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  1. We can all go and ask him at this timely event   http://www.managers.org.uk/content_1.aspx?id=10:602&id=10:579&id=10:15&id=10:4      
  2. http://www.managers.org.uk/content_1.aspx?id=10:602&id=10:579&id=10:15&id=10:4    
  3. I thought they were called "the aviva beavers" !!
  4. [quote user="The Blueness of Everything"]I don''t like to agree with any poster who chooses the name of "Ipswichrscum", but I happen to agree that McVeigh, at his peak, was an exceptional player who could do the unexpected and win a match on his own. Some players are far more consistent, but consistent players often haven''t got the ability to turn a match in that way. I think supporters of most clubs - including Ipswich - are often too harsh on ex-players. They remember their last season, not when they were at their peak. But why this sudden sympathy for Luton? I don''t remember any offers to loan us players a few seasons back when we became insolvent.[/quote]   I don''t remember you losing any points either !!
  5. Have to agree with GR here  - the players should be made to publically apologise to the fans   Put them in the stocks (are there any stocks in Norwich we could use ? - there used to be some near the castle)
  6. Lets face it - would you want to play with that shower
  7. If it hasn''t already been said - thanks to those keeping this up-to-date - keep up the good work   It must be harder than normal today
  8. [quote user="ridgeman"]Jarvis was certainly taking his time to get across for the corners I wasn''t sure whether it was constipation, tiredness or, as is the case with many youngsters, just bloody arrogance that he is to good for this team. Mind you at the end of the game I thought the whole team looked knackered just not fit enough.[/quote]   With three minutes to go  - he just did not look bothered - he should have been running to take the corner   If the team cannot be bothered - then why should we ?
  9. Compared to other teams our players do not seem to care or have the passion for a game (with very few exceptions)   At the end of the day they get a telling off then all drive home in their fancy cars ready for a game of golf / snooker tomorrow pocketing more in a month than I get in a year (probably and in some cases most definitely)   Maybe for a week they can sweep roads / clean drains / work in a factory just to see what a priviledged postion they are in and to see what we have to do during the week to pay their wages.
  10. Gonna go for a draw - against all odds   Main reason I''m gonna be double booked for the replay
  11. Wise words   As much as I am not satisfied with the current situation, I don''t want to be relegated just to be proved right For the first half at Wolves, the fans and team were as one,  if we get at the team it will only help  the opposing side We can get out of this  
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