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  1. [quote user="Loughborough Canary"] The board were right not to tell the fans about the sell on clause - if they had of done, then every manager in the country would also have known, and therefore would have bid that amount ages ago.  By keeping it quiet it gave the board a chance of getting a better price, for example if Derby put a first bid in of £5m then the board would have to accept, but would have been happier in doing so.  If Derby had bid £3m, the board could have said it was nowhere near the figure they were after, prompting them to come back with a bid far higher.  As Doncaster said "we received an offer at exactly the level of Robert''s buy-out clause, which is disappointing and somewhat ironic", which leads me to believe that somebody (probably Earnshaw or his agent) tipped Derby off about the clause.   I don''t blame Earnshaw for leaving; he doesn''t support the club, this was just another job to him.  Also the lure of Premiership football and more money for somebody in his position is too good to turn down.  Earnshaw would never have come to the club if that clause was not included, and at £3.5m we have £500''000 more than we paid (as we never got promoted so the final £3.5m figure we agreed with WBA never needed to be paid fully)  We have seen a quality footballer at Norwich for the past 2 seasons and now we have the £3.5m in the bank along with the £1.25m remaining from the turners'' £2m (Cureton''s fee of £750''000 taken off).  So in total we have around £4.75m to spend on the other targets, and we also have a more than capable replacement in Cureton.   Slagging off the board for this is totally inappropriate - we don''t need to sell, and there is money to spend.  I think it makes the summer much more interesting - waiting to see who that money will be spent on.  I would be happier with Eastwood and Cureton with a little bit of money left over than just Earnshaw! [/quote] Sorry but if his agent knew of the clause its a good bet that clubs were aware of it anyway. Why didnt they try to renegotiate and get rid of the clause at the end of last or this season? The board deserve the stick they get for this one.
  2. Yet again our board believe we cant see through the spin. A disgrace to Norwich. Spend the money or ship them out. Cash has to be spent or expect demos
  3. [quote user="ricardo"] [quote user="Hotdog"]there close to signing Brazilian world cup winner Juninho[/quote]   Long past his sell by date. Very long past. Ambtious by hull no matter how old. Look at merson when at pompey, or sheringham in our league at west ham 2 years ago,deals like that can pay off. [/quote]
  4. [quote user="Jim Kent"]That is the question do the fans deserve to know about these things.  For the club to have a £3.5 million get out clause on earnshaw''s head seems like he was almost sure to be sold.  Could the board of said there is a very good chance Earnshaw would be sold because there is a clause.  I know it was specualted about, but never confirmed.  The fact is we believed that we could expect 5-6 million for him when we never were going get that.  I am not suggesting the board should say how much the clause is, but just confirm he has one.  Afterall I am sure Earnshaw''s agent contacted every big club to let them know about the clause as soon as the season was over.  Honestly I think we should have been told something more.[/quote] Yet again the board have lied to us by telling us they would only sell for silly money when they knew this clause was in place.Why did they not try to renegotiate his contract after he signed to get rid of the clause? 
  5. [quote user="cityangel"] They have £3.5m from Earnie plus the £2.5 they were spending on Sharpe so I''m guessing that a striker will be revealed in the next few days. I''m trying to stay positive but its hard sometimes..   [/quote] 2.5m on sharp 500,000 on marshall 3.5m in for earnie 600,000 out for cureton so if we believe the board we have just under 6m to spend on new players. will this happen? will it hell! I cant stay positive City angel with this board in charge-they have been a joke for 3 years and got away with it.  
  6. Cureton was for sale at 700,000 so i reckon after a haggle we probably got him for 600,000 Jamie done well last year but now we need to buy a proven scorer at this level to partner him. Martin is still learning and Brown does not fill anyone with confidence. If we are to believe the board were not intending to sell earnshaw and replace him with jamie, sharp, or eastwood they need to prove it by bringing in a partner for jamie. If we believe the board were going to sign eastwood, sharp or jamie anyway aswell as marshall{ 500,000+ for marshall, 2m for sharp,3.5m in for earnie} we now have 6m minus around 600,000 for jamie so leaving us with around 5.4m to spend-say 1.4m in wages for new players we have 4m left to spend on players. Does anyone believe we will spend 4m on players?
