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  1. Next Norwich Manager - Next Permanent Manager Refresh odds Add to Basket Bet now Boothroyd A (suspended) Robins M 12/1 Keane R 33/1 Ince P 5/1 Sanchez L 12/1 Robson B 33/1 Dowie I 10/1 McAllister G 16/1 Poyet G 33/1 Jewell P 10/1 OLeary D 20/1 Calderwood J 33/1 Cotterill S 10/1 Dublin D 20/1 Royle J 33/1 Mackay M 10/1 Hoddle G 20/1 Souness G 33/1 Pardew A 10/1 Saunders D 25/1 Curbishley A 50/1 Holloway I 10/1
  2. [quote user="robsonhasscored"][quote user="djc"] [quote user="The Huckerby Delusion"]Waghorn saying that roeder turned up a full hour after the final whistle for the press conference! [/quote] Perhaps he had spent the hour looking for the players he had lost in the dressing room. [/quote] ROFL [/quote] that just about sums it up [:D]
  3. name me the last successful ex player who took on a managers role?
  4. why do all of you want a well known manager or ex player?? why not pick an ''unknown'' manager who has done well in the lower leagues? -they will have experiance with little money -they will know any up and coming stars of the game!!
  6. we are desperate around plenty of areas kin this football club but where needs most improvement?   -The Board -Glenn Roeder -The Defence -The Strikers -Possibly Midfield (i don''t personally think so but others will)    
  7.  "If someone produces poor results, it can be for two reasons. Either he isn"t good enough, or he"s not looking for the position where he can get his maximum results." - Johan Cruijff   this is roeders position
  8. Well I think its time that you give Roeder £5m or pay him £500k to get rid of him!   We need to strengthen the squad and with a fund of  £5m we could get the players we need. -1 cb -left winger (GOWER - swansea) -2 strikers (RICKIE LAMBERT - bristol rovers) thats around £1.25M a player and if you cant get quality for that then roeder is not looking properly!and thats in the premiership!!
  9. HAVE A BIT OF FUN mine would have to be - - - - - - - - another way (nat west)
  10. [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]It depends which Semmy turns up.[/quote] AS IN JOHN OT''SEMMY''BOR OR SEMMY TURN UP?
  11. [quote user="NorwichsNewFinest"] List in full............. 1. Shekh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nayan Manchester City £15bn 2. Lakshmi Mittal and family QPR £12.5bn 3. Roman Abramovich Chelsea £7bn 4. Joe Lewis Tottenham Hotspur £2.5bn 5. Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone QPR £2.4bn 6. Stanley Kroenke Arsenal £2.245bn 7. Alisher Usmanov Arsenal £1.5bn 8 = Lord Grantchester & The Moores Family Everton £1.2bn 8 = Dermot Desmond Celtic £1.2bn 10= Lord Ashcroft Watford £1.1bn 10= Malcolm Glazer and family Manchester United £1.1bn 12. Simon Keswick Cheltenham Town £966m 13. Trevor Hemmings Preston North End £900m 14. Mike Ashley Newcastle United £800m 15. Randy Lerner Aston Villa £750m 16. Tom Hicks Liverpool £700m 17. The Walker family Blackburn Rovers £660m 18. Mohammed Al Fayed Fulham £650m 19. Sir David Murray Glasgow Rangers £600m 20. David Sullivan Birmingham City £450m 21. Steve Morgan Wolves £400m 22= Sir Martyn Arbib & family Swindon Town £350m 22= David Gold & family Birmingham City £350m 22= John Madejski Reading £350m 25. George Gillett Liverpool £300m 26. Stephen Lansdown Bristol City £280m 27. Peter & Denise Coates Stoke City £275m 28. Sir Elton John Watford £235m 29. Danny Fiszman Arsenal £220m 30= Marcus Evans Ipswich Town £200m 30= Kevin