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  1. Is anyone surprised. Did he improve the team when at Carrow Road?
  2. ...after you played the TV extras idea.
  3. Will we accept money stained by Camels?
  4. The typical political response is to kick everything into the long grass so the football authorities will doubtless do likewise. Perhaps the only hope, which may be a thin one, is that the Government, being incapable of doing anything serious about its levelling up Agenda, will tackle football in order to create some kind of illusion that it has.
  5. A good experience based on my last visit. The modernisation of their ground is excellent.
  6. Over 1,000 miles round trip for supporters in 8 winter days leaving aside the home match in-between. If the Club paid for all supporters tickets for the remaining away matches perhaps £600,000. If they truly believe in Farke's belief about the value of support it could be the difference between promotion or otherwise. OK maybe that would be a step too far. Then again considering the amounts doubtless paid in settlement to Deano etc., I am sure they could offer something for a positive purpose.
  7. OK. Good to note promotions such as this. Even better when it is aimed at the loyal away supporter as we did at Wigan in 2019. Maybe that can be added back to NCFC's reconnection list as is far better than slushy letters and inaccurate emails? No 'mates rates' for the loyal away supporters who regularly fork out for long distances, hotels etc.
  8. Maybe we could get an extra 1,000 maybe we couldn't. Bristol City aren't exactly full each week so an extra 1,000 must be more money for the football industry however it is divided. I am sure a Theatre would rather operate at 90% capacity rather than 85% and arguably would be more helpful about meeting customer needs at the time of booking so as to ensure repeat custom. Neither to my knowledge has a Theatre devised a scheme to make money for itself based on attending other Theatres which half the customers pay and half don't (my guess on proportions).
  9. Interesting statistic. When I bought my ticket I checked out the away capacity that stated 4,000. The Ticket Office suggested that it is unlikely to sell out whereas it looks as though it might which could be a challenge for my wife in particular if there are guys 10 inches taller standing directly in front. Perhaps we could have had 3,500 in a 4,000 capacity with people being more comfortable. Bristol is a great place to visit and let's hope it is an enjoyable day as, of course, away days can be great fun but there are reasons why my enthusiasm for away days has waned a little in the belief that Clubs could do more to ensure that they are exactly that given the time and expense involved.
  10. Agreed. Just to align with my other point, it is a little unfortunate that his other half in a video a couple of years ago concerning successful women in the work place stated that she advises staff that they should have a 24/7 approach to the Clubs requirements or words to that effect. Which is exactly as you stated why they should be very,very careful and maybe aren't as careful as they ought to be.
  11. Looking forward to a first away trip of the season myself. Attached is the Good Beer Guide for Central areas (as good a photo as I can get given the centre bind).
  12. Great stuff from yourself, @GMF, @Parma Ham's gone mouldy and @PurpleCanary and others. I will revise my original theory in so much as clearly the re-financing will be loans based and as such I think you are right that the new shares will be issued at nominal price though in the wider scheme of things it won't matter. I think the Panel verdict goes with the C Preference Share transaction being the only one S&J will enter into. It will be part of the transfer and perhaps Tom will be there for the long haul with a Board role that focuses on the Club's Community side and interface with CSF. In a sense that also fits with S&J will only take out what they put in. Perhaps symbolic shareholding will mean 5% are still held by small shareholders. If so that may well be a very long term arrangement. We could still be wrong but surely it is our best guess given what we know?
  13. How does this square the circle of MF apparently having accepted £3 million for approx 16% of the Club whilst based on the C preference conversion presumably D&M would get £10 million for 10%?
  14. The last paragraph is another plausible theory that the best price paid so far will be sufficient to secure around half of the remaining minorities to secure a majority.
  15. Even if all these big city clubs get relegated, our Premier League title charge next season will be foiled by Luton.
  16. Absolutely agree and hope you are right. I can entirely see where you are coming from though equally the thin end of a wedge can give a pointer to future behaviour.
  17. The way the motion is expressed that could be a distinct possibility. My late friend and I expressed our rage at this Johnsonian principle at the 2016 AGM documented in the Historical Trusts recent Archive publication. Premium share charges for ordinary supporters that don't apply to Directors. A principle that is in danger of moving even further in that direction in the event of the vast bulk of MA's investment being interest bearing in his favour. Thus the rage concerns the socialists conversion to Johnsonianism.
  18. Following @shefcanarytheory, a similar number or slighty more will be acquiry from S&J surrendering around 75% of their holdings and a fairly similar percentage of the minorities being likewise surrendered. Presumably the Canaries Trust will stay in?
  19. How would that be? If he has got what you quote plus all the new shares that would only be around say 325k of the 811k in issue. He must need some of D&Ms to get to majority status.
  20. Would a Local Authority appoint a Husband and Wife CEO and FD? I think the answer is no and a community Football Club ought to operate to the same principles. The order of recruitment should be immaterial. On the second point I defer to your view to some extent in that clearly job remits of senior personnel must reflect local circumstances. Nonetheless there is still a 'dont give up the day job' consideration' here and I agree with you that it started under McNally. Why did he get paid a substantial bonus for Catering & Commercial performance in a relegation season? If he had spent more time on the day job we may not have got relegated and the financial benefits would have been far more substantial than squeezing an extra few quid from loyal supporters. These are exactly the kind of reasons why change at the top is needed.
  21. The only thing peculiar about that is that the general business principle is to have a capital injection to increase cash flows in future. Football tends to work the other way about.
  22. It doesn't say anything about having his wife by his side or finding new potential owners but then again why would it?
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