  7. I said before that bids Earnshaw would go soon as i replacement was signed and although i hate to admit it the board have proved me right. The only way they will win the fans confidence in them back is to get in Marshall, a decent midfielder and centre back and Eastwood or anoother striker. As it stands we have Brown, Cureton, and Martin as strikers. None are proven scorers. Jamie flopped at QPR, South Korea and Swindon before his superb season with Colchester so unless he does it again this year {and i seriously hope he does} we need a proven striker asap. On the earnshaw get out clause- a] why did we go public saying it would take a silly bid for him to leave when they knew the clause was there? b] its quite common to insert clauses, but most clubs, once the player is signed, offer new contracts at some stage to remove the threat of this happening. Why didnt we? Our board have had a bad day at the office and need to sign some proven talent to get us back onside. I was anti board before today-i never believe the Doomcaster spin, but this has increased my anger. Money has to be spent wisely and ambitiously or protests will happen.  
  8. [quote user="Stevie Wonder"] Had anyone heard of Culverhouse, Gunn, Bowen, Watson, Drinkell, Phelan, and Crook before they signed for us? I suspect not and look how they turned out. I can just picture Wiz and WG going who the hell is this "Billy No Marks" Phelan guy we are singing from Burnley - never heard of him and he has cost us £60K. Cheap option again he must be crap!! Unbelievable the utter tosh some people come out with. Oh and WG, "shut up little lady" has got to be the most patronising comment I have seen on here. Why did we have to have the little lady comment? [/quote] No-one had heard of Darren Beckford, Dean Coney, Matt Louis Jean, Graham Benstead, Cedric Anslin, Marc Libbra,  and look how they turned out-it works both ways! P.S Apologys to CA and Macs perm
  9. [quote user="Bigmarkcanary"][quote user="Wayne Gardner"] [quote user="cityangel"]Fancy him not telling his best mate where he was going??[/quote] Oh how amusing. Yet another pathetic dig by CA. Grow up girl for gods sake it was an innocent question is it important to you to turn this thread into an argument? [/quote] Yes I thought it was amusing too and no doubt other people did, including the Web Team probably [:D]. But not half as amusing as somebody starting off a ridiculous thread that has absolutely nothing to do with football, eh? And as for you trying to accuse her of turning this thread into an argument, do the words pot, kettle and black spring to mind? Oh dear, looks as if I''ve just done the same thing doesn''t it [;)] [/quote] A] ive been in vegas for the last 2 weeks B] why post if you think its a ridiculous thread? Pot kettle black! C] i asked because he has had health problems and wondered if something had happened. D] what a fine sense of humour you must have
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] wish i could believe it Cobain.. it smacks of "Dean ashton is injured.. and i have the proof" from 2 seasons a go.... jas :) [/quote] I take it you refer to the famous hes injured, we havent had any bids-then find out west ham insisted he wasnt cup tied. Classic Norwich you couldnt make it up. And they wonder why we dont believe them all the time?
  11. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"] I swear some of the people on this message board have the patience of a four year old it''s not yet july and people appear panic striken because we have only signed two players. Don''t get me wrong no significant signings by the end of july and i may consider joining them but for christs sake this is the norm, most football transfers happen in july when everybody''s back in training and finished thier holidays. Now take a deep breath and just calm down! [/quote] So because City have approached this transfer window in the same manner they have for the last 3 years we dont have the right to be a little peeved off?
