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  1. just the team i would have picked apart from maybe bertrand at left back and pattison (is he injured??) left mid. good decision from glen to drop cureton for an evans/dublin combo.
  2. yeah i bet brellier was on £10k/week minimum and strihavka at least £5k, so hopefully we''ll put this towards a  high quality stiker
  3. sorry w8wba, neither of your well informed (as ever) suggestions try... 3. future goalkeeping coach or 4. Hes better than Marshall
  4. would you want it the other way? "oh yes we signed a bargain here, £250k! oh crap hes rubbish lets release him and then tell everyone he actually cost £1.2m!" that would be a good piece of PR wouldnt it. Lay off doncaster for once
  5. [quote user="UEA Canary"][quote user="Beaker"]i want him back[/quote] Why? [/quote]   why not?
  6. get in that would be awesome. shackell is very poor at times. at his very best hes a decent enough championship defender, but £1.75m?!! i''d bite their hands off for that if i was glenn
  7. im all for free speech he can think what he likes but its quite funny that hes all for a foreigner coming to play for norwich but any others are not allowed!
  8. at least it gives the fans something to look forward to, the signing of a few strikers never goes a miss eh?!!
  9. would be good if true. webber and parkin upfront would be awesome. we all know about taylor, but £2m??!!! and danns? do we need another midfielder? i thought hes gone to forest anyway as for the takeover, i''ll believe it when i see it
  10. gissing, the way martins going i doubt he''ll be around for much longer either!!!
  11. i agree with the wizard. he showed sparks of class, solid enough player but imo not the man to score us the goals to move us up the league. hes young and will improve though, if we could get him on the cheap then why not but i wouldnt waste vast sums of money on him.
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