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  1. ok seriously i have tried letting it stream for longer than 10 mins on a number of occassions is there any other way i can see them ?
  2. still not working is there anywhere else i can watch the highlights ?
  3. how do you work i press play and all that comes up is adverts for x box
  4. So far what a poor year for us norwich fans!! england painfully kicked out of the european championships tonight,  loosing in the rugby wold cup and norwich city a club that should be doing so much better than it is. A club that has almost gone to pot, is stranded at the bottoom of the league.  I personally feel quite sorry for us fans.   I hope we can turn around this dreadfull year so far and get to back to where we should be!
  5. QPR are signing quality players on loan and doing there hardest to get out of the relegation battle.  ben sahar, scott sinclair, michael manicenne on loan from chelsea hogan eprhaim from west ham akos buzaky from plymouth jason jarrett from preston  rowen vine from brum and martin craine from portsmouth.  we all know thease are good players maybe apart from jarrett who was poor for us but my point is there doing something about it we are doing nothing, all we have is one defender to show for it.  dont get me wrong taylor is a good player but we need more!  Roeder needs to act fast and get some players in before its to late.
  6. [quote user="itfc_carlin"] Have you just won the FA cup, or have I missed something? Looked like you failed to win at home against a poor Ipswich to me. It was our worst away display of the season by far. You looked very average and will struggle for sure.   And we didn''t hear a peep out of your ''fans'' until you scored. The stands were half empty 5 minutes before half time. Remember now?   BOTLACR [/quote]   worst away performance of the season you havnt won away this season and you were 2 nil up your sh**e
  7. i watched him play against man utd a couple of seasons ago when roeder was manager he looked like a solid midfielder a bit like paul scholes but another playing in that game was the a player called david edgar who scored and looked really  impressive i wouldnt mind seeing him
  8. guys now is the time to really get behind the team and the new manager! people moaning because of roeder being appointed need to stop being so pathetic lets get behind him and give the guy chance to keep this club up and to get this club where it needs to be.  i just hope roeder can just shut all you sad people out there who won''t even give the guy a chance.   cumon norwich!!!!
  9. [quote user="cityangel"] Delia''s Devonshire Dirtbox He''s in London today seeking specialist advice as to whether he needs to retire due to his hip injury which he''s been carrying for the past 3 months. So get off his back!! [/quote]   if its that bad then why has he been playin the las 6-7 games?
  10. dion dublin for player manager we cant any worse than whats going on now so give a go!! thats if he would want to? what you think?
  11. where was spillane las night? didnt hear anything about an injury if so why is spillane not playing ahead of jarvis the few games i have seen him play he been the best player on the park and the few games ive seen of jarvis hes been quiet and hardly in the game someone please tell me he didnt play due to injury
  12. huckerby was the crappest player on the park las night and its been the same sinse he came back from injury
  13. dont get me wrong cureton is a great player but hes nothing like ashton or earnshaw thats what we are missing a big player upfront brown is yet to score im still not sure that strihavka will get us goals and dublin chips in ocasinally but we have no one thats banging them in maybe we ned to loan a striker or bring someone up from the youth system is seems to be working in midfield with spillane and jarvis.
  14. so disapointed with the performance carry on playing like that and we will be relagated for sure the decision to take spillane of off was poor yes he had a yellow card but he was the only player for norwich that played well.  huckerby was poor as was cureton and drury, i love huckerby but i have a feeling he thinks he''s to good for the team and hes not just look at the results this season we have ahd with out him including the performance at city without him. sort it out grant this is shocking!!! 
  15. whats happend to roberts? is he still playin lower or non league football? is he taking a brake? if so do you think he will have a future at norwich as staff like gunn?
  16. great performance from norwich last night i was proud of them if we can only just play like that in the championship we would be some where near the top.  i hope granty sticks with rossi and spillane they were 2 of the best players on the park last night and lee croft played the best game i have ever seen him play cumon boys keep it up.
  17. i live in manchester and all my m8s are city fans they all keep sayin  that we are going to get thrashed all i can simply say in reply is yeh i know
  18. [quote user="we8wba"] love great  tech players such as messi, in prem players like pedersen, bentley, diouf, players i hate, dickov(dickhead), lee hughes, any tesco player, dele adebola, r.savage [/quote]   how can you love diouf if he had the chance he would spit in your face
  19. last week listning to talksport radio they were asking listners to text or email in the players they love and the players they hate who would be your choice? mine would be love huckerby hate keven muscat
  20. my first away game was when i was a mascot at huddersfield can''t remember when it was i was only about 5 or 6 but i remember tacleing keith o neil when the players were warming up and then in the game he got injured and my dad and bro accuse me of injuring him lol
  21. anyone else see eagle and martin sat in the away stands with the norwich fans aswell as the physio''s wonder why they were sat there does anybody know?
  22. [quote user="UEA Graduate Canary"]Have you ever played Football Manager? The whole point of friendlys is to experiment, they are meaningless games otherwise. This is Grants first chance to really play around with team players/formation/tactics. How do you know those different combinations wouldn''t work unless you try them. [/quote]     training??
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