  12. So again i will ask-where do i say grant is lying? Please quote me on that one if you are so convinced you are correct and im lying. Ive not said hes now our main keeper so Grant must be lying. All ive said in the past  is im not happy with the current state. Other clubs have been signing players { leicester 8 } and i feel that this is the same way we have gone for the last 3 years and look how well we have done. So over to you to find the quote where i accuse grant of lying-lets see how you twist this one around.
  13. [quote user="cityangel"]Fancy him not telling his best mate where he was going??[/quote] Oh how amusing. Yet another pathetic dig by CA. Grow up girl for gods sake it was an innocent question is it important to you to turn this thread into an argument?
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] yes he was at stoke for 18 months Wayne.. and never played a single game for them... read this months 4-4-2. they thought Foster was a "Billy no mark" and therefore not good enough....  Bet he wakes up every day and laughs now doesnt he?  give Gilks a chance jas :) [/quote] I see what your saying Jas and i believe you are one of the more intelligent posters on here { i openly admit im not one } but what i was getting at was he has had the last 4 years at clyubs so how could he have been playing for the club you mentioned 18  months ago when he was at watford on loan from man utd? I respect your opinions Jas, much more than some who i dont have to mention.
  15. Just wondered as i got back from vegas tuesday and hes been very quiet.
  16. [quote user="PJ Bimbo"][quote user="Smudger"]Yawn...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [S][/quote] Oh thats class, superb way of boosting your post count to become FORUM KING lol Ever thought how mutual the feelings are towards your posts (sorry reposts) but still they come. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [/quote] Fell asleep reading your post { q a reply-i do reading yours}  
  17. [quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="7rew"]Smudger since you bring up Leeds.  Peter Ridsdale gave the club their most successful season/period ever.  He is still blamed (rightly) by most for the situation they find themselves in now, 5 years on. (Ken Bates by dint of much effort has got himself in a similar position). See any similarities? As to the rest of the debate - I''m too young to remember clearly what happened back then (I was 12) so I won''t get involved. Except there is one thing that I heard on anglia soccer night about 2 years ago that may be relevant. It was in an article about why norwich were not producing youngsters like they used to. (Henderson/Jarvis snr/Crow are not exactly Eadie or Sutton are they)  The explaination given was this:  Under Chase there was a Norwich City Youth Acadamy based at Potters Bar (well somewhere near north london - I can''t remember where exactly) to better attract youngsters into the program.  During the last "fire sale" days when chase was selling players in order to survive one of the less reported sales was that of the entire youth system to either Watford or QPR (I think it was Watford).  Since the best youngsters are in an acadamy from before they are 10 this is why Norwich have not yet produced great players recently. Does this not impact on the arguements put forward about why under Chase we would have produced great youngsters where as we haven''t under Delia. Can anyone actually remember this happening - I can''t, I was too young and just remember the report of this.  Can anyone actually deny that it happened (well apart from ....). [/quote] Most successful season ever? Don''t make me laugh 7rew...  Leeds had there most successful period ever under Ridsdale did they? Tell that to Don Revie''s side of the 70''s or the side that won the league title in 1992 (the year prior to the Premiership beginning). hehehe don''t let the facts get in the way of you taking those blinkers off and using other clubs that you simply don''t know all the facts about get in the way of your stern rearguard defence of Delia and her merry men will you???  [/quote] Well pointed out. Leeds were one of europes best and biggest clubs in the 70s. How does europeon cup semi and finishing 3rd in the league beat that????????
