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  1. As much as i rate Martin I can''t help imagine what could''ve been if we had two Bassong type CBs all season, i feel whatever league were in next season we need to strengthen here. Saying that, The guy bleeds yellow and green. Would be mad to drop him whilst the defence is so settled, AN knows that.
  2. Waiting to see on the train situation, may potentially be able to help, if we decide to drive!
  3. Completely changed the game today, his passing is immense and we looked so much more of a threat with him on the pitch, he has to start next week!
  4. Have to admit he''s awesome in the air but he looks far from solid at the back, always nervous when someone runs at him with the ball, hurry up whitbread and ayala!
  5. Completely agree, he was brilliant today when he came on he got a lot of important flick ons and looked menacing, definately deserves his place on the bench, not too sure about starting him in front of holt/Jackson atm, credit to him for not giving up and lambert for playing him, hope the critics lay off him!
  6. Just seen on SSN he bagged a double today, am I right in thinking he''s doing alright for palace? Anyone got any real insight into how he''s doing, would love to see him back here, good call sending him out on loan!
  7. Hope qpr go down cause then it''s one more local away day for me!
  8. Awesome chant, from the n&p it looked amazing and it must give the players a real boost hearing the whole crowd as one! Definately hope it catches on
  9. Tierney has been fantastic for us all season both attacking and defending, can''t help but feel that we really miss him especially on the attacking front, can''t wait to see him back!
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