i think this year we should do there ground over like they bloody did be so funny and if we got promoted at there place that would be absolutely amazing and they would never be able to live it down ha ha poor scummers otbc.The play off final v brum was a great day for being a canary 30,000 plus in cardiff great sight awash with yellow great memories
  4. next season as premier league football I want a cup run to at least the 4th round/quarters that would be good and make a change. Beating leeds anytime is always fun last season was a poor game but fantastic finale as we have become used to this season.
  5. next season as well as premier league football I want a cup run to at least the 4th round/quarters cause we usually always go out early make a change
  6. did you go to leicester the other week what a night that was sung our hearts out all game and we won so couldnt be better and wilby scored shock horror shame he got injured
  7. that must have been an epic night since Ive been going near on 15 years we''ve always been a terrible cup team lol this season beating the filth 4-1 was an amazing feeling for all canarys lol they got what was coming to them grant holt what a legend! be great to man utd again next season
  8. when we came back from two down to beat sheffield united 4-2 that was a great match and when we came back from two down to beat QPR think when we had earnie
  9. whitbread and leon as a partnership would be awesome but I do like ward and he likes playing the ball out from the back which starts off attacks
  10. bit early for me m8 only started going the 1996/7 season when I was seven lol. This season has had some memorable games with all the late goals very entertaining.
  11. the everton game from the premier league season sticks out for me. We were so bad in the first half two down the came out second half all over them got it back to two each, hucks was great that day the ground was rocking but yet we still managed to lose lol. Also the boro game wwas epic as was man utd great memories hopefully those days r coming back otbc
  12. what r peeps favourite norwich game they have been to home or away. My favourite would have to be the play off semi final against wolves at carrow road the atmosphere that day was incredible. This seasons game with the scum ran it close lol.Thoughts???Cheers
  13. I dont get to go to many away games being at uni and money obviously but still have a home season ticket. When I do go home and away games I always sing my heart out every game and love creating a atmosphere and I feel if we r to get automatic promotion we need the same atmoshpere we created against leicester and bristol city and the players seemed to rise to that. But taking 3,000 fans to Hull is great support and if some sections didnt sing that is unfortunate but thats life. OTBC
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