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  1. [quote user="Beauseant"] Be honest, who wouldn''t have taken that result at kick off? [/quote]   Probably would have done but Millwall were suffering with missing players too. Really gutting the way it happened though and hopefully the players pick themselves up from it.
  2. YEEEEEEEEEES!!Lucky toilet break!lol!C''mon City!
  3. IMO 2 points in 9 wouldn''t be good enough if we want to stay near the playoffs     Do you realistically think we can make the play offs? Im undecided, obviously we want the club to do as well as possible. With our budget and the depth of the squad I think it might be a step too far...love to be wrong though!
  4. [quote user="paul moy"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="South West Canary"] 0-0 half time. Who would take a draw now? [/quote] I''d be happier with 3 points, but would take a point [:)] [/quote] Bearing in mind how the other games are going a point would not be a disaster, but certainly a missed opportunity. [/quote]   Seems like a very good time to play Millwall-if there ever is a good time!Shame our squad has got weakened at just the wrong time too, if Crofts was out there i''d be alot more confident. Fingers crossed we create a few more opportunities second half and get the three points
  5. Wohoo!Turning the laptop on and off again has got me the commentary!Shame it sounds like we''re under pressure though!
  6. This seems to happen nearly every other game, but is anyone having problems with canary player? In the past there have been a few times where commentary has cut out, but there isn''t even a play option on my account at the moment. Has really been worth the money so far...     Used to do that to me when I had a really poor internet speed, maybe it could be that.   Ah ok...signal is supposedly good but who knows?! Keep me updated then guys..your my ears at the moment!How was the Ruddy save described?
  7. This seems to happen nearly every other game, but is anyone having problems with canary player? In the past there have been a few times where commentary has cut out, but there isn''t even a play option on my account at the moment. Has really been worth the money so far...  
  8. [quote user="cityangel"]Ward will be back which will make a difference, Lappin to fill in for Drury and Rudd to be given a chance in goal.[/quote] In that case would you play Fox in Lappins position? Would be interesting to see how he would play with Korey alongside him in midfield. Alot thought we were too weak in midfield against watford with Fox in the team, it would be interesting to see if two ball players and two tough tackling (i.e Hoolahan and Fox / Smith and Crofts) midfielders helped break down teams who come to defend. Mind you, Lappin hasn''t looked comfortable at left back when i''ve seen him there. I wasn''t at the game - was Ruddy really bad enough to warrant being dropped? We seem to have tightened up at the back before yesturday. 
  9. [quote user="Herman "]   Good report,cheers for that.Welcome aboard [Y] [/quote]   No problem, it''s about time, have been reading the forum for ages! Best way to still feel involved when your exiled in Devon!
  10. [quote user="Brighton Yellow"] Gutted I couldn’t make it to Bristol yesterday...   Can someone that was there yesterday please tell me exactly what positions Steve Smith and Simon Lappin took up on the pitch? Cheers     [/quote] (I''ll probably get this wrong now!lol!) Im pretty sure Smith played left back in a flat back four and Lappin played on the left of the diamond. Lappin did pull back to help out Smith on a few occassion and was switched to left back once Smith went off. Given time it could be a solid left side (even with the absence of Drury).
  11. [quote user="KenBrown"]Could be a case of martin at home and Jackson away Jackson''s pacce when having to defend more in away games will be a major asset and martin physic at home when we bully teams more. Sub one for the other during the game ( wherever it is)  Jackson is going to be very good [/quote]   This is a good idea in theory but might end up having a negative affect on the team due to a lack of continuity up front. Unless a team plays a very deep back line Jackson is likely to be a bigger threat than Marin,just,at the moment. As long as we play the ball over the last defenders shoulder and not into Jacksons feet I think we could get alot of joy. As for the Martin playing with Jackson argument, it just wont work. It''s been tried before and personally the two players don''t gel well enough, due to their playing style. This isn''t to say Martin doesn''t have the quality, I just don''t think it works as a combination. In an ideal world we would have direct competition for Holt in terms of an all out target man. These players dont come cheap though and maybe at our stage of financial recovery fans need to be a little more realistic - we have already payed for a very good squad of players. Next year could be a very big year for us.
  12. Hey guys, thought i''d take the jump and make the first post as this is one of the few games im able to get to. My ratings were: Ruddy 8.5: Solid throughout and looked like the error in his last game had not shaken his confidence. Good handeling when called upon but not fully tested in terms of shots on target. Got a few moans for not making the quick throw out when Hoolahan had made a run. However soon made up for this with the assist for the third, quick thinking that made the goal. R. Martin 8: Delt well with what was thrown at him, Bristol were definately less threatening on his side of the pitch. Got skinned once or twice but generally good and some good inter -play with Korey down the right. Ward 9. A rock. Nothing got passed him all day. Early on got dragged left to cover for Smith and was making his feelings known about it! In the air and on the deck he had them under control. Barnett 9.5 If we can afford it, we need to get this guy. Should it take sending someone else out to free up wages (i.e Askou/Whitbread/Nelson)I think he is worth it. All that Ward was but with more pace and recovered play he really had no right to! S. Smith 7 Dont get me wrong, the guys rusty and his performances will improve, but he really struggled first 20 mins. Adomah and (I think) Cambell-Ryce were doubling up on him and we looked very exposed on that side until we scored. As the game went on his confidence grew and he became less hesitent in the tackle. Hope the knock he picked up at the end isnt anything as there''s signs of a good player. K.Smith 8.5 How the hell is he only 19?! Showed really good positional awareness and covered alot of ground. Showed stregnth in a few scraps for possession. Played the simple pass well. Has a hell of alot of potential. Crofts 8: First time i''ve seen him and loving the 50/50''s. Showed a little less than his performances i''ve listened to on the radio but was a solid presence and, again, not much passed him. (The one guy that did got floored and Crofts got a booking!) Lappin 8: Tough tackling, another player that helped out S.Smith when he was struggling a little early on. Shame he didn''t get his goal at the end but contributed well to a compact but strong midfield. Hoolahan 9: One misplaced pass in a dangerous position all game, i''ll take that! Showed alot more stregnth on the ball than when i''ve seen him before. Was so dangerous everytime we broke and was always involved. Work ethic was right up there and was involved in most of our best moves. Holt 7:Very good player but I feel he looked for the foul too often. Great when it works but when you lose possession because your busy watching the other player it is frustrating. Saying that played some good balls into the channels and worked hard for the team. Jackson 9.5: Not just for the goals which were really good finishes. Played the shoulder really well and the team seemed to play to his abilities alot better than it seemed against Leicester. Wouldn''t have been an injustice to have got 4 today. Fox: Too little time C Martin 7: Didn''t really offer much when he came on apart from a few decent touches. A player i rate but, with Bristols defence looking flat footed and lacking in pace, this game was made for Jackson and it showed. Overall a great day. From the minute we scored we out competed them and showed alot of quality on the ball. The "easy" chants were abit weird after the first goal!But hell we havn''t had a team as promising as this for a while - lets enjoy it!
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