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  1. [quote user="Matt Hudson"] Gallagher is the worst goalkeeper Norwich have ever had. [/quote] Sorry I disagree - Simon Tracy wins that accolade.
  2. Newbie post count makes such a claim suspicious, although I have been suggesting that Jordan could come here given the chopping and changing at Pompey. The only thing is I don''t think he would want to relocate from Bristol. I might be able to confirm whether this was true in September when I get back to uni (got a close contact!).
  3. 22 years old, mother born in Trinidad which gives him the right to play even though he is English. Plays for Port Vale.I was thinking about Birchall when I logged on to the forum. Unfortunately I think every Championship and a few Premiership club forums will be asking the same question.
  4. The trouble is, Worthy is effectively on the board - "sitting in" on all board meetings is about as close to being on it as you can get. No doubt he makes decisions/gets his input heard there so he''ll be going nowhere.
  5. Joe Jordan. He would make anybody toe the line being a tough Scottish chap - could teach the strikers a thing or two as well.The safety of the Pompey management team is anyone''s bet at the moment.
  6. Who came 2nd and 3rd? I''m sure in past seasons the runners up have got a brief mention.
  7. [quote user="Tom NCFC"]You do have a point paul, I remember Chris Blunt scored against us and then he was linked to us. [/quote]And just to force it home, he posted it three times [:)]
  8. [quote user="BedsCanary"][IMG]http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h124/ncfc2006/NorwichCityFootballClub3rd2006PinkU.jpg[/IMG][/quote]This has to be made! A brilliant design which would look a lot better than Flybe [:D]. Anyone know a way of making a limited run of these for the pinkun and posters?! It would be quite nice as a warm up or training kit.
  9. [quote user="mystic megson"]My only plea is for a shirt that first and foremost is for playing football in, not fans'' leisurewear.  [/quote] Exactly....that is why the collar should stay. I really like it anyway.
  10. Danepak....hmm...does this mean we''ll get nice bacon butties on the half time menu? Maybe it is a ploy to entice more Thomas Helvegs to the club! I don''t know if it has ever been mentioned, but surely Norwich Union are a suitable sponsor? The MoD would be a good sponsor too....they could give our back line a few new tactics to try on the "enemy".
  11. A question for the older posters....what happened pre-floodlights? It sounds stupid, but what time did matches start, especially in the winter months?
  12. [quote user="CANARY BRAVEHEART"] I hear that Phil Mulryne is looking to move elsewhere yet again[/quote] I''ll certainly agree with one thing.....elsewhere. Yes he was good, but then he managed to emulate Mark Rivers. Plus Worthy would never re-sign him. Plus he''s played fewer games for Cardiff than Jarrett did for us.
  13. Who read about the new kit? I can''t remember where it was, but there was a person from the shop or sales department saying that if we brought in our 05/06 home shirt with receipt, then we would get a discount on the new one. This was then followed by something about sending shirts off to a 3rd world country. I went into the shop at the beginning of the season and asked the manager how long the shirt was going to last, as I suspected it would be only a year unless Proton extended their sponsorship deal. The tag said the usual two year use with a three month warning if the sponsor was changed, but she and the staff present in the shop were all adamant that the shirt would run for two years so I bought it. I''d figured by the time we spotted FlyBe signs around the ground that this wasn''t the case. I can''t get too annoyed as I made a decision to part with money, but for them to be so sure (given that no extension to the sponsorship was even an idea at the time) is a bit wrong. Anyway, getting to the point....if we went in to get this discount on the 06/07 shirt, do we have to hand in our current one? I''m all for sending stuff to African kids (I once even saw the kids of a whole village in Malawi wearing the yellow and green which was nice), but it would have to be a sizeable discount for me to consider handing it in - both Proton shirts are my favourite home colours in supporting memory.
  14. It was bound to happen. Kirkland is one hell of a sicknote...every season there is something! I think he´s done his finger before at Liverpool either last season or the one before.
  15. Tom - green shorts all the way!! Too much yellow doesn''t look good IMO. I disagree with going back to the old collars. True, they aren''t great to wear on their own as a supporter, but I find them nicer for playing. My team has the same style collar and everyone prefers it to the more classic style, although lots of people wear the Under Armour tops underneath (like McKenzie but without the turtle neck) as it can get a bit chilly! As for the away kit, I''d like to go back to white and purple as we had in 93/94 (?). I wouldn''t mind red either (the play-off year one), but without any yellow flashes or piping as they didn''t look right together....could be my eyesight [:)]
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