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  1. i need help as i couldnt come up with any one from norfolk to play for england, the closest i could get was cris sutton but not sure he played for england,this decended in to any other sports and i failed to come up with any there, can i get some help for tommorrows coffee break   cheers
  2. awsome cheers mate i will have a try at that aviator stuff as i have a brother in law thats a wiz at that kind of thing, it hasnt really been too much of a problem missing city games over the last couple of years but am really getting toey now they are playing some good stuff, cheers for your help guys
  3. any one got any links for highlights for us oversea fans to get?
  4. why has no one mentioned dave stringer,  as whole hearted player as you would ever want to see, brought the best crop of players through his youth team and a pretty solid stint as manager, i think he ticks just about every box, it should have nothing to do with money as that is what is killing football, what makes a club are clubmen like dave
  5. great i dont get to do this often as we dont get many games live over here but i thought we showed a lot more spirit than in a long time, if not much idea at times any way.... marshall      7  although not sure about his calling at times as couple of cockups and goal, but looked solid semmy       6  steady game but lacked a little quality in final third,great goal saving interception should have got him a 7 really mo             6  first look at him and i like it he is not flashy and goes about his job efficiently,not sure about his part in goal though? doc            8  great commitment and positioning set goal up shack         5  poor positioning and always second to ball, drags players out to cover him matty          7  first look at him....love his comitment just need end product to make him a fans hero smith           5  was he there? rusty            7  solid should have scored but looks good with fozzy foz               8 mom     great running and leadership,when the goal went in he lifted a notch and inspired teamates beef             5   poor service, looked good when given the ball in right areas shed7          5                    same as beef a quick word on hucks ,looked a different player comming on when a bit of pace gone out the game, might be a tactic we see more of but he really looked good
  6. right after hearing duff duff defend his players after those nasty mp''s had a go at his boys i got to thinking about human behavour and what we do in certain senarios, as a child if every time you played up you got a pat on the head it would encourage that very behavour, so most parents learn to punnish this behavour early as to not encourage it, now spin that forward to our bunch of commited passionate footballers ,and after the list of tanties and toys being thrown out the pram we have witnessed this last month or so do we think them seeing there leader comming on the tv and defending them would encourage them to come out fighting for him? i think not ,all they will do is come out and go through the motions as they have done for way too long now, i feel that we dont need a manager so much as an inspirer so my vote for new manager would be MR T and that bloody big tank, every time one of his flock starts up at how cold it is or how the nasty crowd said somthing that hurt his feelings he can burst through the gates at trouse and tell them to stop there jibber jabering and get on with there bloody job.......and i think his number two would be an easy one......SIMON COWELL i would buy my season ticket and fly all the was from oz to see this bunch of over paid lightweights finally be told a few hard facts,lets face it they must live in a fantasy world if they think we are going to be happy with the level of commitment currently on show,after watching the speed of there exit saturday off the pitch it might be nice if we all where able to see the dressing down after the game from cowell and mr t ,it would save hell of a lot of pets being kicked when you walk in through the door after the game!!! just an idea 
  7. thanks for getting off the club for a second,firstly very impressed by some of the acheavments of some of you guys very intimidating, but back to my achievments it has to be the old ones my son tom who is 18 months and my wife but to be fair most of the achievment there has to go to her !!  city related i guess the high would be jumping over the barriers after the milk cup semi and having a great laugh at some of my mates in the away pen of the barkley....very funny!!! i guess getting my whole front teeth knocked out the saturday before the sunderland fa cup semi playing footy and getting them stuck back in with plaster so i could go to the game is an achievment?  scoring with a bycycle kick in a pre season friendly for mellis when i had told every one i would do it would be one too ,getting outjumped by simon milton for him to score has to be quite an achievment as i am six foot and he was just over five?
  8. 35 years and i can honestly say its the most guttless clueless city display i have ever seen, there is nothing to give me any optamism ,we cant score create or pass to one another,we look disjointed and lacking in any shape or cohesion, in short everything that could be wrong with a football team we have going against us, i can honestly say that nothing short of a miracle can save this club and i gave up on those when i was 5, there is no one individual i think is more to blame just a continual apathy at the club that has been festering for years   one major thing though is how proud i was to see a healthy away contingent, what passion must they have to watch the poor excuse for a team we have at the moment, i have to finnish on a high this club has the best supporters in the world to keep turning up to watch that garbage, to every one of those fans i salute you!!!!
