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  1. Let''s get him signed up. Surely Barnet will be willing to take a fee. We just need to find some cash..... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/barnet/8356724.stm  
  2. Good to see he''s getting the credit he''s due. With the state of their finances, and now their (borrowed) pitch, he''ll be on his way.  Hope he does well.
  3. You mug.  You would have happily watched us head down to the Blue Square Prem I assume.
  4. No doubt came across as a top guy, but continued to highlight how clueless he was as to exactly when wrong on the opening day. 
  5. Amongst hoping to win the lottery, hoping Norwich will be promoted, hoping England win the World Cup, I must say, Frank, that meeting Hasselbaink is not on the hope list.
  6. Ridiculous rumour, but wouldn''t have put anything past city at that point in time. He''s on Sky Sports News now ahead of the Champs League draw.  The Dutch Garth Crooks.  Clueless.
  7. One of the funniest things I''ve heard in a long time.  He is shite.  A thorough liability.
  8. Did a good job at Newcastle under the circumstances, and I can see similarities here right now
  9. Joe Kinnear he says.... Would be a good appointment IMO
  10. All this sentiment..... And yes Gunn is a legend, and a nice guy it seems, but he wouldn''t of inspired this team to promotion. The timing is obscure, but I for one praise the board for making such a swift decision and cutting their losses on a man who ultimately would have failed what we need from him. He should never been put in place, it was a cheap choice that Doncaster and Delia thought would keep the fans happy - and indeed it did keep many happy at first - but the same fans who sang ffor him to get the job - those that are blind to the reality that he is not a manager, and that''s why for all his years at the club, he''s never got a look in. Again, the timing is strange, but the bottom line is our Chief Exec wanted rid early enough in the season.  It shows the power he has over Delia and co - who no doubt would have kept Gunn there until we hit the below tier of English football  There is no point in waiting ten games.  We got drubbed by a very average Colchester side, and whilst the players are at fault, Gunn showed no management skills whatsoever to change that, and sounded just as clueless after. As for being his players - any manager has to clear signings with the board, so I very much doubt there''s a player here that our board don''t also want to be here. This was always going to end in tears for Gunn, but I''m glad those tears come now rather than later.    
  11. I heard he''s hooking up with Rik Mayall for another series of Bottom
  12. Would be more than happy with that, as long as Doc and Nelson aren''t first names on the team sheet.
  13. If there''s an opportunity to take Alnwick for the season I think we should snap it up
  14. We need another centre-back before the window closes.  Doc takes his place in the team out of sentiment - he completely relies on someone covering his mistakes and that has been the story throughout his whole Norwich career. Nelson is as much of a liability.  Any Hartlepool fan could tell you that. Askou should be our first choice centre-back, and Spillane looks versatile enough to play there too, but sadly we need him to cover another liability in Semmy. Nelson and Doc really should only be used as cover.  We need someone in to play alongside Askou. 
  15. I''d start Hughes ahead of Gill, but tonight''s line-up should now be our first 11 hopefully
  16. Terrible keeper, semmy, doc, and drury, all need to be dropped asap. Spurs keeper, spillane, askou, wiggins, in.
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