  18. I see so city angel can tell me to shut up { very rude } and when i respond im the one in the wrong? Gosh id love to live in your world. The whole point of a forum is people have different opinions have you not cottoned on to this/ How exactly have i accused peter grant of lying? Oh dont the "little norwich are perfect brigade" love to put words in peoples mouths. No i have never { i repeat never } seen him play, i also have never { i repeat never }heard of the guy! Usually when you swoop on the lower leagues you have actually heard of the fella and yes i do pay attention to what goes on in other leagues. have you seen him play? do you know how good he is? because i havent got a clue, and have the same right to post whatever i feel because i love this club and the way its been handled in the last 3 years is a joke and theres no sign that that will change. Signing 2 lower league players on frees is hardly going to get the fans excited. Nardiello prefered QPR to us, yep the mighty hoops were deemed more ambitious. Rae prefered cardiff-do you really think they have more money than us? gated of 10,000 when they were top of the league for gods sake. Get in the real world-our club is a laughing stock, and fans like you defend the way it opperates-if we did end up like leeds { as so many people have made a pathetic attempt to use this as an example of why we shouldnt spend money} i bet it would make your day!
  19. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Wayne Gardner"][quote user="cityangel"] Why are players getting crucified before people have even seen them play. Lets get back to being decent Norwich fans which means giving people a proper welcome and not making judgement until they''ve kicked a ball!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [/quote] Perfect example of blinkered Norwich fans. We cant moan about a player till we see him then when we do see him and IF he is crap you will slag us off for moaning then. In your world we should all cheer when Norwich play and just be grateful for what we have whether its crap or not and heaven forbid we should dare to be ambitious. [/quote]   So justify to me how you can evaluate a player before you''ve seen him play?? Moan when he''s played a few games and is crap until then sit down and shut up!!!!!! [/quote] You have in the past moaned about players getting stick during the season and your now moaning about people who are concerned by lack of ambition. In your eyes Norwich can never do no wrong so i think it is you who needs to sit down shut up little lady.
  20. Nardeillo turns us down for qpr. Sharp/Eastwood/Cureton has gone cold. Despite putting in bids for eastwood and sharp over a week ago, it seems sharp does not want to come and we wont increase eastwood bid-trying to get one of the highly sort after players of the summer on the cheap is not going to happen. Tibor Tiza has died down yet Gunny knows about him-why no bid? Who will we sign now? My bet is another player on a free or on the cheap. But who is there? P.s. Earnshaw will leave once a replacement is signed-my opinion. Who do you think we will sign and why? Not just strikers players in general. personally i dont think we will spend more than 1m on a player this summer so its back to bargains but i havent seen us linked to anyone. Please dont be tempted to re-sign thorne in desperation-the idea of him and brown up front would put me off football.   
  21. [quote user="cityangel"] Why are players getting crucified before people have even seen them play. Lets get back to being decent Norwich fans which means giving people a proper welcome and not making judgement until they''ve kicked a ball!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [/quote] Perfect example of blinkered Norwich fans. We cant moan about a player till we see him then when we do see him and IF he is crap you will slag us off for moaning then. In your world we should all cheer when Norwich play and just be grateful for what we have whether its crap or not and heaven forbid we should dare to be ambitious.
  22. [quote user="lurd"]Hate to be a pedant (honestly, i really do) but otsemebor has played at this level and *shock* a higher level. But as always don''t let the truth get in the way of things [:$][/quote] Ostemebor never made a league appearence for Liverpool in the "higher level" but dont let them blinkers get in the way of the truth.
  23. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] i have heard good things about Gilks .  he is a young ENGLISH goalkeeper and one who has had favourable reviews... Keepers dont hit their peak apparently until 30.. and Gilks is what 23?? 24??? a "billy no mark" so Englands number 2, ben foster, a man who was playing for Racing Stafford and working as a chef till about 18months ago is a Billy no mark too is he? jas :) [/quote] Ben Foster has been at watford on loan for 2 years and was at stoke for 18 months before and is only 21 so i wouldnt make compare him to Gilks.
  24. Well said. yet more clouded vision because we sign a player no-ones heard of. Before you slag of Wizard for not watching him-have you watched him and i dont mean on soccer sunday for 10 seconds letting in goals for sodding roachdale!
  25. My mates went, but i missed this one. he reckons it was a bit of a let down but then we normally do as many fetivals as possible. Had to keep money as off to vegas wednesday.
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