  9. is the reason we seemed to play ok without creating a chance down to how deep we defend or are we really that bad? our three biggest goal threats had to go so far away from the danger area that we where never going to score, hucks was picking the ball up in his own half not on the full back and brown seems to live in the centre circle while poor old beef had to do with seeing the ball by the corner flag almost exclusivly
  10. i thought the whole back five did a pretty decent job, i thought murrey did well and shows signs of being a fixture there, the doc gets so much stick i hate to point out how easily players where able to come off him to play people in but apart from that not bad now midfield.....i dont know where to start, i know playing hucks is a problem that afects balance of the side but how many stupid formations are we going to play before we realise he has to play left and we just take the good with the bad, playing strikers deep is a waste of time, i thought spilaine looked class, up and down and not afraid on the flip side i thought jarvis looked out of his depth and his passing was expossed at times and he got out of position a lot, lappin was tidy but pretty ineffective now up front i feel for beef as he had one half chance and tested the keeper, he was forced wide hunting for the ball way too much and no one could fault his work rate, brown has to go playing a forward that cant score and doesnt even look like it is a waste of time, i would rather see martin in at least we would have a goal threat, the little time dave was on he got himself in better spots than brown did all the time he was on, brown is never going to score as he is never trying to get in the right spots, he never attacks the last man he is only interested in looking pretty going backwards, a lot has to do with the service but lets face it if we had becks knocking in perfect centres brown would be hiding around the edge of the box, at least dave gets in where it hurts, thats the only way you will get ugly goals and lets face it we will take anything at the moment i am not a massive fan of pg after his" disgrace" coments but we have to stick with him as the board backed another hunch....or was he a cheap option? whatever ,we cant aford to throw good money after bad and he has to be given time but he will have to bring a few rabbits out of hats soon or he may well end up having to go this board does worry me football wise as they are the people that put hamilton in charge...an absalote disgrace, reading ewans book tells me what the players felt about him yet the board closed there eyes to it and they stuck with worthy way too long and they went with pg very quickly, they have a pretty poor record in my books but fingers crossed we get lucky with pg
  11. i hope i am right but the point of the original post is that the championship is underselling itself, at the moment we are relying on left overs from the prem but if we where to have confidence in our product and sell it correctly we could start seeing some of the money the prem is getting, thats my take any way, might be a bit naive but after watching the playoffs they where the best games i have seen for years and the championship is now starting to come on fox over here in oz so if we can get the right deal i think the product is actually better than what we think and might even be better than the prem, it might be a chance to break the strangle hold of the top clubs and open the game we love back up again by taking the big guys on at there own game, as much as i hate all things corperate it seems you have to compete or you die, we have to fight to get our game back, great post bbb
  12. just watched stoke loose at home in front of half empty ground and leave the field to a chourus of boos, this is comming from a team that is just out of the play offs and comming off the back of a big win against one of the top sides, we on the other hand have been beaten at home by some of the weakest teams, the only thing we have had to shout about is a hole hearted performance against chelski where we lost 4nil and yet the club seems agast at how the fans are not aplauding poor performances week in week out, just a few questions if we are so short where is colin, one of our more consistant performers, should it not not be all hands to the pump? where are the loan signings, one of the most redundant things i have ever seen is our transfer msg board, what a joke!we never sign any one etuhu why are you wondering why the fans are let down by you when you can play like you did the other week and yet drift around when we really need you? set pieces...... for so long now we cant defend them and we cant threaten, it has looked better going forward with lappin and fozzy but surly the defence can work on there jobs at set plays? why do we defend so deep? it just alows teams to contorl us, our forwards are isolated and we bring teams on to us, its been like this for way too long where is the leader on the pitch? it seems very clicky with only dublin able to unite the players what is wrong with our club?
  13. city were superb, just lack of a finnishing touch but i thought the stand out players where saf, hughes and etuhu, a little dissapointed with lappin although we did look really solid defending with him in front of dury, and hucks looked lost up front, a real dilema for pg as hucks looks class comming in from the left and once we got support for brown we started to look dangerous, brown held up ball really well and worked hard just didnt look like getting a crack at goal and after his touch for the second his head dropped, fozzy looked like he has an eye for a pass and really added a pace to our attacks with crisp passing ,all in all if we can repeat that performance for the rest of the season i think we are looking solid to build for the future, great to see no thorne or wly on the bench at last, lets see if we can get a couple of loanees in with the money made from the game?
  14. thanks guys.... was trying to get a side debate going on why we struggle so much at not only scoring from corners and set plays but also defending them, its reasuring that there are people out there that do use this board to talk about relevent things rather than just trying to be clever  the last free kick i can remember was mulrynes i just cant believe its been that long, and as for scoring from corners we used to be so strong in that department with bruce and watson ,and linigen all scoring 3 or 4 a year, malky used to offer a threat but we seem a little less effective since he has left us and as for defending them we seem to be getting more of a soft touch every year, its just interesting where people feel the problem is,with the players not being switched on ,or is it the coaching thats letting us down?
  15. just wondering when we last scored from a corner ? and when was the last direct goal from a free kick for us? it seems both these things are what players can practice at training or  should be coached in to them, for a team that scores so few goals from corners we concede an awfull lot.....the main question here is what the hell do the players practice at training?
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