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  1. Youth policy is recked as the Academy are led by an old fossil who needs one of those fold up chairs to sit down and watch a game. Bin the lot and get Williams back there   
  2. Totally agree. David Williams jumped a sinking ship and what ive seen there is no one up there training the kids who has a clue who is gonna make it and who is not.  Bin the lot of them, and bring Carson, or Williams back. What they have in place at the moment is a joke. Most of them withered old men, who need to sit on one of those fold up chairs while they watch a game.   
  3. Local cricketer Rob Newman is Kevin Bond''s assistant at Bournemouth
  4. Probably one of those old duffers who stand there with big coats and clipboards inside the Colney dome watching the youngsters and ruining any local talent we might have. They cant see as far as the end of their own nose, let alone give a decent youngster a chance.
  5. Came past The Mischief this morning on way to work, they are opening at 11am 
  6. Did many of you go to the Open Day yesterday, if so what did you think of it??
  7. I always thought the writing was on the wall when the Dereham Town Centre Halves marked him out of the game in the pre-season friendly. He managed one goal in the 88th minute but thats because they brought on their reserves by then.
  8. Wouldnt want to really copy any of his formations, but as Ips--t dont play with out and out wingers ala Reading, I think this could work in this game.
  9.                                                                                             Green                                      Fleming                              Rehman                       Docherty                     Drury                                                                                                 Safri                                                                                  Etuhu                        Robinson                                                                 Johansson                                Earnshaw                                   Huckerby                                  Subs:  Gallacher, Shackell, McVeigh, Thorne, Jarrett,                     
  10. 50k for Robinson and we payed 9 times that amount for Etuhu?!  Where is the logic here?  
  11. Would he honestly be happy with a move to dull Portsmouth, hardly a step up. Ground an absolute dump. I know they have loads of money coming into the club, but he could do better. Regardless of who he moves to and whether he moves or not, he will still remain Englands fourth choice keeper.
  12. I know a mate of mine was talking about recent young players at Brighton doing well. He mentioned Alex Smith at the time saying he had a lot of talent and seemed to bring a lot to the table in his early career. But of late had found himself out of the team a bit and struggling to hit target. In fact he hadnt done anything for about the last 8 weeks.
  13. Yep, as Shackell was shocking in the first half and has been all season.
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