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  1. Who will score our next goal and in which game.Who is on pens now,would you give it to R V W?In fact will we score another goal this season?
  2. That''s what our coaching staff need now to get our forwards scoring and against the 4 top teams and hand on heart I do not think it will happen.Is there anyone out there in darkest Norfolk who has some super natural powers in the occult who can assist this club with putting the ball in the net.If you have get down to Colney on your broomstick now and cast a few spells.Your team needs you.
  3. No time for any other words,just to wish Neil Adams all the luck at Fulham and hope he can pull off an historic win,we are all behind him and so want to see him on match of the day saying what a great win that was,that would make my season and see big lugs eating his words.
  4. Its the players that have to prove themselves now,Neil Adams can only do so much.They have to show they are worthy of staying in the prem,any more shows like Saturday and its relegation,they have to look at themselves and ask some big questions.Everybody knew at the start of the season we would need the points in the bag before these up and coming games and the players have failed in this task.To redeem themselves they have to win at Fulham a task they have created themselves.I hope Neil really can do a good job here,we will be all behind him but I have this nagging doubt the players are really good enough for this massive battle ahead.How I want them to prove me wrong.
  5. Just waiting for the players to return my season ticket money for this season which I will return to them if we stay up.I can in a way except going down but not the way the players seem to be doing it..If they play to win but are not quite good enough fair enough but to start a lot of games looking like a beaten team and offering no passion that is not what I or anyone wants to see.Yesterday was a disgrace for a team fighting relegation,W B A did not have to break into a sweat,we gave them 3 points and they headed home laughing.I am terrified at what Liverpool will do to us as I cant see us even trying to have a go at them.Oh sh*t then Chelsea and Man U and of course Fulham.Oh no Arsenal as well,happy days.
  6. One would make my day tomorrow but that show would be outstanding.Thats what I call pre match entertainment.
  7. This country please but interesting it still goes on.
  8. Yes what happened to bog roll chucking at footy matches,so funny to see a bog roll sale over your head unrolling in mid flight and hitting the net or beyond,then the keeper getting tangled up in it as he tries to remove from his goal.I am sure a few of our games might have been livened up by this extinct hobby.Can any of you on here remember when this was part of the entertainment at the match.I am sure you would be removed from the ground now if you launched one,such a shame as bog rolls are readily available in the local pound stores so not a dear hobby at all.Anyone brave enough to have a go?It would make my day in fact when was the last one thrown at a match?A question for those muppets on M O D,some old film maybe.Any other old footy pastimes that have died with the modern game not including a good old fashioned tackle which has vanished altogether.
  9. If you must eat at match take it with you,far cheaper.Who can afford pies etc and beer at the ground.Just buy a bag of sweeties and pass them down the row.Whilst on strange people at the matches,there is a guy who sits in front of us and all he does most of the game is turn round and stare at the crowd,we call him MI 5,very strange,he even does it on the odd times we are playing well.
  10. Yes def Reggie agree,if you want to go early go at half time and how many of the go early bunch come in late as well and get up 5 mins before half time and then to cap it all come back late for second half.Why do they even go in the first place.It is great being grumpy but these T*ats really are taking it big time.
  11. Well Reggie I hate people that go early too,but most normal people stay to the end and go out in some order,why do people go crazy at the end of the game.There are also the people that leave early then stand in the way watching the game.they only think of themselves.the ground does empty out quite quickly anywayso just go with the flow and don''t be a pr*ck.
  12. Swap seats for a week and sort the b*rstards out for me please.
  13. At the end of home games we have a few nutters that sit behind us that find it quicker to get out by climbing over seats and knocking people in our row out the way instead of waiting a few minutes in their own row.this is annoying at the best of times but having a bust ankle for the last few months it is not the best to have nutters pushing you in the back to get out their way as they tumble over the seats behind,then look at you for being in the way.Stewards of course at this time are more worried in case fans go onto the pitch not how they cause trouble being complete **nkers getting out of ground.This sounds really old but someone will get hurt one day.Why are some people so brain dead.I am sure its none of you on here but if it is just calm down and leave your seats in the right way.
  14. Fulham were well beaten by Everton yesterday but looking at how they played they will beat us with no trouble at all.Its been said many times this season,now is the time for players, management to sort it out away from home.That is a game we must win now,so was Swansea.Time for Hoots to do a Phil Brown and keep them on the pitch at half time in front of the City fans,their performances are a disgrace away from home and the support they get makes it even worse.I can see this lot going to Fulham and getting another 6 against them.I wont be there as I vowed never to enter that ground again after that end of season shocker,I have still not got over that.So someone please knock these players into shape before that game or else they will be down where they must think they belong.
  15. It has been said on here I am sure that a good relegation battle is far more entertaining for fans than mid table,look at the atmosphere Saturday.Do we fans secretly enjoy it all working out how many points we need,who do teams around us have to play,why we play well one game and $hit another.Is it worth it when finally we are safe and celebrate like promotion.In reality it is what a team like N C F C will constantly be involved in season after season in the prem or in the championship we will be top two or in the play off places feeling much the same emotions.In fact is there anyone on here would like us to drop down to div 1 again and do it all again.We will never get to top 4 in prem so all the excitement comes in the bottom half of the table where this season is beyond belief.
  16. I am with Becchio or Wes for the way they have been treated.No regular player can get it so it must be scraped this season.I am sure no would want to win it this season,it would not be worth the title.
  17. What is it with all sports stars and indeed so called celebs that when they answer a question they start with yeah,no.Why,where did it come from and what a f*cking stupid statement,a bit the same as formular 1 drivers all saying for sure all the time.Anymore you know that drive you made.
  18. Well 69 I would take the opposite view to that keep Wes and get a manager that likes a skillfull player and then we can start again.
  19. You are right of course,in any one season there are only a handful of managers who do well,a lot that are ordinary and another batch who are awfull and then the lot that go from club to club all their working life doing not much.We are a club who will always have a bog standard manager most of the time,once in a blue moon we will have a good one and he will go to better things or so he thinks,then we will get a bad one and he will go and vanish of the face of the earth and inbetween there will be many of the ordinary ones that will stay till we tire of them.Any manager we get is a gamble and the vast majority will be on a par with Hoots.
  20. Thank god you were wrong.The most unhappy looking man in football.
  21. Not really N C F C related,we all love football most of the time but there are things that crop up that make us a little cross,not just loosing or sh*t players etc but odd things in the game that annoy.Mine is when managers at the end of a game point their players towards the fans to wave or clap instead of heading off down the tunnel,if the players cant be ar$ed to do it off their own backs it is not worth anything them being told to do it.Well that''s mine,you lot got any.
  22. Well Morty how many of the others can be ar$ed as you put it,very few at the moment.Soccer Sat pundits cant believe he is left out the team and featured some of his skills,not bad at all.the question is,is Wes better than all our other midfielders when at moment they are quite poor themselves?
  23. I feel positive now seeing your picture Jimbo,best looking bloke I have seen in ages.By the way I honestly don''t think we have a hope tomorrow if Saints score a goal we will be done.
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