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  1. Would you keep Wes for next season,simple yes or no,no long explainations,just judging on his ability.
  2. Is R V Ws 1 goal for City in one season the most costly goal ever scored for city at 8 million quid,indeed do you know of a dearer one,love to know.
  3. Hughton or Adams,that is the reality of what has happened here,It is what has happened and we have to support it or go and bugger off elsewhere.
  4. Lets all calm down and just see what happens next season,like a f**king witch hunt already just sleep on it then think before you write,are you all scummers all of a sudden as you are acting like them.
  5. For christs sake leave Neil Adams alone,judge him on results next season Its sick giving him stick now,get behind him and show him we support him.some of this stuff on here is a disgrace.
  6. As always with clubs wanting managers the same old lot come round and round and most of them have very little success in their pasts.There is only a handful that are good at their job and they don''t come to N C F C.So the board have to gamble on one and hope he can get lucky and that is the long and short of it.He will be ok till he has a bad run then bye bye and on we go again.
  7. I hope the players will not have the nerve to do a lap round the ground after the game Sunday with their children all dressed in token N C F C kits.In my mind that will be an insult to the fans who have payed a lot of cash to watch awfull football all season,I hope after the game the fans go home at the final whistle and the players hang their heads and go down the tunnel never to appear again.It may seem harsh but the fans are the club and we have seen years of good work chucked down the drain this season,we will be back next season,hopefully with a new manager and a new squad of players that want to be N C F C players and will give their all for the club and the passion that the fans ask for.
  8. Thanks big toe,always nice to be put right in the English dept,sorry for the mistake,so here is the amended post.What is the most boring thing in football?A Johnny Howson interview.On interviews I would like to hear a R V W one about this season.
  9. The answer to that question is a Johnny Howson interview.
  10. Looks like they want Adams out now then and as I said before what about the ones that thought they could go to the world cup,no matter what manager they had to perform for themselves and they did not.
  11. so you lay no blame on the players at all,interesting.
  12. Perhaps the time has come for the players to come out and ad they admit it is their fault the team is in this position.What happened to the players at the start of the season that had world cup hopes,R V W,Fer,Hooper,Howson and Ruddy.They really have not performed,that is down to them,ok Ruddy not so bad but not his best season.The players lap up the good times so they should face the blame when they when they are not up to scratch.
  13. Right then I blame Derek who I sit next to as he predicts that we will win every game 2 1.Even sitting next to him and listening to his footballing wisdom is more entertaining than the footy.
  14. Well lets blame Lambert for leaving as well,perhaps its all his fault.There was a team spirit back then even through players coming and going but now there does not seem to be any at all.No I stick to my words these players have let everyone down.
  15. Change of managers has not worked so it has to be players fault,they have been constant in this shocking season.If they are not prem standard,fair enough but we keep hearing they are our strongest squad for a long while and that means they all have let the club and fans down and perhaps the managers.Have they once this season put in a full 90 mins of good football,doubtfull.There has been a constant show of poor passing,slow build up,bad control,holding back on tackles,scoring goals,bad defending and lack of any leadership and passion.Some of these players are not fit to wear the yellow and green.Ihope that come the summer the whole squad is changed and we start to rebuild a squad of players that want to put their life on the line for N C F C.Most of this lot in a few weeks will be off on very expensive holidays without a care in the world.Cheers to you all for letting this club down big time.
  16. Fulham was the game to get points and we didn''t,he now has to do the unexpected.He must not fail or the prem may be a long time coming again.
  17. Could it be that Neil Adams may be the only N C F C manager to get no points at all whilst in charge or has there been another in the past.I hope this will not happen because I like the man and he has changed things for the better but still no points which is a massive worry.I hope he and the team can turn it round.
  18. what shocking coverage of the game and tommy tanking over Liverpool,it is such a rubbish show.
  19. Who would you trust to take any pens from now until the end of season,that is if we even got one.
  20. We need him Sunday,get him on pitch before game to lead our prayers.
  21. If Nick Knowles was not on T V the world would be a happy place.
  22. Agree but we have been together all season and its not worked,I really want Neil Adams to do it,I would love it if he did but my dreams are all but nightmares now.
  23. No flag needed,just being realistic because all the clappers,flags,players from the past,supporters from the army ,navy,airforce,U S A,etc will not help us now.It should have been sorted months ago.The fans have done their bit already it is now down to the players to prove they are worthy of the prem.
  24. Oh Jenkins,real fans of City know what happens but will still be there what ever division we are in.We have been here before many times.
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