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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="simo86"] @ captin holt pretty sure i am as i am priorty two [/quote] You cannot seriously think that Wigan away will be written applications surely? [/quote] no not at all was just making the point i am defiantly going !!
  2. @ captin holt pretty sure i am as i am priorty two
  3. when will tickets generally go on sale for first game 100% i am going there is absolutely no doubt about that
  4. I really do not understand some of our fans, are you never bloody happy? I honestly cant believe people are questioning lamberts judgement. its got to the stage i just want to give some you a slap. bloody idiots
  5. some of you cleary have no idea about football, if we could AFFORD nolan i would have him here in a shot he scored 12 premier league goals last year, from midfield thats pretty impressive i will be impressed if any of our strikers score that amount, before i hear any of the usual crap, torres didnt even score that amount and odin whatever his name is for wba got 13 which is there highest ever for one player in the top flight. simples he would walk in to our team and i really cant believe he is going to west spam i can only assume its because of big sam, correct me if i am wrong and i well could be as i dont know, but did big sam take him to newcastle?
  6. sick and tired of this big coup nonsense, the point has been laboured several times before, i am far happier with the hungry young players with great potential lambert is signing, would you rather we sign the likes of boa morte upson bowyer, players at the end of the careers looking for a final pay cheque, possibly wouldnt apply to bowyer, but u get my point, plus if we do go down, we will have a hell of a squad to go straight back up with no financial pressure to sell any of them as the players we are signing will not be on massive salaries
  7. for me without a doubt are weekest player, i remember watching him from the start of the leyton orient game in the fa cup, was absolutely terrible, and was not seen on the brench for about 4 games, is only any ever good in last ten mins of games when the other team is tired, has never made an impact from the start, has always tried his best, ashame its just not good enough
  8. [quote user="flecky76"]This is not speculation, just purely me thinking that this would be a good signing for us. Now, before you slag this suggestion off, I really believe we need one ''old premiership experienced'' player. Lee Bowyer is available on a free transfer, scored 5 goals from midfield last season for Brum and would add some bite and experience in our midfield. Yes, he''s 34 but had a good season for Birmingham last year. Remember that we have virtually no Premiership experience in our squad, including the management team, and this could prove beneficial. Of course, Bowyer had problems in his younger days but he''s not seemingly had any issues for the past 10 years and I believe, albeit from the outside, has matured and would add vital experience for us. For what it''s worth, he also has close family in Norwich and I believe he would welcome the mover here.[/quote] we had virtually no championship experience last year and look where that got us [:@] oh sh*t wait we got promoted :D so in answer to your question regarding bowyer, no thank you would rather young hungry players
  9. [quote user="Bomber"]O OK so on one game he is not good enough - do premiership players not miss chances and in some cases sitters - we will just forget the other 34 goals he has scored this season then[/quote]   if we are using that theory then cody is good enough?
  10. [quote user="Mervmeister"]Who is better then mate? Simeon? lol cus his goal scoring record was as good as mackails in league 1? lol. Mackail -> Simeon, Mackail -> Martin, Mackail -> Vaughan. Holt completely different striker and can''t really be compared. I know who i''d rather[/quote] jackson played in a team that got relegated, and has got us promoted to them prem, what planet you on? theres no way of really knowing of course but i think you are being completely disrespectful to the strikers at our club who got us promoted to the prem saying a guy in league one who has had one good season, he only scored 13 in his season the championship is better then holt and jackson, as previously said jog on i just hope if the players read this message board that they ignore comments like yours and realise 99.9% of us are behind them.
