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  1. I will no longer be able to update everyone on the youth team as I have been offered a job in Leeds so I will now have to rely on others to report the Academy news. I have enjoyed watching the lads and hopefully the Academy will be fruitful in the next few years. Good luck to all the teams.
  2. Depends if they play him in his correct position as IMO he is not a right back.
  3. I think you will find that the rule is for school age players, it is up to the clubs to secure the best players on scholarships that start after the boys leave school before the other clubs come sniffing
  4. Never is Ricky Martins fault and yet he is the Academy Manager, I can assure you as I know his dad that it was Martin who made the decision. I think you might find that Jason Shackel was the last Academy player to make the team on a regular basis and I believe Sammy Morgan was in charge?
  5. As for Tom Miller he was released by Norwich and promptly snapped up by Glasgow Rangers and unless Roeder and Ricky Martin had a crystal ball he would not have been able to see that Tom was going to get a leg injury shortly after signing. Instead they signed the average players and let the better ones go
  6. I would disagree with you slightly, Iwould not say he was our brightest star but I do not think there was anyone better than him in the youth team, as I have said many times it''s a very fine line and there is a massive element of luck. Only time will see if any of the current squad are good enough, I would say they have a better chance of getting a call up just because of the league we are in and the finances. But I could not see any of them in the championship.
  7. No, I have seen some very good players turned away and some very average ones kept on.
  8. I am not sure why anyone would, he is smug, arrogant and has a terrible record of training youth team players, the only two that will make it in football from the current crop is the goalkeepers and he does not train these. I am not sure what he has done that so many people stick up for him, if he was the manager of Norwich he would have been sacked years ago, the boys deserve better.
  9. I am not sure who the Muppet is as Tom Adeyemi has never played for Charlton, he has played for Norwich from a very young age. As for Jackson as soon as he was released by Ricky Martin Cambridge signed him up, he then played in an early FA youth cup game and Blackburn and Manchester United showed an interest in him, Cambridge kept hold of him for another season after an agreement with Blackburn, this also lead to a big fall out between Ricky Martin and Jez George the Cambridge head of youth as Ricky Martin new he had made yet another massive blunder and tried to get Jackson back...good luck to the lad, I not sure why people keep harping on about players ending up in non league as the majority of players end up there. In my opinion it just adds to all Ricky Martins blunders and just because the boys released end up in non league it does not make them lesser players than the ones kept on as there is a massive element of luck when you get to the level all the scholars achive.
  10. I think Hoolahan might of hurt the cause of shorter players.
  11. Another question Chirp is what would be your advice to young players that have been released and still have the passion and drive as from my experience from talking to players and their parents it is very hard to get a foot in the next door.
  12. Your son should never give in if he has the passion and skill, another observation on Academy football is the majority of boys that are signed up at a young age 8-10 never make it all the way through the Academy system.
  13. Manny Richardson disappeared from the youth team at the start of the season, the only information I could find out is there was a problem with his visa and work permit. Good luck to your son, I think it depends which position your son plays in as far as height goes.
  14. http://www.leedsunited.com/page/LatestNewsDetail/0,,10273~1667007,00.html
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