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  1. For some reason eBay won''t show it up in searches yet - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250776961635That''s the direct link for it!
  2. I can''t see any email address or link at which you can answer the question?!
  3. Just seen the video of PL''s interview today on SSN.He said his focus has always been on the game, and when asked if anything more will be announced today or tomorrow he said "i''ve already given you my answer" .Doesn''t look good, a "no" would have been said if he was definitely staying - he''s very straight talking normally, if talk of a move is rubbish then he''s said it''s rubbish in the past.
  4. Sky Sports News are reporting this as the official statements are being updated on the official club websites.PL has two options: stay, or walk. Guess we''ll find out tomorrow.I pray and hope it was Burnley trying to unsettle us as a club. Look at what happens when a team thinks an influential person may leave, only need to use the Leeds/Beckford example from last year of what can happen when a team is unsettled!
  5. NORWICH City wish to confirm, in response to Burnley''s decision this evening to publish the fact that they have made a formal request for permission to speak to Paul Lambert about their managerial vacancy, that permission has not been granted. Under no circumstances would the Club wish to grant permission. The Club will fight tooth and nail to retain the services of Paul Lambert and his team, during this critical period of the season, and whilst they remain employed under a long-term contract. The Club remain committed to Paul and his team in the long term, and see them as a vital part of our future plans.
  6. Norwich have just rejected the Burnley request to talk to Paul LambertThank god for that!
  7. Norwich have just rejected the Burnley request to talk to Paul Lambert, just seen on SSN.Thank god for that!
  8. I''m also interested in knowing if the club still hold open training sessions, i''d be interested in going along tomorrow if it''s an open session!
  9. Does anyone have any links or anything at all so I can listen to commentary from the game? I''m back from uni for Xmas and can''t get BBC Norfolk on AM
  10. Nope, they got rid of the student ticket prices a few years back :(Same as casual ticket prices for under 21s this season have gone...The only thing is, I can''t see anything in the terms and conditions or anywhere saying when you have to be under 21 to get the season ticket, surely it''s at the time of purchase?
  11. Yeah, but I couldn''t see anything anywhere about the cut-off date for age limited season tickets.Siiiigh, I only look about 17 too!
  12. Hi guys,I just had a quick question....I''m 20, and have just got the season ticket magazine through. I see the under 21 season tickets are one hundred  and something, and the adult ones are four hundred and something pounds.I''m 21 this coming January, so here is my question.Do you have to be under 21 at the time of buying a season ticket; or is it that you have to be under 21 at the start of the season?Had a look at the terms and conditions but couldn''t really see much about it!
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