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  1. 7 out of 11, not bad since I didn''t start supporting until Bayern Munich time. Can''t get the central defender with 8 letters, right winger, Centre Mid with 6 letters, Striker with 6 letters.
  2. [quote user="Herman "]A ha,cheers WAY[Y].Many a time i''ve spent on that bridge in the works van,scared witless.[/quote]   Well they do close the bridge 1st before opening the tunnel up, if the powers that be think the bridge is OK then that is the one that you have to use in that direction.   Please don''t try going down the tunnel if the bridge is open just becuase you don''t fancy it, you''ll come to a sticky end
  3. I''m going too, managed to convince my bro to come along too. We usually go to Loftus Road and complain about the stadium being too steep and having crap views but we always end up going back there.
  4. [quote user="zemas tendon"] [quote user="SnakePit Lassy"]Well il be the first to welcome you here, and for tomorow, tell your missus not to shout about being a hull fan ;)[/quote] Why not, She/They are in the Upper Barclay!! [/quote] I''ve got some mates from Hull, one was a Southend fan due to the tenuous link of liking Alison Moyet (who is also a fan). So the Southend fan and someone else go to a match in SouthEnd to see Southend vs Hull and they sit in the Southend end, she feels intimidated and whispers "try not to act northern" to the other one. As soon as the teams come on the pitch he loudly says "EY UP!" is that what you mean?
  5. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"][quote user="KennyMonster255"] Young right back, product of our youth system:- *** Wilson?   anyone [/quote] che? [/quote] Yep that''s him, maybe if he had more letters in his name people would remember him more?
  6. Hi Newbie here, I''ve been reading for some time but only just got around to signing up. I just had to add comment on how bad I thought Victor Segura was. I am your typical glory hunting Norwich Fan (?!?), chose to support them to be a bit different as I live in Spurs-land, I started to like City during the Bayern Munich/Inter Milan period and it has been uphill since then I go to a few games each season home and away, my firs tof this season is tomorrow, will be in the Barclay Upper with my missus (who supports Hull).
  7. Victor Segura but put him in as Left Back. Walker put him there on miserable Tues/Weds evening against Tranmere. Every time he go the ball he put it out for a throw in, he could have at least hoofed it upfield once or twice.
  8. Young right back, product of our youth system:- *** Wilson?   anyone
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