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  1. Who pissed on your cornflakes Andy. It''s obviously been bumped for everyone that dismissed his advice. You didn''t so it doesn''t concern you so I suggest you "do one, you twerp" CUSDP- as reliable as ever, just the Twerps that spoil this site.
  2. Shut up you prized prick, everybody in block E stands if you don''t like it don''t sit there.
  3. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]Just thought I would point out in quite a condescending way that you could actually try sitting down when asked. The stewards for the record are not been jobsworths, they are simply doing what the LAW asks of them. I felt really sorry for the poor sod who kept walking up and down only to be constantly ignored. And it seems the people who were doing the ignoring were horrible geeky little pillocks who seemed to be enjoying there only life opportunity to ''put it to the man!!''. To say it was pathetic is an understatement. I normally sit in the upper barclay but thought I would relocate for a game to experience some atmosphere. Unfortunately the game was rubbish so the crowd didnt get going. But the poxy little berks who refused to sit down when asked were starting to irritate me. And as for the 12 year old thrown out, more like 19 and good job. Perhaps if they did that to a few more of you standing morons, and actually dished out the odd ban then perhaps some of you would think twice. Not like the club wouldnt be able to sell the tickets is it.[/quote] Listen here YOU MORON, if you dont want to stand i suggest you crawl back to the upper Barclay. Have you ever heard the saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"
  4. In all honesty you have bought a quality CB however as you have noticed he is very injury prone. We had Shitbread for 4 years and he only played 100 games. If you get him fit and keep him fit he will quite possibly be your best CB.
  5. And your basing your very inaccurate views on what? The past perhaps. It''s easy to believe everything you read imthe papers ain''t it...................are you still going into administration? Because I read that in the NOTW,it must be true because the papers said so! It''s called lazy journalism you prat and people like you believe! We don''t have problems with every police force, admittedly the minority used to have a go all over but not so much anymore. The birmingham game which was almost a decade ago was a one off. West ham last season, all charges were dropped against us. The only old bill which we repeatedly have trouble with are west Yorkshire and let''s face it they are notorious for being heavy handed. So City 1st where does your bullshit come from?
  6. You have to take his picture down mate because when I show everyone at the den what he looks like, they will want to eat his babies like what millwall fans do best!
  7. [quote user="can u sit down please"]To be fair the millwall fans I shared the tube/train/path with were ok. It''s the minority at the den that look for trouble now. Just like our minority that act like that and take a hiding.[/quote] your the only that has spouted an ounce of sense mate. It is a minority down at the den and those who think not, well you must watch too many films and read too many hooligan books. As for that that clown of an ex copper on here, course he will have a pop at wall because that''s what the scum/filth like to do. I often make it to the den and follow them away and in my humble opinion it''s the old bill that antagonise and overreact with their police dogs and batons that provoke a reaction.
  8. [quote user="ncfc4life"]I would say Neil Warnock although David Jones isnt too far behind. Also think Kenny Jackett is pretty under rated. Done well at Swansea and has done a terific job at millwall [/quote]   Have to agree, Kenny Jackett is definately up there! He spends peanuts and gets gems.
  9. At the end of the day he furthered his career. He plated UEFA Cup football with two different clubs. Like it or not!
  10. Smudger you have spoken so much sense on this thread! Robbo, wardy and craig are the best in league in their positions. How they never made team of the year baffled me! I would even throw alan dunne into the equation at rb. Quality and wall''s player of the year. Wembley here we come!
  11. It''s not about running around in circles, it''s called celebrating an achievment with your players. I am sure your players would appreciate it cos I know ours would. I would just like to remind you that you are champions, some of you give the impression that your a boring mid table team or maybe it just reflects your personality.
  12. Some of you numptys really need to get out more, moaning about a pitch invasion! You just won the league for fuck sake. No wonder you are ridiculed by other clubs you happy clappy foam hand supporting clowns. I feel sorry for some of Your supporters who are passionate unlike most of you sad miserable tits. P.s............... Were coming up with you.
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