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  1. I have always hated them for the same reason kdncfc
  2. Keane and Lambet being interview on Look east at the start of the season. Interviewer: Well Roy, what do you think is a realistic ambition for the season? Keane: I''d like to think that if we play well we can challenge for a play off place. Interviewer: And Paul - what about Norwich? Lambert: Well, I think we can go through the whole season without getting defeated and have the championship sewn up by March. I also think that we will win the league and FA cups and have several players break into the England set up. Interviewer: Don''t you think that you are being a little bit unrealistic Paul? Lambert - Yes maybe, but he started it!
  3. I have often thought that "in the hole" might be the best position for Chris Martin. He has intelligence and "arriving late" might give him more opportunities to use his shot and finishing instincts.
  4. The insertion of the word credible is significant. It suggests that offers have been received that were too low to be considered - including City? Chirp - you made Jackson sound good until you compared him with Leon McKenzie!
  5. Mt Chops, I regard myself as pretty left wing too and see absolutely no problem with workfare. If it puts off the small minority of people that chose welfare as a lifestyle, the huge majority of genuine cases will be the ones that benefit, through better support and forcing the rest of society to acknowledge the reality of the problem. It is a shame that the incoming government recently cut the Future Jobs Fund, which did precisely this. Young people were forced to take a job (subsidised through the fund) to imbue good habits and actually get them used to life of working rather than benefits. Instead, I suppose that they are deluding themselves that they are going to do the same with better detection etc (no chance). I fear that they will repeat the same mistakes that they did in the 1980s creating the very dependency culture that they claim to deplore. The "tough talk" will be popular but will fail because it misdiagnoses the nature of the problem. In the long run it will serve to make it worse, and will increase benefit costs.
  6. Ricardo, sorry to hear that you have been let down by the system, however I have to take issue with what you say about single mothers. It is a fallacy that "they could easily get a job if they tried" but in many cases the same can be applied to single mothers. A younger relative of mine was left by her partner with a young child and believe me it is no more "the land of milk and honey" for her than it was for you. She gets as angry about all the "feckless young mothers" talk as I''m sure you did about the "idle unemployed who could easily get a job if only they bothered." Most people on welfare have genuine need. I am sure that there are those that take advantage of the system but we shouldn''t label all people on benefits as undeserving because of it.
  7. You tend to get better deals at the weekend. I have stayed several times for under £60. Very nice rooms as well.
  8. He was one of a number of players that was never really given a chance when he was here because of the general atmosphere at the time of his recruitment. By this time, many fans had lost all faith in the manager and felt that every decision he made was wrong. I remember a long ongoing thread about the huge mistake that it was to sell Danny Crow, for example.
  9. Happy that your vote will go to support David Cameron though New Boy?
  10. It''s not just its football reporting that is fictitious!
  11. Agree 100% - the music spoilt the atmosphere.
  12. Cricket for me. MATT - can you suspend Sky periods for short periods?
  13. Thanks Phil - I really enjoyed this. Good luck for the rest of the season!
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