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  1. If he was spanish the press would be waxing lyrical about Fox, class act in my opinion.
  2. Johnson everytime, he his stong in the tackle, good passer of the ball and always looking to get the game forward. Crofts does a little of all that but none of them as well as Johnson, Korey Smith might be worth a look instead of crofts.
  3. the same daily mail who ran thishttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1113507/The-best-players-world-Xavi--Ronaldo-crowned-king-football.htmlapparently they consider xavi not to beone of the best players in the world, enough said about their football knowledge.
  4. how about benni mccarthy linked with sheff wed at the moment, surely worth a punt for a few months. 
  5. are we talking ryan nelson from blackburn, yes please:)seriously, sickener for barnett, player of season for me, but I trust lambert to pull something out the bag, whoever it is though has to move whitbread and ward as they deserve to be first choice.
  6. declan rudd must be sick not even bak up keeper now:) great signing and eases the creative burden on wes and mini mac.
  7. muddy you make fair points.  I''m not sure it is as mad as you think, yaya toure is an example of a player who can play both at a push.  In addition barnett has played centre midfield before according to wiki.Anyway matt gill or fox will play so nobody has to panic lambert knows what he''s doing, I''ll get back to my champ manager as you all so kindly suggest.
  8. yup sutton and dublin were shocking when they moved around positions weren''t they.  I''ll respect all your opinions but kindly do the same to mine.  Unless you make every training session don''t think you know every thing that will and won''t work about city.  It might not work but don''t think to presume you know everything, what an arrogant board this has become.
  9. just a suggestion guys I rate barnett highly as a defender but the options are slim in midfield.  I respect people who think say we don''t want to lose him in defence and argue your point, but some people are little arrogant in their opinions.  Some psoters just writing oh dear oh dear, and oh my god.  It was a valid footballing suggestion that frankly none of us have clue whether it would work or not.It wasn''t like I suggested we put declan rudd in midfield or something, sometimes it is a waste space of posting on here you offer ideas and you get treated like an idiot.    
  10. I posted on another thread barnett could move forward and help out in midfield, korey drop to right back and russell martin in the middle, something like.ruddyk.smith r.martin ward smithfox barnett lappinmcnamee/holt/martinwe need someone who canr ead the player and get their foot on the ball, leon is our best shout to me.
  11. oh dear unfortunate typo:) don''t sue me leon:)I still think it is an option, we will really look weak without Crofts, I''m a big fox fan but he is not a ball winner, against millwall we need to get the foot on the ball.  Just a thought.
  12. Strong in the tackle, reads the game well and can play the ball around, might it be an option to try leon in centre midfield this week with crofts out.  Askou could drop into the middle of defence or even russell martin with korey dropping back to right back.
  13. sorry but canary or not but if the guy assaulted someone he is an idiot. we don''t know the facts, so let us just wait and see but how anyone can claim they hope he gets let off needs to ask themselves how they would feel if it was someone they knew was assaulted by chris martin, would that still be okay because it was chris martin. I hope for his sake the truth comes out and i hope the truth is one that paints him in a good light, because too many city centres are full of idiots on a saturday night looking for trouble without a guy who is supposed to set an example on and off the pitch doing the same thing.
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