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  1. Long shot, but worth a try. If anyone finds themselves suddenly unable to attend the Arsenal away game please let me know! Looking for two tickets, would be eternally grateful.
  2. Yes please do enlighten us SotonCanary. Don''t see the need to infringe any Copyright for an app.
  3. @clementgraphics and setup lesser used @HoltsTash to try and protect business clients feeds from my Norwich hysteria every Saturday. Interested in an app as a user and potentially a contributor of graphics.
  4. I thought you could miss 5 games? Could be wrong, but yep has worked well for me this season, brilliant atmosphere every time. An expensive way to follow your team but so worth it if you are living in exile.
  5. I think he is refreshing - plus had big shoes to fill. Will read out even the harshest tweets personally directed at him which any other presenter would ignore. He wasn''t saying that people shouldn''t use message boards, tweet etc but that he respected people more for picking up the phone as it is significantly harder to do. Seems to also have actually been attracting a ''few'' sane callers to canarycall which can only be a good thing. Maybe just give him a decent chance.
  6. I''m assuming it''s ok to wear colours in this section?
  7. Thanks for letting us know about this - have just picked up two as well, going to be a good one!
  8. I have 2 tickets for the 14th if you are still looking - not sure if i''ll get them back to the ticket office in time...
  9. Ha cool - maybe will make it to 17 one day :)
  10. Yep but it''s the context that your using it in, as an insult to someone that is offensive. Aggy there is a new-ish Midlands FB page set up if you''re interested - or anyone else for that matter http://www.facebook.com/groups/233476453374005/
  11. LLLLLLosers :) I didn''t think anyone could do a better job than Keano
  12. I''m an away season ticket holder - Wolves tickets have arrived but nothing for Everton yet?
  13. Facebook page setup for Canaries in the Midlands - for anyone that wants to share travel to matches, meet up in the pub etc. http://www.facebook.com/groups/233476453374005/ OTBC
  14. Sorry to drag this post up but in the absence of any other site that I could find, I''ve set up a Facebook group for any Midlands Norwich fans interested in travelling to matches together... Hopefully we''ll get a few people together for the Liverpool or Villa match. http://goo.gl/3LYrQ
  15. I''m in Coventry most weekends in London the rest of the time. An away season ticket holder so travel to all away games and occasional home games. Sometimes have a spare ticket if my partner can''t make it but Man U isn''t one of those surprise surprise. Would be good to meet up with other city fans, even to watch occasional Sky matches. I''m fed up of being the only Norwich fan in the pub...
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