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  1. I think wes should not be starting any games from now on. From the tantrums he pulled in January he should be sold. He can''t call us a shit club. With the Hughton situation, I think its stupid that you don''t want him in. You can''t put all the blame on him, it''s our players too. Who would we get to replace him? I have seen a lot of people say Steve Clarke which would be an awful appointment. Keep Hughton till the end of the season, would be a stupid time in the season to sack a manager.
  2. He should be using the WOD of cash he won to book himself a flight out of here. Shouldn''t still be at the club after January.
  3. They have shut it because RVW scored a goal in training, so they had a party to celebrate!
  4. I disagree, RVW is awful. I say we sell him back to a foreign club at end of season. Elmander is awful, Hooper is decent at times but been at fault for a couple of goals we have conceded in the last month or so.
  5. We don''t need Steve Clarke. Hughton isn''t doing that bad of a job. You can''t put the blame down to just him, its our players too. Steve Clarke would be an awful appointment. We should keep Hughton till end of season.
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