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  1. The Police already have sufficient powers and I cannot remember when they could not carry out their duties due to insufficient powers. In my mind this is more flag sha..ing, with the added advantage of eroding our rights as a nation.
  2. In an effort to continue my winning run of one, I suggest Cove Rangers to beat Dumbarton. Second top vs second bottom. Difficult to find value for the Norwich bet, but if lightning strikes twice, Norwich over 2.5 goals in the first half at 12/1.
  3. On behalf of Swindon’s corner, can I please throw in the towel! He is clearly suffering from repeated blows to the head.
  4. For many years the Tories were known as the party for law and order, and safe with the finances, and I always thought the Labour party stood for fairness, and whilst I still feel that the overarching message from Labour is fairness, the Tories are morally bankrupt. The long list from Nevermind sums them up and it is well evidenced. I believe they are working to a plan, and sadly it seems to be working. I have friends who have voted Tory all their lives, and I am shocked at how they try to defend the corruption and incompetence, especially when they say 'would it be any better under Labour' I just do not understand how people cannot see what is going on.
  5. dj11

    Paul Ritter RIP

    That is a real shame, he was a great actor, and his role in Friday Night Dinner, never failed to make me laugh.
  6. In a thread that contains more than its fair share of hairbrain ideas, this takes the biscuit. Do you really think stopping trade with the EU would not harm us? I give you parts for the car industry as a starter for 10.
  7. Brexit was sold to the masses on the premise of immediate benefits, and in my book, 10 years is not immediate. I have yet to see 1 immediate benefit, but if anyone would like to give some examples, feel free.
  8. It would be interesting to see how we compare. Does anyone have the figures to hand?
  9. I love the link, we used to complain they came over here stealing our jobs, and now we are complaining they are staying in their own country and stealing our investments, them foreigners can't do anything right in our eyes.
  10. It would probably have to reach his front room, he is out for the season!!
  11. In an attempt to break my useless run(top could not beat bottom last week!), Real Madrid to beat Eibar. One of my few successes this season was each team over 1 corner in each half and at 4-1, that seems a reasonable flutter. The very best of luck.
  12. A. League for me and Central Coast Mariners to beat Melbourne Victory. Top vs bottom. BTTS Norway vs Turkey.
  13. Feyenoord to beat FC Emmen. BTTS - No The extra bet £10 each team over 1 corner in each half and £5 each team over 1 card. £15 on way, and best of luck everyone.
  14. Sorry, but I carried on reading their forum and came across this comment in relation to Dozzell. He probably wouldn’t look out of place in a Man City (or team of similar style) team.
  15. This from their forum , I didn't realise the takeover had gone Pete Tong. The only way missing out on promotion might be a blessing in disguise is if it puts the takeover back on track.
  16. One hell of a grovelling apology. On 13 December 2020 I made defamatory statements about @AyoCaesar , which I sincerely regret and retract and have undertaken not to repeat. I have agreed to pay substantial damages to Ash Sarkar and her legal costs. Here is my full and wholehearted apology. Please retweet
  17. That will help with a financial services agreement, or are they the latest sector to be thrown under the Brexit Bus?
  18. Well, that was a car crash of epic proportions!! The only ray of light, was that I actually picked a win, and the Norwich bet came in. Onwards and upwards.
  19. Good evening Eddie and all. Thanks for all the suggestions, it is a great bunch of offerings, so much so, that if ok with Eddie, I have sent £20 to do 3 accumulators. The first is for Saturday and all are home wins. Wolfsburg vs Shalke Bromley vs Barnet Queen of the South vs Alloa Lincoln vs Rochdale Linfield vs Carrick Rangers Salzburg vs Admira Sunday/Monday and all home wins Bayer Leverkusen vs Arminia Bielefeld Leicester vs Sheffield United Sunderland vs Tranmere Fenerbache vs Genclerbirligi PSG vs Nantes Barcelona vs Huesca As a few have suggested away wins, I thought we could have a bash. I apologise in advance to Pockthorpe for not going with his away bet, I found it a bit too scary! All away wins Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich Kings Lynn vs Sutton Fulham vs Manchester City (my choice) Getafe vs Athletico Madrid Pec Zwolle vs Ajax Bnei Yehuda vs Maccabi Haifa. For the Norwich bet I would suggest BTTS - No Lets hope this keeps us interested for the whole weekend.
  20. Having read this last page, I had to check that it was referring to Football Index, anyway, it’s gone bust.
  21. Thanks for that Eddie, I am so desperate to win us some money, that I will chuck in another tenner for 2 goes. My dear old mum always said, 2 heads are better than 1, even if 1 of them is only a sheep’s head, and the way I have been picking recently, I am definitely the sheep’s head, so loads of help needed. I will submit the picks Friday evening.
  22. Surely it was Judges who prevented proroguing of parliament by Johnson and Rees Mogg.
  23. The Royal family are at the head of the class system, and unless they go, nothing will change. They own huge amounts of land as do other Dukes, Earls etc, and land ownership makes them all powerful. It amuses me that so many people voted for Brexit because they objected to having unelected foreigners having power over this country and yet much of this applies to the Royal family.
  24. I used this link to book my second jab https://www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/do-you-have-an-nhs-number It seems to work for most people. You need your National Health number. If you are 56 and over and you haven’t had your first jab, you can also book through this link. I had my first jab on 2 February and I have the next on 20 April and it’s Oxford/Astra. Hope this helps.
  25. Johnson talking out of his ample backside. He has trouble stringing a sentence together.
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