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  1. Hutcherby46

    Howson Views?

    to put it simply this was not a game for him to play football, it was a game for him to get some match time and keep his fitness up. HE WILL be better than hoolahan he showed a few good touches and passes he tackled and HE TRACKED BACK AND DEFENDED something hoolahan doesnt and most certainly didnt do against man utd regarding there last goal when he let ryan giggs go
  2. Hutcherby46

    Vaughan back in full training!

    i wonder how long it will be till we see him on bench and maybe getting 10-15 minutes, i wouldnt mind him coming into squad and we get to the magical 40 then him having a bit more time off to rest but im sure he will want to play
  3. brilliant news if he signs today. i was on twitter the day the news had broke and the leeds fans were gutted all moaning and a few tweets back to them and they soon got over the fact they were loosing him and convinced we had signed a cripple ha silly leeds fans OTBC
  4. Hutcherby46

    "That" Daniel Ayala challenge

    fantastic player.frigging awful challenge !! could of seriously hurt the west brom player,imagine our responses had the shoe of been on the other foot? should of been a red but hes young he will learn from his mistake and he will bounce back!!
  5. Hutcherby46

    No new signing tomorrow

    Rastamouse told me that we are not signing anyone today or tomorow and that we should be patient to see what lambert brings us,thanks rastamouse
  6. Hutcherby46


    [quote user="lappinitup"]He''s also let in more goals than most.....RUDDY OUT!! [:@]An experienced keeper needed!! [:@][:@][:@][/quote]

    i gurantee you couldnt do any better i reckon lappinitup should be out!!!
  7. Hutcherby46

    canaries iphone app

    do we know if this is compatible with android? or if there is an android app? thanks
  8. Hutcherby46

    Manchester City v Norwich City

    man city taught us how to defend today i felt,vincent kompany especially if there is pressure on you put the ball out and re organise it really is that simple
  9. Hutcherby46

    Man City - a good time to play them?

    i think it might of been yaya toure who said there second team is more than capeable of beating most teams and when you look at it properly you start to agree with him,but hopefully a battleing performance from us will lead to us knicking a goal or 2 or maybe a point
  10. Hutcherby46

    LETS GET BEHIND THE LADS!! and delia!!

     im hopeing were gonna be a force to be reckoned with tomoz potentially one of our biggest games tomoz lets show them were better than them on and off the pitch,lets be loud and proud of who we are and where we have come from and be nice if people leave out on delia rather her than an arab who if we loose 2 games on bounce we get a new manager!! otbc
  11. Hutcherby46

    pics of barclay e block

    does anyone have any pics of the lower barclay when the goals went in crowd celebrating? etc
  12. Hutcherby46

    grant holt meet

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]i have seen the chap with the glasses before... He goes to a lot of the Fans forums and used to like to have a say on the microphone...fair play to him... he has some kind of confidence problem i think... he queues up for ages to get autographs and Roger Munby always seemed to know who he was....


    he ques up for autographs where? because maybe i can kill two birds with 1 stone meet holt and get a word out of mysterious friend
  13. Hutcherby46

    grant holt meet

    so how do we meet the man? its not like i can walk into him as i live in essex so would have to come down to norwich and meet him
  14. Hutcherby46

    grant holt meet

    has anyone been fortunate to meet the captain the legend mr grant holt? i had a new shirt signed last year for my birthday by him saying "to ross happy birthday grant holt 9"  but would personally like to meet him and shake his hand maybe get a picture
  15. Hutcherby46


    [quote user="Unhinged Canary"][quote user="Barnett is King"][quote user="Unhinged Wizard"]Norwich players actually looking like Norwich players. Now that''s worth the price alone.Been playing the Xbox demo for a bit and it''s a beautiful looking game! Can''t wait! [:D][/quote]I echo this! Not sure if I will get it though, because it will just ruin my A levels. [:(][/quote]I''ll be ok. I''m single, employed and lazy...... [A]I just need to meet a Norwich supporting girl who loves video games....... [;)][/quote]we all need to meet a norwich supporting girl but living in chelmsford essex aint so good for that half of them probs think norwich is abroad