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  1. I think he is losing the crowd, OK we got a point against Swansea but as a home side was having only 35% posession acceptable? Again, no impact changes made until the 80th minute when it''s too late. Unfortunately I can see this lack of imagination and ambition continuing next season. I think we are stuck with Hughton for the rest of this season, but is it time for the board to consider a change for next season?
  2. Firstly before the game Hughton will let us know how technically superior Swansea are compared to us We will line up in the traditional 4-5-1 formation Whilst the game remains 0 - 0 Hughton will make no tactical changes to try and win the game Swansea will score and with 10 minutes to go we''ll take off a midfielder and replace them with another midfielder. After the game has finished Hughton will bemoan our lack of effectiveness in the final third Butler and Forbes will try and justify our performance The happy clappers will remind us of our unbeaten run the whole process will be repeated at Arsenal
  3. We are in the position we are in not because of luck but because we are a good side, with a great manager and excellent fans. What must not happen now is to lose focus on the fact that if we put in performances worthy of our potential we can finish in the top two. However, the performance against Doncaster was poor, and no matter where we were two years ago, we should not accept poor performances. There was a distinct lack of urgency with our play and it seemed to me like some players were treating it like a pre-season game. I hope normal service will be resumed on Saturday, I reckon Lambert behind closed doors was reading the riot act and throwing teacups around.
  4. He''s better that Otsemobor, but still a liability, a week link in an otherwise solid defence.  Spillane needs to be given a chance, perhaps in the last 3 games this season once promotion has been assured.
  5. The number one reason why Gunn should not get the job on a long term basis is his inability to motivate the team in the most important game for the club in many a year. Every manager makes wrong tactical decisions, but for a team to play like they did against Charlton is unforgivable. I don''t believe we had (past tense) a bunch of bad players, indeed we have all seen them play well at times, but what has been lacking is self belief and motivation. Where do we find a manager that can deliver this on the kind of budget and squad we are going to be left with is another question  
  6. Let''s not get carried away, Cullum is only saying he would LIKE to invest, not that the money has already been invested. As it stands there is no extra money in the bag
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