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  1. It doesn''t have to be a choice Adapt to survive ...
  2. Once again, how can I take this seriously without full stops at the end...
  3. Amateur mistake with his thread Where''s the three dots after the Players name. God...
  4. I''m not sure where Harry Kane is. But I know a couple of guys that might know how to locate him Cityfirst, BW. Looks like there''s another case on your in-tray boys. Make us proud with your BS investigation skills once more!
  5. Never calibrated a canary pal, pretty sure the RSPCA are strict on that........ ...... ............ DOTDOTDOT .....DOT.....
  6. With the response I''ve had so far I''m going to have to move to pinkun defcon 2 "(insert half a stupid question)... ?" ...!!!!
  7. I know a lot of you have been waiting for my first started thread on the board so here it is. That''s right, it''s a current member of the Norwich city senior first team with three full stops at the end. Really, truly, always wanted to do that. X
  8. That line was in an American accent, hence the "ass" Now shouldn''t you and hercule be getting back to the crime scene and dusting for prints?
  9. Curses! Kojak, you''ve foiled me again!!! Here, have a scooby snack and continue the investigation, the mayor is pitching a tent in my ass!
  10. Who''s better France or Britain? We are, genius. People go to the colosseum for its significance. Stonehenge without its history is a rockery. It really isn''t a big deal, it affects nobodies day to day lives, and people that feel passionately about abolishing the royal family clearly are raging on it to avoid other deep issues in their lives. It''s another non-issue I have to address. It''s the fact we will get stadium expansion and it will cause a single grumble from old people so loud that it breaks east anglia off from mainland Britain. Think about that one.
  11. It''s like watching poirot, monk and murder she wrote all at the same time!
  12. Another case closed by the pinkun PI lol How well connected he is! He must know loads about football *swoon*
  13. It''s scooby doo back to solve another mystery folks!
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