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  1. This topic done to death when advert first appeared. Obviously received saturation coverage on PAFC board.
  2. There was an interesting snippet in todays Sunday Mail. Allegedly potential investors are not being spoken to, but they are told to submit a written application. The article alleges that DS, MWJ and even M Foulger consider themselves to be "A LIST" and not available to speak to investors. The article points out that NCFC is no longer A list. Cant believe all you read but given our owners past record, makes you think doesnt it?
  3. The tribute to Bobby Robson was impeccably observed, including chants of "theres only one Bobby Robson" and extra applause when mention of him managing England was made.   Colchester brought 1700 fans today.   I am sure they all went home very happy and convinced that they will win league  1. Unfortunately for them they are unlikely to meet a more useless bunch of incompetent toxxers than they met today.
  4. I stayed to the end because thats what I always do.   Usually I cannot understand why anyone leaves a game before the final whistle    but ----------- Given that the last game we played we saw a spineless, gutless, inept,bunch of useless txxssers wear the shirt . And today we saw a different bunch of spineless, gutless, inept bunch of useless txxssers wear the shirt, I cannot find it in me to blame anyone for leaving. I listened to Gunn and Holt being interviewed after the game and frankly their pathetic excuses for this sperformance indicates that we are in for a long and difficult campaign unless something changes quickly and dramtically. Lets not forget that this was our worst home result   EVER.
  5. Apparently under the new boundary commission rulings, Ipswich will be part of Norfolk.   Its gone down really well.
  6. Its getting a mixed reception on the Plymouth forum, Some like it and some think it enforces a negative stereotype.   One guy thinks he sounds more Bristol than Plymouth, so its not just us that gets upset about incorrect accents. Apparently its been picked up by Sunderland fans who love the fact that Plymouth are playing Newcastle.
  7. ο θείος σας Theo είναι πολύ παράξενος
  8.      LQ , you know that the Greek economy couldnt survive without Brits visiting in August and September , what would your uncle  Theo say if her heard a good Greek girl talking such  φοβερή αίρεση.
  9. New Chief Exec interviewed on Radio Norfolk this am, says aim was to have 24 senior pros available , not including youth players.    
  10. Saw him wandering around Chapelfield centre last weekend, he wont be able to do that too often if he goes to Stoke.
  11. I am not going, I dont want to be surrounded by mobs of Man U plastic fans, I will wait for the real fixtures to kick in.
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