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  1. play 4-5-1 away from home, play a striker who can only work hard but NEVER score goal, also reply on a center half who always conceded pk or free kick, oh no! Dion sent-off means Shacks will come in at Wolves. Why Curo not started?
  2. Again, here is the update list of the players. The game should be in October 21st (Sunday), anytime in the afteroon maybe start from 2 or 3pm! We will confirm it at the start of October hopefully!!! (1) XXL16 (2) conker (3) Brom (4) Yellalee (5) Alan (6) Dog (7) Darren (8) NCFC4life (9) sdldjl (10) buddhaboy (11) The Penguin Our target is to get hopefully 16 players, so you are welcome to sign up! :) my e-mail to contact: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk
  3. Amm, I believe you of course, but also I just want to confirm we can play!!! :) Let''s see....     
  4. If we play in theafternoon we don''t need to book, Oh...why? I think Sunday afternoon maybe the busiest time for pitch because everybody were off to work!!! :-O
  5. Here is what I received reply from UEA: Thank you for your enquiry. I am afraid we do not book single pitches that far ahead. When you arrive in Norwich please come into the Sportspark and you can make a booking then. We have another 4 pitches now soyou will be able to find a spare pitch Keith Nicholls Director of Physical Education and Sport 01603 592380 Sportspark - East Anglia''s largest and most popular sports venue www.sportspark.co.uk -- So that we can just go to play on that day? We did not need to pre-book? I doubt it...
  6. Thanks very much to sdldjl, buddhaboy and The Penguin, I''d sent to you private message! :) Here is the update list of the players. Actually can anyone be volunteer to book the pitch for us? I means it''s October 21st, anytime in the afteroon, maybe start from 2 or 3pm! XXL16, conker, Brom, Yellalee, Alan, Darren, NCFC4life, sdldjl, buddhaboy, The Penguin Dog (50/50) my e-mail to contact: cklee16@yahoo.com.hk
  7. I will make my annual visit to Norwich City from October 19th until Nov 7th, and I would love to play 5-a-side footy with fellow Norwich City fans. Unfortunately I cannot play in Carrow Park during my stay because they fully booked, and I think there are few occasions I can play liked the UEA Sportspark. If anyone liked to join or your team would like to have a friendly, please contact my e-mail cklee16@yahoo.com.hk or you can leave a message on my blog, Hong Kong Footy which is on pinkun.com I hope to hear from you and want to play footy with fellow Norwich fans! Thanks! XXL16
  8. Spot on. I still remember the second last game of the season when we prepare to play SCUM, Grant sweat on the fitness on injured trio Lappin and Fotheringham also Earnie I recalled, instead of give the chance to Spillane, Renton and Cave-Brown who performed quite well in several position before, who is very disappointed. Grant always moaned the reserve league standard was poor, but if he did not field the kids to play in several position in the first team, you will never know how good they are. Don''t forget the Sutton, Eadie and Bellamy case, we sell them and get good money back, which can easily improve our finance too.
  9. agree Charlie can still play good football at this level
  10. I guess... Lewis Cave-Brown  Halliday  Shackell  Drury Chadwick  Safri  Spillane  Huckerby Martin  Dublin
  11. Surely we know how to say David, but...Strihavka? As I heard from Canaries World TV News, after the interview of Jamie Cureton, James Bigg said, "Shift-ha-ka"? Is it correct? Of course I have to learn this because I can speak to the players later in my trip to Colney. 
  12. I am not sure how much quality Jamie and Hucks can provide to us together because they had not played together yet, but surely commitment will be there, also played his heart for the fans and the club will be there; also both guys were quick, we may have the pacey front line again after Eadie! ;-)
  13. July 1st, Japan 3-1 Scotland. Pity the Scots losing and did anybody watched the game on tele? How did our young right-back Andrew Cave-Brown performed?
  14. On my last trip to Norwich, I helpd ITV to make a film with Darren Eadie in "Soccer Anglia Night", it was Norwich City vs Colchester United. After final whistle, the player come warm down, Darren Eadie saw Jamie Cureton and he ask him to make the little film too, then Darren asked if Jamie want to stay in Norwich for a drink, but Jamie replied, "No, I have to go back to Colchester with the club coach!" It''s true and what I heard. Human beings will grow up...
  15. What I think is if we are in the Premiership, we will be the little club compare with Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or MU. I don''t that''s any problem if they call us "little club" but we have the ability to beat the BIG TEAM...
  16. I honestly believe so, because Earnie is a full international and he really want to in the Premiership, nothing wrong with that.
  17. Let''s hope so, we need some firing power up front, also with player who want to play for this club
  18. Yeah, bring Jamie back. I am not sure will Jamie be better than Earnie (at least last season when you look at the Championship scoring chat is YES!) but the most important thing is, Jamie care about Norwich City, same as what Hucks did. You would say Billy Sharp will choose us because of the better training ground liked Colney, of Freddy Eastwood choose us because of Wolves did not have enough money to pay Southend United, but Jamie Cureton will choose to play for Norwich City, because he owe and love the club more than anyone, except Hucks.
  19. The situation is we are never going to get Sharp or Eastwood, so Colchester United put the price tag on Cureton, the price tag is for us, so why do we not grasp it? People say Jamie should be a poor signing for Colchester last season, but he proved everybody wrong to become the top scorer in the Championship! People say player come back to their old club would have play poor, eg: Robert Fleck, but when Fleck come back to Norwich, did he still very fit or the top scorer of the division? Jamie price tag is for his reward of become scored 24 goals last season, he was not Peter Thorne''s age but most importantly he had heart to play for Norwich. Sign him up because it''s better than we sign NOBODY!
  20. I just have feeling we will lose out Eastwood and Sharp''s signing, so, Cureton, the last season top scorer in the Championship, in a cheaper price compare with the previous two, not a bad choice
  21. [quote user="can u sit down please"] ......and didnt Carl Robinson play well! Rarely was possession and was always there to track a runner or want the ball! Most definitely not the worst player we have had over the last 3 yrs. Just a scape goat thats all. [/quote] Disagree. If not Savage retired to play for Wales then I never see Robinson can manage a place on the bench. Poor player who can run, also I cannot believe how cheap the price he join Norwich? Just 50k for an international player...
  22. Hi macdougall''s perm, I think your words "friendship", was 200% correct to describe about my relationship with Holty. Fans here may not know Gary Holt is the first professional footballer in England, who shake hands with me (Not Daryl Sutch I must admit as I told lies to EDP!!!)to welcome me to English football, in the unexpected mood. I would say from that minute, I determine to re-pay to Gary so I will sponsor his shirt until he retired, so I would like to visit him whereever he played next season! :)
  23. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="XXL16"] I receive Gary Holt''s e-mail today... Of course I won''t post all of the words there, but he was a bit shocked to leave Forest at the end of this month, he''s having hoildays as every footballer did now, will keep inform which club he will play next season very soon. I really hope it''s in Coca Cola Football League because honestly I do not want to travel to Scotland in October...:-(   [/quote] then dont go to Scotland.. your a Norwich fan! why traipse the other side of Britain for someone who played for us years ago? im a huge Leon Mckenzie fan but it doesnt mean im going to treck off to Coventry to make sure he''s alright does it?   i cant see the logic of going to meet a former player the other side of the country when u support the team that guy used to play for.. lets all swan off to rotherham and cheer Craig fleming on next season then! Support your team and accept that Holty has gone. jas :) [/quote] Of course I accept Holty had gone but to visit and say Hi to a former player, with a fans from Hong Kong is not a big problem I think, it does not mean I will start to support them...
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