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  1. gdgd cant afford to let to go as well , im happy need a gd gaffa in next
  2. how much do the two men want 4 the season tickets they chucked at gunn
  3. 16.32 Burnley have had a bid rejected for Norwich midfielder Darel Russell, skysports.com understands but i dno how much it is .
  4. i think its funny how i trying 2 put my point across and get abuse but most people on dis site make stuipd rurmours its just funny
  5. the club must be conferent of keeping both then
  6. why r we giving them 2 numbers for if the r gonna leave ??
  7. why we giving sammy and wes if they r gonna leave ? dose it mean we r gonna keep both ?
  8. why are we giving sammy and wes numbers if they r gonna leave ??
  9. Norwich are close to signing Crystal Palace striker Alan Lee, 30, in a deal which could take goalkeeper Stuart Nelson, 27, the other way. (Daily Star) frm bbc sport
  10. i saw in the daily star norwich  are close on lee but involves s nelson going the other way
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