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  1. Just wanted to bump this into view. We had some more prizes kindly donated yesterday, so as it stands - even if you don''t win the first prize of a signed City shirt, you still have a chance of winning
  2. Morning all, I''m running the Norwich half marathon on Sunday 27th Nov on behalf of Nelson''s Journey. Based in Norwich, they offer care and support to bereaved children in the area. As part of the fundraising effort, I have a prize draw where the first prize is a Norwich home shirt signed by the team. Simply text "NCFC59 £1" to 70070, to donate £1. For every £1 you donate, you will be given 1 entry into the draw. Remember, the more you donate, the more chances you have to win. Text NCFC59 plus your chosen donation to 70070 for example "NCFC59 £5" Terms and conditions can be found here http://www.traxionmedia.co.uk/win-a-signed-201112-norwich-city-shirt Thanks in advance. Simon
  3. Hi Nigel, I have looked on in admiration for the last few years, forgetting to let people know early enough that I would be interested in taking part. As a Norwich fan and keen gambler this is the sort of thing I think I would really enjoy. As such, can I put my name down now for consideration in the future? given the history of it and the loss of everyones close friend last season, I''d love to be part of something that will no doubt go on for many a year. conker
  4. I''d start with the Diamond but be looking to be 2-0 by half time and get Mcnamee on to tear them apart
  5. What the hell does it matter that its on Sky?? Everyone assumes we will win, as we are the best team in the league. 3-1 City tomorrow
  6. Hello all,This is just a quick one as I felt something needed to be said having had the thread from this site brought to my attention yesterday.I have today spoken to another of the committee members and it would seem that Steve has suggested to Mr Tilson that by way of proving that he is not involved in any kind of illegal operation, he will withdraw all funds from the Kitty tomorrow in cheque form which will be paid to the club.This is disappointing and something I was hoping we would have to avoid, but Steve has put a lot of effort into the Kitty and has taken the comments personally, which is understandable given some of the accusations made, but not excusable.  Again this is unfortunate but we are now in a position where Mr Tilson has been told what will happen and so must follow through with this.With luck Mr Tilson will report back to the various message boards once he has seen proof of the funding meaning that the Kitty continue working on raising funds for the club in the future.I will not be adding to this thread but will review all comments where required.ThanksSimon
  7. Hi all,With only 5 days to go until the Premier League seasons starts I wanted to give you an update on our current progress and also ask for your help for one final push to get the figures up.As of close of play yesterday we have an impressive 203 sign ups, which is £2030 to Cancer Research UK and over £1500 to the Norwich City Kitty.You can still sign up, if you have friends who might be interested please pass them the correct link from my original post and give them a nudge :)Thanks again.
  8. Cap AND sunglasses? Unless you are bald, surely you only need one of those items
  9. I thought it was because until the end you are not really meant to know who the insurer is, just that they are made to sound good.  With Norwich in it I think the shirts might have given it away a tad early
  10. If anyone is coming from London to the fine City before 27th August (home match on 22nd?) I have a ticket. It''s half of a return that originally cost £82.00 as its includes peak travel. I lost it and had to buy a new ticket home, then it turned up. £5 and it''s yours
  11. I''m here to update once more and to keep this message around for those who have yet to register.We have had an amazing response to this, 187 sign ups so far in less that a week.  Thats £1870 to Cancer Research and over £1300 to Norwich City Kitty.Keep up the great work
  12. Advertising?I dont work for any of those lot!Just giving you lot some tips on how to make some money thats all
  13. Cant lose thanks to Quidco! Sign up to Ladbrokes as a new customer through Quidco, deposit and spend £20 and they will give you £20 cashback plus Ladbrokes give you a free £10 bet (although not until your bet has been settled - May 2010!) So I''ve put £10 on Norwich to win the league @ 8/1, £5 on Norwich to beat Colchester @ 4/5 and £5 on Leeds to beat Exeter @ 4/9. £20 spent, £20 cashback pending....possible winnings of £106 possible loss....ZERO. Next..... William Hill will award £15 cashback to new customers who sign up via Quidco and deposit then spent £10. I deposited £10, spent £10 on Norwich to win promotion @ 5/2 (plus Will Hill give you a free matched bet up to £50 although not until your bet has been settled - May 2010!) £10 spent, £15 cashback pending....possible winnings of £35 plus £5 gain from cashback, possible loss....ZERO. WINNER
  14. I thought you might like an update too...... as of 3pm today we have had 110 registrations in total, a whopping £1100 donation to Cancer Research UK so far as well as a hefty wedge to the Kitty, wont buy a player but its money all the same.Well done to all of you and many thanks.
  15. Tevez has never really looked the goal scorer to me.  More the annoying little s**t who wont give you a second to breathe.  Will he play every game??
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