  11. [quote user="Mervmeister"]Thought he looked ace again today!! Yes missed 2 chances. Early one he shew great pace and did everything right, would have been goal if not for immense defending. 2nd chance he admiteed hmself he thrashed at, but he never let it bother him. Worked his socks off and for me would be best striker at this club. People saying he aint good enough but some of those saying this want cody mac to be given a chance lol. You really think Cody would hit over 30 goals at League 1 level? lol Be realistic guys, there arent gonna be many (if any) better strikers within our range, i''d take him in a heart beat. Poss too late now we signed Vaughan tho as I think Lambert will want a player similar to Holt for his other striker signing (Morrison)[/quote] best striker at our club? jog on
  12. [quote user="natncfc"]You dont know till he gets a chance to prove himself. Why cant he be prem class? If he isnt, then is any of our squad prem class? How many goals does he need to score before you class him as prem class? was dj cambell? was beckford when he was signed for everton? Is holt prem class? In lambert i trust and trust me, he was not willing to shell out 2.5 mil in march for a player he didnt think was going to make it next season. I look forward to his arrival alot more than vaughans i am affraid, but i trust our boss. Why wouldn''t we?[/quote] i think you have just answered your own question really, considering lambert didnt increase his bid and we have bought one other striker and the other 99.9% sure the other is morison lambert is also of the opinion that he is not good enough, unless you think we will sign three strikers which i think is highley unlikely and would upset the squad
  13. [quote user="Green shorts"]sorry, cant agree, CMS has all attention, you dont get that if you are no good, oven chips is having a good game, thats it, CMS is coming to city, just you wait!![/quote]   no one is saying he is not a good player he is just not premiership class, you seem to be the only one of the opinion he is. dont get me wrong he works as hard as hell, his work rate is phenomal, but you need more then just that in the prem, lambert will sign players now who work rate is top notch and have a little more skill, eg vaughan and looks like morison, from what i seen i will take morison over smith anyday of the week. espcially as it looks like morison is going to be cheaper, our bid for 3 million was rejected your seriously suggesting he is worth more then that?
  14. [quote user="ron obvious"] I wonder if he''s got that magic quality "potential"? He looks like a man playing at the top of his game. If that''s true, he doesn''t really look good enough. Vaughan, on the other hand, was really rated by Everton when he first played. Whether or not that ability can be reignited by Lambert we wil discover anon. [/quote] plus vaughan is 22 smith is 27 i think we really have caught a bargin with vaughan
  15. watching the pboro huddersfield game, seriously questioning if this guy is good enough for the prem he should of had at least one goal this game, really should of had two, never worth 3 million in my opinion, i know he has been prolific at league one level, but he is no way going to be good enough for the prem, would take vaughan over this guy anyday of the week for the money.
  16. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"]Who are the bad signings? Steven smith is only one, and it''s not really PL fault! Oli Johnson done the job in L1 Who else?[/quote] macnamee for me
  17. I have just come home from work and I honestly cant believe what I am reading on here. We have just made are first signing this season and people already writing him off. this is not acceptable. how many of you would of signed russell martin, david fox or andrew crofts?? did everyone slate them? YES. Have they been good enough? DAMN RIGHT THEY HAVE! Funnily enough lambert does not get many signings wrong, i can think of possibly only 1 or 2. this guy has taken us from league one to the prem, i dont think ANYONE here is qualified to judge or question him. IN LAMBERT I TRUST, AND SO SHOULD THE BLOOMING REST OF YOU!!!
  18. [quote user="Legend Iwan"] No. I still expect there will be no points deduction, or at most only a couple so  that QPR keep the Championship. Think the Sun are desperate for some sport story with nothing much happening. Was the Danny Gabbion Twitter fine a big story as well? [/quote] your basis for this being..................if you actually ready the facts of the case i think you will change your opinion, true bookies could of got it wrong, a bit like the lambert thing, but i have thought for a while that a points deduction would happen, i think the fact sky are also reporting this, and the fact qpr have made a statement gives an indication. if they were sure they were fine there statement would of said ''the sun are talking sh*t dont worry'' if i was a qpr fan i would be afraid..........very afraid any how not going to matter we are going up any how!!
