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  1. When I read the title of this thread I thought it was about a load of wig and morph suit wearing kids attacking designer clad Leeds meat heads!! Good gesture by aviva.
  2. Bloody hell.....now that''s fighting talk,you''ll be coming at those nasty away fans with mummies apron springs next. Mwhaaaxx
  3. Oh,and please stop embarrassing us with your nappy talk,every effing thread that relates to Amy "banter/bother" you are on to it. What a complete cockhead.
  4. MTV....you are a funny lass! Shame you can''t see it.....bless,big hugs and sweet dreams xxx
  5. Its Mr whittle to you wet lettuce,now fluck off miss MTV.
  6. MTV,you''re not suited to Footy. You need to get a grip,its not opera, get in the real world and get a life,it''s a big world.
  7. I know the days of widespread violence, terracing and the mainly working class aspect of the game has pretty much gone,but i think the Plod in Norfolk have got complacent at games these days. The fixture in April againstLeeds was always going to be a "high risk" but nothing was done, this time i think they got most things right but i dont understand why they didn''t keep Leeds in for a few minutes. It was done for every game only a few years back. I think they rely to much on things like CCTV,but if an incident happens its no good for the Victim when the OB turns round and say "dont worry, we''ve got it on camera". I think its pretty much the norm for most forces across the country,but its not to say they dont do a tough job,its IMO, about getting results without the need of putting the boots on the beat.
  8. [quote user="Herman "][:D]I am still alive.Even though i was 100 miles away,i made sure i was safely behind locked doors.[/quote] You big jessie! I was mobbed up with the good wife Doris, her sister and my son and was actively looking for some "action" but,alas,i saw nothing that looked like fair game so didn''t get a chance for a "Whittles Windmill" Although Doris had a little shuffle with some Drunk near the station!!
  9. I''m still alive and those nasty,fat pie eating plums from oop north didn''t eat me,my son or any of my family. Did all my other city fans get home safely and still got all their limbs? I hope the wigs and morph suit brigade are not put off by fat northern men who are about as scary as a an egg sarnie. Hopefully we can all breath a sigh of relief and move on from this distressing time.
  10. I must admit this obsession with Leeds by some real mummies boys is rather embarrassing considering they''re about as intimidating as a Cornish pasty! Jeez,I''m in my 70s and laughed my head off at the geeks chanting down POWs. Soon went quiet when they bumped into the Norwich lot. All a bit silly really and sums up "little old Norwich " thinking.
  11. Indeed,I think we have a plastic supporter on our hands.He''ll stand out a soar thumb with his Norfolk accent and his Norwich white flag mixing it up with the fat northern pie eaters!
  12. KDNCFC....I asked Norwich white a few posts back but he seems to have skipped the question.
  13. Why dont you couple of cnuts fcuk off back to your own forums? Norwichwhite,give me your reason for living in Norwich yet supporting a retards club who live in the past before you go.
  14. Bitesyaleg you''re about as scary as a Cornish pasty you northern freak,you''re in Norfolk now Sonny Welcome to Nelson''s county you gobshite!
  15. Well ive been doing the scene since the early 60s from the Molly after finishing work on a Saturday with the lads up till last night with the chavs in my local so a whittle windmill is on the cards tomorrow for some poor northern mouth!!
  16. [quote user="lappinitup"] [quote user="The Arthur Whittle Show Starring Jedward"]when i walked down P.O.Ws before the game with my son........   [/quote]   You mean........there''s a "little whittle"? [/quote] LOL. Well hes a 6ft4,ex para,little Whittle!
  17. FFS, some of our fans really need to let go of mothers apron strings. This may pain some people but Norwich have,always have had, and will always have its unsavoury. Last seasons fixture between the two saw a nasty lot of "faces" from Norwich, i witnessed them when i walked down P.O.Ws before the game with my son [yes he knows many of them as i''m sure you already know,and no, he doesnt get involved anymore]. Many City "lads" have since been banned i believe. These little oinks in the lower Barclay,dressed in wigs and morph suits are very naive if they think that thugs don''t exsist at football still. Its unfortunate,but its always been the case,and i fear always will be, especially when the sky money bubble bursts and the Working class reclaim their seats or better still,their standing place.
  18. Boyo..... Bloody hell,if you think the Geordies and Mckams are a "great bunch" than you havent had the pleasure of having darts thrown at you by them!! Also i''m not sticking up for the dirty Leeds but we did have a fair few out ourselfs last season down riverside and P.O.Ws
  19. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]you could give 2 people the rules to the game to read and their interpretation of each law would be different... er go here is the problem.... thats human nature and no amount of training, technology or what not will fix that... [/quote] Jas....If you were sitting in the cold on Saturday,you couldve burnt the Union Flag to keep you warm!!LOL I agree with chops remarks on this.
  20. My boy knows a couple of local lads who use to follow city. The king brothers Wayne and Joe! Honest truth.
  21. I can post on my phone and home computer, but not my works laptop - why????????????? This new system is garbage. I have more or less given up on this site as i mainly use my laptop.
  22. I like a lively discussion. I get involved in tit for tat arguments as much as the next person, just find it funny that most moaning about it have been very personal with me in the past yet when its them its boo hoo hoo. Let the games begin.........
  23. [quote user="morty"][quote user="The Arthur Whittle Show Starring Jedward"]Awwww, bless. God some people really need to grow some balls.[/quote] Indeed. And I am quite happy to discuss anything over a pint with anyone here in the real world. [:)] [/quote] As am I young morty my lad, spot on my friend. Many a time when things have got heated with posters, yourself included, I have said pop in the coachmakers on sunday for a pint and we will discuss it reasonabley. Not as if a man in his mid 70s is intimidating is it........ The offer is alwys there, you know my name, my address is always in the papers and you even know the pub i frequent lol.
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