McCabe & family Sheffield United £200m 30= Sir Keith Mills Tottenham Hotspur £200m 30= Dave Whelan & family Wigan Athletic £200m 34. Andrew Black Swindon Town £190m 35. Robert Earl Everton £150m 36. Nigel Doughty Nottingham Forest £140m 37. Lord Harris & family Arsenal £130m 38. David Beckham LA Galaxy £125m 39+ Sir Tom Farmer Hibernian £120m 39= Flavio Briatore Queens Park Rangers £120m 39= Steve Gibson Middlesbrough £120m 42= Robbie Cowling Colchester United £105m 42= Owen & Karl Oyston Blackpool £105m 44. Lady Bracewell-Smith Arsenal £101m 45= Alexandre Gaydamak Portsmouth £100m 45= Steve Hayes Wycombe Wanderers £100m 45= Eddie Davies Bolton Wanderers £100m 45= Robbie Williams Port Vale £100m 50= Stewart Milne & family Aberdeen £90m 50= Graham Ferguson Lacey Millwall £90m 52. Milan Mandaric Leicester City £75m 53. Bill Bottriell Tottenham Hotspur £67m 54= Darragh McAnthony Peterborough United £50m 54= John Boyle Motherwell £50m 56= Peter Tom & family Leicester City £40m 56= Simon Jordan Crystal Palace £40m 56= Richard Carr & family Arsenal £40m 56= Andrew Laver & family Sheffield United £40m 56= Michael Owen Newcastle United £40m 61. Wayne & Colleen Rooney Manchester United £35m 62. Steve Wharton Scunthorpe United £33m 63. Keith Dawe Bristol City £32m 64= Patrick Cryne Barnsley £30m 64= Peter Johnson Tranmere Rovers £30m 64= Philip Rawlins Stoke City £30m 64= John Ryan Doncaster Rovers £30m 64= Sir Maurice Hatter Charlton Athletic £30m 69= Rio Ferdinand Manchester United £28m 69= Robbie Fowler Unattached £28m 69= Sol Campbell Portsmouth £28m 72. Roy Keane Unattached £27m 73= Daniel Levy Tottenham Hotspur £25m 73= Peter Gilman & family Walsall £25m 73= Fabio Capello England manager £25m 73= Michael McDonald & family Sheffield United £25m 77. Ryan Giggs Manchester United £23m 78. Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United £22m 79. Geoff Brown St Johnstone £21m 80= Holly Bellingham Ipswich town £20m 80= Michael Ballack Chelsea £20m 80= Frank van Wezel Southend United £20m 80= Stephen & Cath Thompson Dundee United £20m 80= Graham Smith Watford £20m 80= Frank Lampard Chelsea £20m 86. Steven Gerrard Liverpool £19m 87. Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United £18m 88. John Terry Chelsea £17m 89= Delia Smith Norwich City £15m 15m 89= Martin Gilbert Aberdeen £15m 92= Damien Duff Newcastle United £14m 92= Barry Kilby Burnley £14m 92= Arsene Wenger Arsenal £14m 92= Nicolas Anelka Chelsea £14m 96= Ashley and Cheryl Cole Chelsea £13m 96= Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United £13m 96= Fernando Torres Liverpool £13m 96= John Fenty Grimsby Town £13m 100. Emile Heskey Wigan Athletic £12m [/quote]   WOULD JOE LEWIS BE INTRESTED IN A RETURN #4?   LOL(I KNOW ITS NOT SAME ONE)
  13. 2-1 to the blades for me [:(]   oh well could see and end to roeders rein!   p.s. hope my score is wrong!!   OTBC!!
  14. I am really getting a feeling that when these kids develop even more and eventually hit the 1st team we will be in the premiership! But one player stood out from the rest for me, it was the #7, I believe his name is Johnbull Omoregie! I really think that this kid has the potential to be the next wonderkid that comes from the champoinship and can easily fit into a top premiership team!
  15. I''ll also be attending The kick off is 7pm http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/LatestNewsDetail/0,,10355~1511240,00.html   Hope this helps[:D]
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