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  1. Queen Elizabeth and Dolly Parton die on the same day and they both go before an Angel to find out if they''ll be admitted to Heaven. Unfortunately, there''s only one space left that day, so the Angel must decide which of them gets in. The Angel asks Dolly if there''s some particular  reason why she should go to Heaven. Dolly takes off her top and  says, ''Look at these,  they''re the most perfect breasts God ever created and  I''m sure it will please God to be able to see them every day, for  eternity.'' The Angel thanks Dolly and asks Her Majesty the same  question. The Queen takes a bottle of Perrier out of her purse, drinks it down. then, wees into a toilet and pulls the lever. The Angel says, ''OK, your Majesty, you may go in.'' Dolly is outraged and asks, ''What was that all about? I show you two of God''s own perfect creations and you turn me down. She wees into a  toilet and she gets in! Would you explain that to me?'' ''Sorry, Dolly,'' says the Angel, ''but even in Heaven, a Royal Flush beats a Pair - no matter how big they are
  2. [quote user="Here We Go"]Played a sport with any ex or preseant (sp?) norwich players, asking this as i have just found out today that my uncle played tennis with Bryan Gunn and Rob Newman. So what about you lot??[/quote] I once bought a newspaper from Alan Taylor ..............does that count ?
  3. [quote user="First Wizard"]Good, not sorry at all, West Ham deserved him![/quote] .....but did he deserve West Ham?  or to be blighted by career-ending injuries at the age of 26 ?   Merry Christmas [:$]
  4. [quote user="Pablo Picarsole"]When we play a team from Fyffes.[/quote] ................as in East Fife(s) ? [;)]
  5. [quote user="Gentleman Jim"] The essence of  our sensational ''59 defeat of the "Babes" and our most famous Pinkun headline ! So very sad. R.I.P. Terry.     [/quote]Ah  - "Bly Bly Babes" . What a day that was - cold enough to freeze the b*lls off a brass monkey - the look of disbelief on Matt Busby''s face as the game unfolded said it all [<:o)]
  6. [quote user="royhollis4"] Interesting. A sort of digital Stuart Hall in our midst. [/quote]Ha Ha - more like Ron Manager, I''d say [:D]
  7. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"][quote user="CID"][quote user="singing canary"] lets hope so , we could do with some good news . if sullivan and or gold took over , they would do our club the world of good . [/quote] Sounds good ..........new board ,maybe new manager & backroom staff, new players - just the kind of further upheaval we need at the club .This kind of investment would have been  great a few months ago but ,despite our undoubtedly crap financial situation, do we really want to rock the boat yet again?[:|][/quote] No, you''re right. Lets tell them and their cash to jolly well go away and never to darken our doors again. We''ve got big plans on the horizon but their presence will further disrupt our massive ambitions for Johnstone Paint Trophy domination and cause too much unrest, therefore they''re not welcome here. Who do they think they are? [/quote] So glad you agree .................pity these soft-core porn merchants didn''t darken our bloody doors at the end of May though [;)]
  8. [quote user="singing canary"] lets hope so , we could do with some good news . if sullivan and or gold took over , they would do our club the world of good . [/quote] Sounds good ..........new board ,maybe new manager & backroom staff, new players - just the kind of further upheaval we need at the club .This kind of investment would have been  great a few months ago but ,despite our undoubtedly crap financial situation, do we really want to rock the boat yet again?[:|]
  9. [quote user="bleach"] re hoolahan at the yeovil game - did anyone else notice how he pretty much grabbed the ball to take the penalty, and didn''t exactly celebrate when he scored it - i thought it seemed he was determined to get on the scoresheet to put himself in the shop window. anyone agree or am i reading too much into it? [/quote] Phew ,that''s a conspiracy theory & a half [:^)]
  10. [quote user="jammis"][quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="jammis"]Unfortunately the saying goes ''Assumption is the mother of all f**k ups.'' No definite alternatives, no change at the top.[/quote] No because absolute f**kwits like you scared off the only alternative that was prepared to show how much of a lying cow we have running our club.  Because of this we have all been paying the penalty for your stupidity! [/quote] No one actually knows whether PC was a definite alternative, there was lots of talk in the press but very little concrete evidence. And even if he was he isn''t now, so let''s move on to. Not sure how I scared him off, but thanks for the low-brow insult. [/quote] [:P] Ha Ha - f**kwit , plonker ,happy clapper ,sheep  - all worthy entries in the Smudger dictionary of insults against those who are too brain-dead to accept that he is the one true voice of sanity in a world of stupidity. Great stuff ,my man