  19. [quote user="barclay4ever"] would it be stupid to say we dont want to go up like this? personally id rather clinch promotion under our own steam and with a win, be it at portsmouth or carrow road.   im not sure about the title too in all honesty, would anyone else welcome the title in this way? cant help but feel it may tarnish or undermine a fantastic season which has been purely down to our own brilliance.   having said that seeing warnocks face would make it all worth while. yeah, seconds thoughts take the points from them. [/quote] yes happily benefit at there expense
  20. The FA have been ''investigated'' by a external panel with regard to their procedures and compliance, the inference being that they "bow down" to Premier League or Financial pressure. They are coming out of this looking VERY bad indeed and its little wonder they couldnt deal with the QPR case. The report slaughters the FA - it seems to be looking that way, the last thing they can survive is letting one club break the rules and walk allover them. QPRs case might just be at the wrong time for them, and the right time for the FA. Its more than likely QPRs fate has already been decided, and the playoffs will definately go ahead - probably with them taking part. FA chiefs told to pull up socks and reform By Roger Blitz, Leisure Industries Correspondent Published: April 26 2011 19:29 | Last updated: April 26 2011 19:29 Football''s troubled governing body was given a stark ultimatum by the government on Tuesday: reform yourself or face legislation that will radically reshape the way the game is run. The warning came from Hugh Robertson, the sports minister, who reiterated his view that football was the worst governed sport in the UK and said the Football Association had voluntarily to tackle its shortcomings if it wanted to avoid having change forced upon it. EDITOR''S CHOICE Scudamore admits Premier League failings - Apr-05 Wage demands pose threat to Premier League - Jun-08 The cup''s changing line-up of mankind - May-28 FA Premier League: Dealmaking skills add to the score - Apr-21 Why football players'' salaries will keep rising - Apr-16 ESPN buys rights for Premiership on UK mobiles - Apr-06 "A number of my direct predecessors have tried to crack this nut and failed," he told a committee of MPs conducting an inquiry into the state of the game an investigation that the minister had himself requested. "But it needs doing, for the good of the game of football." Mr Robertson described football as "a game in transition". Many of the structures that governed the game related to a previous age, he said. Yet football was "a very big business" followed by 11m people, the Premier League was a hugely successful sporting export and it was time football was run in accordance with business models in the commercial world. Praising the way German football was run, the sports minister said its regulation and licensing of clubs, which requires them to meet certain financial and ownership criteria to be eligible for competition, was a model the FA could adopt. "At the moment, the problem is the FA, because corporate governance arrangements are not satisfactory," he said. The government insists it wants football to run itself and that legislation is a last resort. But it is concerned by a number of problems bedevilling the game, including the amount of debt carried by football clubs, the lack of financial transparency and the difficulty of establishing the ownership of some clubs. It believes a licensing system is the mechanism for addressing these concerns. It also wants club owners to make some shares available to fans. But the FA has in the past opposed this and the government believes the FA board must include independent directors a move that the Burns review into the governing body recommended six years ago to prevent board members protecting their vested interests. Mr Robertson said little had changed since that review. "The fact is when I looked at the corporate governance operations in sports, particularly the big five, it was noticeably worse than in any other sport. "There are no independent non-executive directors despite the Burns review. Every single one of the directors is a white male and late middle-aged and there is no one who has played the game to any reasonable level and no women or anyone from the ethnic communities." Mr Robertson urged football to realise the strength of feeling about its deficiencies. "I hope they will see the light and make the concessions themselves, and we will not have to legislate but legislate we will," Mr Robertson said. David Bernstein, FA chairman, is pressing the FA Council to appoint two new independent directors to the board, but Mr Robertson said the best outcome would be the replacement of existing directors rather than an increase in the board''s size. "That would obviate the need for legislation and go for a more radical solution," the sports minister said. The government held back from pressing for changes until the outcome of England''s 2018 World Cup bid was known. But Mr Robertson has been stepping up his rhetoric since then, telling MPs £15m was spent on the bid "and we succeeded solely in garnering one extra vote other than our own". He acknowledged the size of the task involved in persuading the FA to reform itself. "I wouldn''t for a moment underestimate the difficulty of this," he said. "There is going to be an awful lot of backbiting and unpleasantness to try to get to where we want to go."[/b] [Updated on: Wed, 27 April 2011 16:01]
  21. well we already broke several hoodoo''s this season, most recently this weekend, can you believe we havent won 3 in a row until the victory over derby!!! time to make that 5 in a row................
