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  1. Yep, people remember the Carrow Road game as by far his best for us. By contrast, I''d say the return game against you lot was by far his worst, he was just totally anonymous and over-run and was hooked after an hour for a striker in a vain attempt to get back into the game. As I said on another thread, with the right partner he''ll look classy, maybe even at the level above us.
  2. Morty''s right, he didn''t fit in with the style of play. Boothroyd liked his midfielders to be all hustle and bustle and little flair, hence Izzet, O''Toole, Wordsworth all starting pretty much every game they were available for.
  3. Agreed, he was our best ball player, but it''s our own fault he was unsettled as he just wasn''t getting the games under Boothroyd. Anyway, it''s good that we''re at least talking about football again.
  4. I feel sorry for you lot having to read Wiz''s tripe all the time. I posted at great length on another board about my sadness when you lot came to Colchester in January, as ours always used to be a friendly rivalry, and from that day I''ve only really directed my ire at the WUM''s and not the real Norwich fans. Hope this all dies down quickly. Now that you''ve gone up, there''s really no reason for the dislike any more. I''m certainly not urging Cowling to appeal the compensation amount, simply because I''m so bored of the whole thing. Once the football starts again, I''m sure this will be confined to ancient history.
  5. The pitch is being relaid as we speak. The Fox cash was just a bonus for a free transfer, and you can''t keep a player here who never settled due to under-utilisation by our previous manager. Cowling''s apologised on the official site. And Wiz, it was your fan who ''brought it up again'' by sending him that provocative email. Anyway, I am so bored of this, it got boring after you got your revenge on the pitch. I want my pre-season friendlies with you lot back, they were good.
  6. One of the compensation clauses should have been that the Wiz is confined to this board only, you can all enjoy his bizarre witterings to you hearts'' content.
  7. Admittedly I''ve been a wind-up merchant on here of late. What I saw today saddened me to the core, and on-field matters had nothing to do with it - footie results come and go but there are more important things in life, such as not having your town turned into somewhere you don''t want to be for an hour after full time. My fellow U''s fans here might well disagree but I think our chairman got it hideously wrong in hindsight and has created what looks to be some kind of monster. I''m gutted, not at the score but at the creation of an artificial rivalry. I sincerely hope it doesn''t last.
  8. I love how you lot have been fooled, to a man/woman, by a hoax :) Did you know ''gullible'' has been removed from the dictionary?
  9. Oi, my late night trolling is first-class and I have a related degree to prove it ;) I expect Lambert to come out tomorrow and firmly deny the rumours.
  10. And he was ''Our Manager'' before you lot decided to nick him. Swings and roundabouts..
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