  11. [quote user="The Butler"] Mr carra you have made some decent points but 5 years is a long time to blame bad luck. Football decisions is what the club should be about, the major part of our burden is not football related and is slowly strangling the club and therefore the football side. I agree that abuse to the level of some on this board of the devious duo is totally uncalled for. I do not believe that they have feathered any nest,or deliberately run our club backwards dropping us to our lowest level for 50 years. Those that think so are usually those that also accuse them of making money from the club. The two statements do not go hand in hand. Their obstinacy in not "selling the club" their inability to run the club and the disasterous decisions made by them are what most thinking fans find unacceptable. Delia might find engaging brain before opening mouth might help (I get the impression from the last few utterances that even MWJ is getting angry about having to CORRECT her) The ready acceptance of "little old Norwich"  "Delia Smiths Norwich" etc as a life long fan I personaly find annoying and demeaning. No side has a God given right to success, all we require is the means to have a decent shot at it. Those means (via players) have been denied us over several seasons whilst the quality of the team and management has rapidly deteriorated. That decline can be seen by the quality of our present squad, most of whom would never have been considered a few seasons ago. The above are some of the things I hold them accountable for. [/quote] Good sensible posts ,Butler, from you & Mr Carra .I''m no great fan of Mrs Smith myself but some of the puerile abuse on this MB wouldn''t be put of place in schoolboy rags like Viz.My biggest worry as a fan of nearly 50 years standing(and sitting) is that we desparately need to stop the downward spiral of the last few seasons & get some upward momentum.I''ve always been prepared to give our new managers a chance even though I''ve been distinctly underwhelmed by the last 4 incumbents,including Worthington, but Gunny''s appointment smacked of a club in worse trouble than they were prepared to admit. Every board of directors I''ve ever known at this club has come in for stick for either not spending money,spending too much money,having no ambition etc etc etc . Watling,South,Chase - not one of them was immune from criticism so DS & MWJ are just the latest in a long line of directors who have supposedly ''failed'' the fans of NCFC .I,like thousands of others,will continue to support my club and live in eternal optimism that good times are just around the corner and  hope that this season is going to be a pivotal one but for all the right reasons [H]
  12. [quote user="pennywise "]i would like that too .. but dare not say it loudly ..don`t forget your only a true supporter if you want us to lose every week and don`t turn up to games [:D][/quote] You forgot .........."and verbally abuse the odd player outside the ground" [:(]
  13. [quote user="Bury Green"] [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Ah! Sorry I''m a bit thick. I see what that you were only joking ''Hucks NO Legend''. Irony is lost on me you see. If one looks closely we can see that your prose, grammar and incorrect use of caps was, of course, to compound your efforts to show that you are one of the famous Delia doff cappers. Marvellous, just bloody marvellous. Now get back to playing for your Sunday team. With your fountain of knowledge, your team will simply be a stunning success. The two who ran onto the pitch should accept a fine but if the club had any class they would ensure they are not banned. As for your suggestion they should be banned for life. What a stinking pious attitude to take. You could make me really smile and ban yourself from The Carra for life.[/quote] On reflection this bloke (or woman) must surely be a troll, nobody in their right mind could come out with utter dross and garbage that this turkey has been regurgitating? [/quote] Classic stuff This whole thread is a cracker  [<:o)] ........almost makes Saturday''s result seem a dim & distant memory already
  14. [quote user="First Wizard"]Err? how do you sign players when you have no money?[:S][/quote] Quantative easing ............it''s the future,I''ve seen it[<:o)]
  15. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]I''m sure Coke could bring a bit of fizz to our team...[/quote] Worth a snort ......oops,  I mean a punt [;)]
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