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  1. Our 10 game run before Xmas included Whitaker and ruddy. No coincidence our form has dipped since they have been injured. Bit of deja by with Bryan gunns bad injury in relegation season of old. Some serious behind the scene reason behind bechio''s lack of opportunities. I would rather have a trying proven goalscorer than a walking around, constantly wide, constantly offside , sulking shadow of a former legend.
  2. Having watched replay on MOD this was an excellently executed well rehearsed move. 3 runners create the space to where Turner was always going to be on the target who finished superbly. Robbed by big time Charlie linesman..!
  3. Whitaker far too good to be on bench. No coincidence that our best form was when he was in the side. Been desperate for him to come back in for weeks. Martin has been consistent so Garrido has been fortunate to keep his place. That said I agree that playing Whittaker in the Tettey role would be a good move.
  4. When we beat Swansea earlier this year I said they were certs for relegation with those two lumbering, statuesque centre halfs. Incredibly they have now recorded 8 clean sheets but 5 of these were goalless draws. I don''t know how they have done it but I sure as hell know which promoted team I would rather be watching and that is the one playing exciting football and scoring goals.
  5. Good post Shack.I feel Holt has started this season in a higher league as he started last. ie concentrating on trying to win a free kick every occasion instead of simply playing the game. There are occasions when a defender "offers" a free kick and smart forwards accept it. But you can''t manufacture them when they are not there.When Grant starts to concentrate on the game and believe in himself then we will see the Holt who finished last season. He can cut it in this league but yes Morrison is the smarter act at present.
  6. Ah! The seventies.Polishing my Airwear before every game better than any squaddie. Never got to use them as just a typical teenage Barclay boy.Levi denim jacket even in January as hot as hell in middle pen  behind goal."Ginger" waving a walking stick above his head.  Always in the thick of it, does he still attend matches?Going to Ipswich night games and standing in away pen with Palace, Wolves and best of all Spurs fans.Original songs.ie Mariner and Gates song.Goading the "Prostitutes" selling programmes at Portman Road long before we knew it really was a red light area.The Eighties.Best ever was Martin O''Neils 90th minute winner for 3-2 at Ipswich in 82 when Ipswich were a good team.Andy Townsend''s winner for 1-0 at Anfield when Liverpool were unbeatable.Steve Bruce semi final winner.Promotion at Sheffield Wednesday.
  7. With Lambert spending much of his time back in Glasgow with his family during the week throughout the season. Don''t underestimate the part played by Ian Culverhouse in our success. Surely it is high time for a "Oooooh Ian Ian, Ian Ian Ian Ian Culverhouse" song tomorrow.
  8. Fulham have signed a non-league player this weekend. Ian wright started out at non-league level and look where he went. A goal scorer is a goalscorer. Cody has demonstrated he knows where the net is at any level. The goal he scored last weekend was a classic. Even if we get promoted to the Prem we would be mad not to give him a fair crack of the whip next season.
  9. I think Mr Carrow mis-understands the type of people in the 59er''s. We are next to the snake pit for gods sake. We are hoi poli. If you were asked to pay an extra 43% more next year I bet you would be pee''d off. I think the club don''t want season ticket holders to pay £30.00 a game as they would rather have casual supporters paying even more. It''s a risky policy though as why is it we have only sold out the very highest profile matches this year? The early season 23000 or so indicates to me the recession is a factor and this is not the affluent Home Counties. FA Cup attendances will indicate why so many people buy season tickets. It''s the only cost effective way to watch. On a brighter note, working in Ipswich today and it''s a great place to be for once!
  10. Hey Mello, great result today but the 59er''s Lounge was not a happy one before the game today. Alot of angry people in there. Me and my father have already baled out for next year but compromising by accepting two seats one in front of the other in the Wensum Wing. The best I was offered. Guy in front of me has 6 tickets and not renewing at all next year. 3 other couples I spoke to all said they could not afford to renew and that was just the people I spoke to. If the concensus is the same in all the lounges then the City Stand could have the look of a Wigan or Blackburn in the Premier League next year. The club have called this one very wrong!
  11. My season ticket has risen by an extra £200+ per season in the 59er''s lounge. That is £700 a season give or take a couple of quid. The TV in the lounge was well overdue for changing. Not seen a TV like that for 15 years or more. Programme I don''t want. Coffee I would prefer to pay for should I want one. Paid the extra for a lounge seat as my father being 80 years old next season was happy to pay for a bit more comfort. This is just over the top. Been in the 59er''s Lounge since the 90''s after moving from the River End. Had to renew our season ticket for next year this morning but in the Wensum Lounge. Was offered front two rows in Thorpe Lounge, which is great if you are 80 years old and like sitting in the winter rain with a crap view. We now have two seats one in front of the other. Not the same as sitting next to each other but the best that was available. Could see many empty padded seats in City stand next season.Fed up? You could say!
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