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  1. I disagree (in the title, rather than the message). She''s done untold damage to this club, through her own self interest.Correct in that she didn''t save the club; that is the nonsense trotted out over and over again by the Delia devotees (reality having any effect on you yet?). She''s an incredibly selfish woman who cannot conceive a weekend without the regularity of wining and dining at Carrow Road. That is her life, and we''re all having to pay for it with our own emotions. I just don''t believe them when they say they''ve had no interest in terms of investment, what they mean is that nobody has offered to give them a huge pile of cash without any influence. Who would go for that, with their history of incompetence?
  2. [quote user="VW"]Evening Bundy, you''ve been around since 2006 and posted less than one post per month. Fair enough buddy but we don''t need you telling people to fuck right off now do we [/quote]I missed this before. I believe I was quite within my rights to tell someone to feck off. Another one who thinks that number of posts on here is relevant to anything. Feckwit, f*ckwit, take your pick.
  3. [quote user="Carra Rud"]Bundy for the win![/quote]Did I win? Hope so, couldn''t tell.  How can anyone say anything other than we have a shambles on our hands?
  4. Ah, the word genuine. I wondered when it would come up. You can f*ck right off on that score. My aspirations for the club are clearly more than yours.
  5. So, you work on number of posts as a measure of credibility?  Says it all.  I knew I shouldn''t have subjected myself to this nonsense again.
  6. If anyone can come up with a way of personifying the utter ineptness of our board then I''d like to hear it. Surely no Delia lover can justify the timing, unless they really wanted to humiliate Neil any further than they have by keeping him as long as they did. If there''s one thing they are good at it''s long, painful, deaths. So now, another admission of mistakes, and that they''ll learn from them?Nothing will change while she''s there. Too old, too clueless. In a completely different reality to the rest of us.My nightmare is Hodgson.  Nobody good will put up with what they have to work with. Whoever it is, if Delia still calls the shots it will make no difference, but then again I suppose too many people are happy with their Saturday out; you get more of those in the Championship, or League One.  Those pesky Sunday games.
  7. I''ve got it for a long time, given the recent history of NCFC it doesn''t take a genius to predict what''s ongoing. I really can''t commit any more emotional energy to it. I can live without it, sort of.  I''m going to have to.
  8. Two questions for those who advocate Delia''s record/current govnership:1. Do you think she has a good record of appointments/firings?2. Do you think that Alex Neil has the support of the players/backroom?I''d like to hear your reasoning if you think the affirmative for either of these.If you think that there is a positive answer for either, you and your like are the biggest problem.
  9. Well, clearly, if you had any intelligence you would realise that evidence of something that hasn''t happened is rather difficult to come by.
  10. She didn''t save the club, and in reality if she''d never got involved we''d be in a better position than we are now.Comparisons are made with the likes of Bolton, Portsmouth etc., completely falsely.  Their debts were in the £100s million, very different to the £20-30 million we ever had. The club would have continued whatever.  When we were in league one, the reason that we were able to function was that 25K went through the gates, nothing to do with Delia. It''s what kept the banks off our backs, simple fact of ongoing income.  Without that, we would have been in a different position, Delia or no.  And it''s the attendance which continues to prop her up.She''s got her money back, and some, so nobody think there''s any financial aspect to this anymore.  It''s now down to her toy, it has all the hallmarks of a dictatorship, and it will inevitably end in acrimony.  Like most dictators, backed in to a corner with nothing to lose they take the ship down with them.The problem, as it has always been, is that she knows nothing about football. Clearly not noticing when the manager has lost the players may be a problem, but with such a stellar record of decision making, she knows best, obviously.So many lost opportunities to establish ourselves through basic incompetency, that''s what really aggravates me.Let''s just assume, for those who advocate this, that she did ''save'' the club.  Does that give her the right to do what she likes in perpetuirity?  If not, when does your veneration end?
  11. There''s absolutely no justification in Grabban starting, another example of Adams ineptitude.Why is Grabban allowed to get away with not competing for headers?  I know he''s scored a couple of headers, but they were unchallenged, he does not challenge when a defender is involved.  An utter liability when trying to create pressure.  Huckerby was the same, but they were in wide areas where it did not have a significant impact.  And he did have other skills to make up for it.  If Grabban starts the next game it will be an utter disgrace.
  12. I wouldn''t apply for a job that I would be hopeless at.  I would have the sense to know that.
  13. Out, and I do not feel sorry for him.  He should never have applied in the first place, and given the decision makers (with their unarguably hopeless record with appointments) the opportunity to employ him.  I blame him every bit as them.
  14. Ruddy is a rick-merchant who deserves his place no more than any other.  So when does get the young goalie get his chance?  How old do you have to be? How long does he have to sit on the bench?  How sh*te does the main man have to be before it''s his turn?Ruddy is not that good, honest. And he certainly isn''t getting any better, which usually means he''s going backwards.  Now is the perfect time for Rudd, pressure-wise.
  15. That''s exactly it. It''s as big as we make it. There''s so much rumour, and we all know 90% of it is bo**ocks.  We''ve been here so many times before. That said, Holt can b*gger off as far as I''m concerned. Lambert we all know will go at some point, and we''ll accept that, but not Villa, surely.
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