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  1. Mr carrow you may have answered this question before ,but can you tell us all how much we would have lost the season we got promoted and don''t set the sale of the land against it. And a few other questions for  you as you have the accounts to look at, Who said we would break even if we had 16000 fans , i thought we lost three million the season before we got promoted and that''s why  we had the first share issue. When we bought hucks didn''t delia put £500,000 into that share issue which most people seem to forget. Why do people moan about the corner infill  as this had to be built for the disabled fans . How could we have sold the old car park with out buying the land behind the jarrold  stand for a new one. If we all want to be in the prem that bad why don,t all 24,000 of us protest to get our season tickets doubled in price , i think the club have mentioned affordable football a few times , how much is a childs season ticket. Chelsea on average now charge £85 for an adult and child ticket , how many of us on here could afford them sort of prices , Norwich may not be great but at least we can afford to watch them. One thing i have not seen mentioned is that the bristol city chairman said he would put 30 million back into the team from the money they would get from being promoted , not his own money like people on here have been saying . When he says team i expect he means wages bonuses etc plus a few new players like earnshaw ,billy sharp, eastwood ,just think of the millions they could waste.
  2. Jas some times your hatred for delia makes you look quite stupid, this book and the programe has been planned since last summer , and why do you think she is doing it, because she  needs the money? She has stated several times that the team needs more investment . I think even you may be able to work it out. Jas what ever you may think delia doesn,t need norwich to help sell her cook books , but at this moment in time norwich still needs her ,unless you know this investor ready to take over.
  3. Arthur if you were the manager and had three million to spend  who would you have got in? Roeder has got respect from other managers who would trust him with thier  up and comming stars, so why not use this to our advantage ,we could get two or three season long loan players  in june who we would never be able to afford to  buy. And lastly how much do people on here think that these young  loan players get  a week, i would say nowhere near what the likes of the deadwood we have got rid of in the last year . So i would like to say well done to the board for getting in one of the best managers in the championship, i think so far Roeder has been faultless. The only facts are what you see on the pitch  and the results and we cann''t moan about them, can we?  
  4. It''s all very well keeping possesion if you  make chances  but at the end of the first half we did charltons job for them , we played out the last three or four mins in our own half  with out doing one attacking pass and even roeder said this after the game .I  thought apart from 50 or 60 supporters in the bottom of the barclay  near the away supporters  our support was rubbish  for most of the game , and why the charlton supporters bothered to turn up i don''t  know.. At least these fans trying to get the team to attack more were making a noise  which was more than most .    
  5. A very good post from mello yello , how much money did we lose the season we got promoted?
  6. So we would have lost 7 million the season we got promoted if it was not for the sale of the land ,funny this is never mentioned in the wheres the money gone threads .Would most of the anti board protesters on here have been happy if the board had given grant five million to spend at the start of the season, [ most wanted billy sharp or eastwood] , so that would have been the five million spent and i cann''t see where we would be alot better off. The mistake the board made was to choose grant as manager ,and a lot of supporters thought  he would do well,so hardly a reason to protest against them.
  7.    I think if you go back you will find when we had the share issue delia put in half a million and that we only raised about 1.5 million, delia wanted hucks as much as anybody. It would be nice if some one could show us the loss for the year we got promoted because i do not see how we could have only lost 1million after the share issue was taken into acount.
  8. You seem to have all the figures mr carrow so could you tell me how much the club lost the season we went up ,as this seems to get over looked. why was the corner infill a waste of money i am sure the disabled supporters wouldn''t agree with you . Would we have got to the premiership with out hucks ,where did the money come from to buy him .
  9. hi this is my first post ,but i have been viewing the web site for a long time now. this thread is one of the most important on this whole site yet it get''s completely overlooked. It is time the football league broke away from the premiership instead of living off thier scraps and as was said , they will soon find out they need us more than we need them . How can the system be one of the best in the world when a club has to risk a loss of  four to five million in a season to get the right players in to have a chance to get into the premiership. How much did sunderland derby and birmingham spend last season to go up?
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