  22. btw meant to add copied from cardiff website, thought was an interesting point
  23. It seems to me that the whole QPR points deduction scenario is one coloured by uncertainty about what the implications would if a points deduction were imposed and to that end, depending on which camp you''re in, whether you''re an optimist or pessimist, or whether you are prone to clutching at straws will determine how you view the scenario. Most people, I think sensibly, have adopted the bury the head in the sand philosophy and will wait and see with everyone committing to "getting as many points as we can". Before our game with QPR on Saturday the BBC were reporting that they "understood" that QPR will ultimately be fined and not face a points deduction, and indeed the QPR spin machine has been engaging in a full on assault since the charges were brought to push the message that they would not be getting a points deduction. I must confess to have only taking a passing interest in the QPR story when it broke in March, but as we reach the climax of the season my interest was piqued and I have spent several hours researching the allegations, reading the FA website, reading news reports and reading blog reports of several fan websites including our own, QPR''s and Crystal Palace''s who''s fans have taken great interest in the plight of their local rivals, particularly after their own points deduction last season. My conclusions should give QPR fans real concern and should only lead to one possible outcome, and are as follows: 1. The charges faced by QPR are extremely serious and are fundamentally two-fold. That they broke third party player ownership rules that were clearly established and made clear to all clubs after the Tevez affair, and that (in my view more seriously) they then attempted to cover up this breach in October 2010 by submitting falsified documents to the FA. 2. Alot of people compare the QPR situation to West Ham''s with Tevez, however when charged West Ham held their hands up immediately and many feel this helped them avoid a points deduction, plus there was never any real suggestion of attempted fraud, ultimately it was found that they had broken the rules but, lets say, they had perhaps been naive of the rules. QPR on the other hand have refuted the claims the FA have brought (which as we have seen with Rooney recently doesn''t go down well with the FA), and we have the added issue of an attempted fraud. 3. This fraud element moves this (in my view) into a very different scenario and one which people haven''t suggested as a comparison, but here goes 1990 Swindon Town. If you''re not old enough to remember Swindon won promotion from what became the Championship to what would become the Premier League via the play-offs but were found guilty of making illegal payments to players and a few weeks later were relegated two divisions by the FA this was later reduced to a one division relegation and they found themselves back in the Championship. 4. It is this precedent that I feel will mean that QPR will face a points deduction at least. 5. Many people have said that the FA have screwed up by delaying the decision until the last week of the season, I think this is entirely deliberate and is ultimately the right way to have handled this - consider the Swindon example from 1990. The charges against Swindon were identified well before the end of season playoffs but the FA sensibly allowed the season to run its course with all teams trying their best. Some might say it was cruel to Swindon fans to let them experience promotion however had they lost the playoffs presumably they would have been relegated to what became League One, instead of back to the Championship i.e the faced a one division relegation as their penalty regardless of how they finished up. I think the FA are using this as a precedent, to give no indication of a points deduction so that all teams play to their potential without bringing the integrity of this Championship season into question. QPR may need to gain promotion to the Premier League in order that they are relegated back to the Championship and not League One as with the Swindon case. 6. Consider if QPR had been given a 10 point, 30 point or even a relegation as a punishment announced in March. How would this have affected their own players approach to remaining matches and what impact would that have had on the points earned by the teams they later played who could have had an unfair advantage playing against a team that had psychologically imploded. Far more sensible to delay any announcement so that everyone assumes no points will be deducted, so the chasing pack give it their all and assume that 3rd place misses auto-promotion, and 7th place misses the play-offs. This would ensure that no one can have any complaints of unfair advantage when a decision is made. 7. Also if a relegation is the penalty imposed then if this had been announced in March it would have meant QPR would have had to gain promotion to the Premier League to ensure they stayed in the Championship. This would clearly be an intolerable position to put them in at that time or indeed for the other clubs so the FA, by delaying the decision, have ensured the integrity of the season, and also giving a massive hidden clue that a points deduction at least is guaranteed. Consider the alternative, if it was just a fine then impose it now, why wait? 8. Points deductions are imposed for far less serious offences. A club going into administration, which mostly happens due to mismanagement and not fraud guarantees a 10 point deduction. Luton Town were deducted 10 points for illegal agent payments and a further 20 points for issues around their administration status. This effectively relegated them out of the Football League! QPR should be looking at a minimum 10 point penalty plus an additional penalty for attempting to deceive the FA. The treatment of Luton Town demonstrates that the FA will impose the rules ruthlessly regardless of the implications to the punished club. Hereford and Torquay were deducted 3 points and 1 point respectively for each fielding an illegible player in their match on 1st February. This was the day after the transfer window closed and basically resulted from clerical errors in the form filling process of players signed in the last few hours of the transfer window. So a cock up, not fraud, but resulted in points being docked. If QPR don''t get a points deduction for what they have done then it will fly in the face of the precedent set down to all other clubs. 9. In summary then I believe QPR will face something like a 30 point penalty deduction, as that is the scale of the seriousness of the offences, which assuming they fill one of the top two slots will equate to a relegation. All this talk of legal cases are a smoke screen. The FA have QPR bang to rights and determining the penalty is all that needs to be agreed. They are going to take a very dim view of the attempt to deceive them, as they did with Luton Town. 10. A 30 point deduction would place QPR out of even the play off mix, allowing for the playoffs to proceed unhindered
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