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  1. I voted for Chris Martin and his lack of votes in this thread makes me a sad badger fingerer indeed.
  2. you''ve gotten mean in your old age badge, i raised you better than that.
  3. just to let everyone know, everyone on this forum is a beaker gimmick account. even you.we''re through the looking glass here people
  4. legally, you can''t rape a badger, so i''m in the clear.
  5. [quote user="Beaker"]Everybody knows.....Badger loves mashed potatoes[/quote]I love you Beaker, but you stole my line!
  6. I think theyll just staple a picture of jose mourinho to gunn''s face and hope no-one notices.
  7. of course there shouldn''t be a cap, anyone who says there should be is a disgusting socialist and should be ashamed of themselves. its just another part of the global left wing conspiracy. lets just sit back and let the free market sort it out like God intended.
  8. See that time it didn''t even look like my mouth was moving did it?
  9. Ok I''ve had my fun now, I''ll come clean, it was me all along! ha! You see I just put my hand up his arse like this...  and then when I move my hand about it looks like its speaking! Cool huh?
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