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  1. I think McNally will be good for the club, but, do think the way Gunn''s sacking was handled was clumsy at best and down right nasty at worst. PL looks promising but, we will be able to tell more after his first loss or two.
  2. I have seen Hoolahan have as many bad games as good. 2 goals in 32 games is not really a huge impact and I for one think that the problems of trying to shape your side to accomodate him could lead to more defeats at this level.
  3. Favourite has to be the 93 kit for what we acheived in it. I kind of like the shirt from 1925-27. It would make a good away shirt now, with different colour shorts and socks.
  4. GK: Sutch RB: Sutch LB: Sutch CB: Sutch..... You get the idea, he did play in all positions for us throughout his career.
  5. I just had to comment on what some people have said about the link between pornography and rape etc. This is just complete tosh. John Douglas, for many years head of the FBI Behavioural Science Dept. states that sex and violence in the media does not make serial killers and rapists.
  6. You simply cannot judge players on one or two games. Steve Bruce scored an own goal on his debut and went on to be a great player, whereas Marc Libbra had the debut of dreams only to sink without a trace.
  7. [quote user="claud"][quote user="scoot1975"] What went wrong OTBC[/quote]Don''t forget this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7yuKZlTtjQ[/quote] That remains the best goal ever; Intricate passing at the back a helluve ball forward, pinpoint cross and what a finish.
  8. Remember other clubs may be watching. What Man City are missing is a Ginger Pele. Come on Mr Hughes get your cheque book out and sign the Doc to give you the Prem Title.
  9. One of the biggest problems we have had in recent years(probably for the last eight sesons including our promotion) is that our defence cannot clear a ball properly. This seems to be at the root of at least 50% of the goals we concede. How hard is it to get a Defender to put his foot through a ball and get ti beyond half way? Unless we can do this we will keep leaking goals and dropping points.
  10. Norwich have it much worse. Newcastle are still psuedo-fashionable for some reason and have a huge stadium and a media that seem to love and fawn over them. We, however are seen as a joke, a backwater team that are being put where we belong. And we have a laughing stock woman cook as figurehead.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-FebBxbGXY&feature=PlayList&p=7DCAD004C0596FDC&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=4 What went wrong OTBC
  12. Whoa... calm down... we were doing okay until Butters half time team talk. Hopefully in the same situation PL will have them coming out for the second half ready to rip the othe lot in two. Let''s see what happens Saturday. and if we lose we could always sack him and get someone else. :P
  13. I don''t think he was a good manager but, know him personally and can''t fault him as a person. Time to lay off him and look forward.
  14. Somoene looking to buy a defender might be watching, and we need the cash. Doherty would be a great addition to any side, I have never seen a better Centre-half. easily worth £2million of any clubs money.
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