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  1. Hellesdon Canary

    Squad Numbers

    Vaughan is 8 and De Laet is 24 as far as I can see from pre season photos. I have no idea about the others though.
  2. Hellesdon Canary

    Norwich on Football Manager 2011

    If you play 4-3-1-2 with the central one of the 3 set as a ball winning midfielder, and the two wider ones set as box to box midfielders with wide play as hug touchline, that seems to work. Currently 14 played, won 10 and drawn 4.
  3. Hellesdon Canary

    A legend on sky sports 1

    In the studio for the play-off final, with Beagrie and Carlisle. Most of the country will need an interpreter then!
  4. Hellesdon Canary

    russel martin

    Whittaker starts at right back so I assume he''ll be on the bench.
  5. Hellesdon Canary

    Tonights Game

    I thought about it, but I went for Martin as we already had a pacy winger one side I thought the long range shooting ability of Martin would be of more use to us the pace. Martin''s crossing for Holt would also be a lot better than Jackson who is purely a finisher.

  6. Hellesdon Canary

    Tonights Game

    For me Lambert doesn''t have the players available to make the diamond work this evening, so maybe this sort of team would do a job for one game:


    Martin   Barnett   Ward   Lappin

                   Smith   Fox

    McNamee  Hoolahan  Martin



    This is just a case of fitting our best players into a formation, I think it could be pretty effective away from home though.

  7. Hellesdon Canary

    Grant Holt & Johan Elmander

    That is a good one, Insua for Liverpool also looks like a younger version of Holt or Elmander.
  8. Hellesdon Canary

    possible signings for next season.

    alas, there are many a gem in the lower league worth a go, but they do all require money.
    you are right about barcham, if he was free, he would be worth a 1 year deal to see how he develops. and yes it is bennett.
    still trying to find michael morrison, might be at cambridge utd? cant remember where he went.
    Still. theres plenty out there for gunn to look at.

    Michael Morrison went to Leicester.

  9. Hellesdon Canary

    Loan signings in the third division.

    [quote user="San Miguel"]

    i think it''s safe to assume that the quality of loan players drop from the championship to league 1, but it doesn''t mean they are bad. it''s more likely to mean the player/owner clubs expectations of the players potential are slightly lower than those loaned to championship clubs

    take MK Dons for example, they have two players on loan from Chelsea (Cummings and Magnay) both of which i''ve never heard of. however, Cummings plays regular first team football for MKD and they''re not doing too bad for themselves

    i wonder if Cummings, a centre back, would have been a better gamble than Bertrand a left back?


    I think Magnay is a centre back, he won the show on Sky 1 ''Football Icon'' IIRC so he cant be that bad... 

  10. Hellesdon Canary

    When are we on Skysports....?

    Back to the original topic, IIRC I think the next lot of live games are announced as soon as the last lot are over. So that must be pretty soon...  
  11. Hellesdon Canary

    Change In Formation?

    Sorry Cartoon Head, I wasn''t actually speaking to you, that comment was aimed at LGT. I can see why you thought I meant you though..[:$]
  12. Hellesdon Canary

    Change In Formation?

    [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="Cartoon Head"]thats basically a 4-4-2 with Gow playing off Killen[/quote]

    yep, 4-4-2 with gow or hooley in the hole would do for me,,,

    none of these fancy bs formations please - keep it simple legends - we need good displays and points on the board, make no mistake...

    Take the point about the 4-4-2, but I was just trying to show how the formation would actually play in-game.

    But no need to shoot me down for making a suggestion was there...?

  13. Hellesdon Canary

    Change In Formation?

    That should be ''his recent dip in form''.  

    This is when an edit button would come in handy.  

  14. Hellesdon Canary

    Change In Formation?

    Now we have a few options in the squad after a decent deadline day, we need to fit our best players into a formation which suits them. Although Gunn will probably play almost the same team as the last few games, which he is right to do after a three match unbeaten run; I would like to see how the players react to this sort of formation:


    Leijer   Doherty   Grounds   Bertrand

                 Clingan   Russell

          Croft     Gow     Hoolahan


    It may be slightly expansive for a relegation battle, but this is the only way I could think of fitting the improving Hoolahan and all the new signings into one team. I would like to see Leijer at right-back for Otsemobor because of hi rcent dip in form. The only other problem I can see with this formation is the lack of goals, but with Mcdonald on the bench you never know ;)



  15. Hellesdon Canary

    Fotheringham in a sulk?

    [quote user="Nuff Said"]You''ll never improve on this:  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cDuW3joTBq8


    That is quality NS, I was in stitches