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  1. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Why do you guys have to come up with appreciation for your songs  on a bleeding forumDo it in the stands and see what happens,Dont say "Ok boys you all gorn ta sing moi sang from tha Jarolld on Satdey  ?"[/quote]i see you forgot your happy pills this morning
  2. so who''s up for the song tomorrow? especially if he scores coyy
  3. i''m going to try and start it saturday but might need a bit of help
  4. In my opinion we need some new songs, especially for some of the newer players. this is my effort  to the tune of go west  by the pet shop boys GO WES-WESLEY HOOLIHAN,  GO WES-WESLEY HOOLIHAN ETC ETC thoughts ?        
  5. seeing as the game is at carrow road we might win, especially if we have a new manager by then
  6. it seems quite simple to methe current norwich side is too lightweight, with no power and pace. we need players at least 6 foot plus, who have drive and passion. we all know that these type of players cost millions, money we simply haven''t got. just one leader on the pitch would be a start, and i''d love it if ched turned up againmaybe gunny will unravel some uncut diamonds he has spotted in the lower leagues?
  7. i''m afraid its straight back up the pub, hair of the dog works best. either that or fruit juice, coffee and a massive bacon roll
  8. darren ferguson?he''d have some good contactsi''d also love to see chris sutton or iwan roberts on board as the forwards coach
  9. pete does the 5 loan players in a starting 16 rule still apply? we obviously allready have 6 loan players, how the hell can roeder consider getting in another 1 or 2 in?
  10. i''m sure we can still sign loan players after the window closes. i think whoever we sign it''ll be loan players, which in my opinion isn''t great as we already have 6 loans ! i also think we might see a couple move on, possibly shackell and lappin  
  11. lee croft and tyrone from coronation street.http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/42343000/jpg/_42343081_croft203.jpghttp://shinymedia.headshift.com/images/images/tyrone_dobbs_4.jpg
  12. crystal palace in the play offs ! few points off automatic, and we should have beaten them on new years day. this league is mental
  13. [quote user="Burgandy"]whats the song they play at the start about 5 mins before kick off nowadays??, seems quite old but sounds good, anyone know where i can download it. cheers [/quote]its on the norwich city myspace site http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=146912369i downloaded it on limewire, but i''m sure you could get it most download sites
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