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  1. [quote user="Unhinged Canary"]This is a conversation that always sparks heated debate. I''ll retain the same stance I always do. I''m a staunch pacifist, I think that war is a senseless waste of human life.I have utmost respect for troops past and present, and what they do home and abroad.But, I don''t agree with all the constant whining and bleating about how hard and tough it is, and what a raw deal that they get and how they deserve this and deserve that.I sit behind a desk for 8.5 hours a day earning an average wage. The reason?Basically, I don''t like getting shot at. I''ve tried it on the Xbox, and I don''t even like it on there, so I''m pretty sure I''d be crap at it in real life.Love your job, take pride in your job, but don''t start crying about it when it turns sour. Because no-one put a gun to your head to do it....[/quote]This. Please remember for every proud military supporting Englishmen, there is a dead Arab who wishes we wouldn`t have invaded their country (approximately 200,000 dead civilians in Iraq alone). Football and military conflict are not related, so lets give these imaginary tickets to children, teachers, carers and those that are truly worthy of admiration.  OTBC.
  2. [quote user="City1st"]phew, a bit jet laggedteam looked a bit sluggish, and it looked like there is a first choice and a spare, as far as the players are goingotherwise not much of any interesttheir scorer still needs a few more goals to equal last years total, as quite a few of their fans advised him after he scored "Way to go, Cato, way to go"interesting match report on the local radio on the way back to the airport - apparently Bechio is our most offensive players .................................... he told a local journalist to ''shudduppa your face you piece a da sheet "club''s travel advice was also pretty sketchy to be honesthow to get there(click)delayed by customs on the way in, the custom of not having enough staff on dutyI did however manage to get a photo of the players before the game, which they were happy to pose for when I told them who I wasotherwise time for a bit of kipnissin'' ya already y''all [/quote]Facepalm.
  3. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Agree that the finishing third and euro season was the most exciting time ever - great football and outstanding results.   However this is running a clear second for me - and the best close season yet - and tells us why last seasons football needed to be effective if so so dull to watch.   COYY      [/quote]This
  4. ''We`ve got Abramovich you''ve got a drunken b*tch'' to which we replied ''we''ve got a supercook you''ve got a Russian crook''Loved that one. At times during that run of drawing games last season, I wish we could have had a few choruses of this. Got to be the best chant for a stale atmosphere:http://fanchants.co.uk/football-songs/west_ham-chants/lets-pretend-we-scored-a-goal/
  5. I remember watching De Waard away at QPR that season, and thought that this guy might be something special. As it turns out he was woeful as he showed in a number of home games that season. He doesn`t get my vote overall though. In recent memory (other than Theoklitos), it would have to be Sibierski for me. Was probably on three or four times the wages of Theokilitis, but was equally if not so more ineffective.
  6. [quote user="CallsignViper"]Danny Mills. Pure Arrogance[/quote] Agreed. Total Cock at school.
  7. Love them!The best football chant I ever heard was the Spurs fans at White Hart Lane. Approximately 10,000 fans in the derby were chanting:(To the tune of the Artful Dodger & Craig David -Rewind)Van-Per-SieWhen The Girl Says NOMolest Her!Not bad for a bunch of Londoners.
  8. Funny. The Kings of forums.......powerful with their dogmatic posts. As if anyones opinion is more important than anothers?Back on topic.Didn`t anybody watch the game today and see Wes being double marked for very long periods of it? Makes for a pretty tricky afternoon added to a resilient Hartlepool display.Well done boys. OTBC
  9. I for one will be hoping for lots of fouls around the area tomorrow. Can`t wait.
  10. I guess so?!?!? Another great addition by Lambert. Good work.
  11. If reports are true then he could add another string to the attacking bow based on a couple of these free kicks.The goal on about 1:05 was ace.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaaAT4JXaHoWhat do you reckon?
  12. On the Leeds Utd message board (WACCOE) this evening from a very disgruntled poster."*ucking 380 mile round trip for that shower of shite, glad i couldn''t get time of work, did my boss do me a favour or what?it''s a good job Charlton are wank, Norwich are gone lads, plain and simple, they are gone"Great fans. Great Club. Greater chances of the playoffs as the weeks roll on. Good  result tonight and nornal service resumes when the Carrow Road Sunday Surgery opens again on Saturday.OTBC
  13. [quote user="Fellas"]Tbh he wasn''t as bad as the stick he got. The 1st goal was a result of the single worst backpass in history. If lisbie was any good he would have slotted it past him before the bounce, either way the goal was absolutely f***ed as soon as semmy kicked it. The second goal was a bad mistake but lisbie was 6 yards out through on goal and should have scored anyway so I can''t blame him for the goal because again if Lisbie was any good it would have been in first time. The 3rd goal maybe could have been saved but the defenders made such a bloody mess of it that again you can''t blame him. The free-kick was pretty good, it curled really nice but he should have got a hand to it. No chance with the 5th, it was a tap in and unless he had ridiculous reflexes he had no chance in hell of saving it. Blame the goalie if you want, but I''m gonna stick with blaming our defence which has continually for the past god knows how many seasons has helped us p*** all over ourselves.[/quote]The first goal may have started as the result of a bad bakpass from Semi but seriously buddy, which 6ft goalkeeper can`t punch a ball 7ft off the ground?Our goalkeeper.
  14. I remember that Saturday afternoon. Hope was high as we were the top of the league but sadly tarnished by the death of  Gunny`s daughter the week before.  Sure we left 7-1 that day but I remember the journey home and it was nothing like my wander home today.That day we came up against a great team with a striker in his prime (the boy Shearer) and we went home knowing that after that game we were still in with a shout of overperforming for the season.Today is not the same at all. Shoddy goalkeeper. Slow ass defenders. An absent midfield. Little or no idea from the manager.Please tell me someone....where do we go from here???????
  15. Wizard I look at your shite posts all day on the forum, and you have to be one of this county`s biggest w@nkers. You seriously need a girlfriend and a gerbal or something that can bring a touch of sunshine into your life. Do us a favour and support another team - or shut the hell up with your self gratifying, off topic rants about nothingness. Have you ever thought about maybe doing some forum posting from the comfort of your bathtub? Perhaps with the power cable in? Do us all a favour and hurt yourself. Don`t worry, your seat at Carrow Road can be given to someone else with more enthusiasm for life. PS - Cmon the city....there is a long way to go this season.
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