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  1. City need a point to be assured of European football the following season as they visit Ayresome Park on the final game of the first Premier League season.I always thought Andy Johnson was a decent central-midfielder. Box-to-box, hard-working.Our final one for a few months as we take our mid-season break. All this season''s Fillums can be found on this link.
  2. The final day of the 01/02 season sees already relegated Stockport County at the Rud. City needed to win by a bigger margin than Gazza and co. at Turf Moor. A definite highlight for a certain generation, myself included.A 10 minute special before our final Fillum next week for a few months.Our team: R Green, D Kenton, M Mackay, C Fleming, A Drury, M Rivers (A Notman, 80), G Holt, P Mulryne, C Easton, P McVeigh, D Nielsen
  3. By no means a ''modern-day classic'', but a significant three points to secure second place in League One nearly two years ago. Overtaking Charlton Athletic in League One, for the rest of the season we never looked back.Scott Shearer played a blinder.City''s Team: F Forster, M Nelson, R Martin, A Drury, G Doherty, D Russell, W Hoolahan, S Lappin, K Smith, C Martin, G Holt
  4. City''s penultimate match of the 1989/1990 season sees us eventually draw the game at Villa Park after losing 3-1, as Villa chase Liverpool for the league title. Featuring Hollywood A-listers: Tony Cascarino and Paul McGrath.
  5. THAT forgotten match in spring 1999 at the Manor Ground, Oxford. I''ll always remember it for City wearing United''s shorts and the photograph on the front of the Pinkun paper.Such a good header from Bellamy.City''s side: A Marshall, D Kenton (C Wilson, 49), M Mackay, C Fleming, E Fuglestad, S Carey, C Anselin (L Marshall, 45), P Mulryne, C Llewellyn, C Bellamy, I Roberts (A Coote, 81)
  6. We''re going green and recyling this ahead of this weekends clash. For those who missed it earlier in the year, it has been added to the Fillum 11/12 Playlist here.Couldn''t find the teams?[img]http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/assets/mini%20sites/lastdayonthekop/liverpool-kop-final-day.jpg[/img]
  7. At the end of The Huckerby Ubiquity Week, we''ve also decided to jump on the bangwagon with this week''s Fillum. Huckerby''s final game for Norwich in December 2003, or so we thought. HD - 6 minute special.Cardiff manager at the time, Lennis Lawrence said, "Darren Huckerby is a very good player but we made him look world class."
  8. Calamitous Dave Beasant gifts Norwich two goals as we come back to score three in the second half, completing the extraordinating comeback at the underdeveloped Stamford Bridge.Best known for Fleck''s appearance against City.Team: B Gunn, M Bowen, I Culverhouse, J Polston, R Newman, D Phillips, J Goss, C Sutton, M Robins, G Megson, I Crook (76), M Walton - Subs Used: D Sutch (76)
  9. An extraordinary FA Cup quarter-final replay at Carrow Road goes into extra-time after a mixture of glaring misses and heroic Southampton defending.John Motson narrates.
  10. David Nielsen puts his gambling problems behind him and scores twice in a five-nil victory at Hillsborough for the final game in 2001.Fantastic strike from Gary Holt... he even looked surprised from the celebration.City team: R Green, B McGovern, M Mackay, C Fleming, D Sutch, (D Russell, 80), D Kenton, G Holt, P McVeigh, P Mulryne, I Roberts (A Notman, 30), D Nielsen (M Rivers, 78)
  11. In what is possibly the worst fortnight in history to be on these message boards, here is a Froidee Fillum to lighten the mood.The old fashioned Nationwide Divison One winter evenings with barely anything to play for.City''s team: Gunn, Fleming, M Jackson, D Sutch, E Fuglestad, (56) M Milligan, P Grant, D Eadie, (88) A Forbes, A Coote, I Roberts - Subs: (88) D Mills, (56) V Segura
  12. No Fillum would be complete without a starring role from the protoganist of yesteryear, Fernando Derveld.Our team: A Marshall, D Sutch, F Derveld yellow card, L Marshall, C Fleming, I Roberts, P Mulryne (M Mackay, 71), D Russell (J Whitley, 75), D Kenton, C Llewellyn, S Nedergaard (G Giallanza, 52)Lee Hughes still scoring even to this day -  he scored against Juve last night.
  13. I''ve an idea too... why try not to foul in the box?How about our defenders deal with balls at the back and not dither on the half way line resulting in an opposition counter attack?These ideas are more viable.
  14. A short Fillum this week features a rasping effort from Mike Phelan and left foot swing from the unfortunate-looking Andy Towsend. A rare victory for City at Old Trafford.For those who are old enough and can remember Bryan Gunn doing what he does best.Follow us on Twitter to see more and future Fillums.
  15. A more appropriate Fillum this week. New boy Ashley Ward makes an impression with two poacher''s goals and little Jamie Cureton scoring with his first touch as a substitute.An extremely poor Chelsea side: 1 D.Kharine, 3 S.Minto, 5 E.Johnsen, 6 F.Sinclair, 7 J.Spencer, 8 P.Furlong, 10 G.Peacock, 11 D.Wise, 17 NJ.Spackman, 18 E.Newton, 22 A.Barness (12 C.Burley 57)
  16. It''s 2011 and we''re in the Premier League. No longer does such a thing exist.
  17. Cloughy''s Nottingham Forest visit Carrow Road for City''s first ever live Sky game and Monday Night football in August 1992.Rob Newman''s knockdown for Dave Phillips'' goal is quality.This week''s and last can also be found here in the continous Froidee Fillum playlist.
  18. I believe that Vaughan isn''t taking it that seriously and there''s a good proportion of professional footballers who have a similar idea.To think that any footballer would have anything else in mind would be ludacris.
  19. Every Friday we''ll share a classic game from a previous season. Requests are most welcome.First Fillum of the season - the finale of the 2003/2004, Iwan''s final game for Norwich City at Gresty Road.Last season''s Fillums can be found here on our YouTube Channel.
  20. I wouldn''t look at him, he''s ugly as sin.[URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/505067471040488813.jpg/][IMG]http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/9025/505067471040488813.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  21. [quote user="Libbra Lives in Dubai"] I fancy Morrison, Holt, Hoolahan, Pilkington, Ruddy and Crofts to do well with Jackson also a possibility. The rest may struggle...[/quote]It doesn''t look promising for our defence.I think Johnson will be lively and do well in the middle and our fullbacks will have to be at their best. Tierney was solid last year but might have to be even more ''no-nonsense''. We''ve certainly a variation of strikers and attacking options so it''ll be a case of whoever''s on form will be in the team. I believe they''re all good enough. Take your chances boys.
  22. [quote user="City1st"]He''ll give you everything he''s got for 90mins but at the moment he lacks the cutting edge you need to compete at this kind of level[/quote]The amount of times he''s had a chance on goal, only to strike it straight at the goalkeeper.I''m not sure why everyone''s surprised about Chris Martin and it''s taken a PRE SEASON FRIENDLY for you all to be excited? He''s young, one of the best footballers at the club and his attitude is an asset to the way he plays the game.He''ll still get the groaners complaining he''s lazy though, whatever he does.
  23. [quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="Carra Rud"]Such a shallow view of football. Cross = Goal. Is that Tony Pulis? I wouldn''t call Pilkington a goal-scoring winger. More of a left/right midfield who could put in a decent shift.For arguments sake, Lappin played alot in League One and quite abit last season. The others haven''t.Finally someone else sees some sense.[/quote] I''m calling game over on this one, there''s a certain point that you can take a wind-up to, good effort though. [/quote]Touché.
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